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# 1 canes21 @ 05/06/11 02:08 PM
Looks great, but I guess they weren't able to make their balls smaller like the Madden team.

And maybe a hint towards neutral site games in El Dynasty.
# 2 IamLEGENDsince87 @ 05/06/11 02:09 PM
Maybe this means neutral site games in dynasty mode????????
# 3 Reggie16 @ 05/06/11 02:14 PM
Hopefully this means Neutral Site Games!!!!!!
# 4 jeremym480 @ 05/06/11 02:17 PM
You know guys, I was thinking that maybe this means neutral site games are in *crosses fingers*

What do you guys think?
# 5 sportzbro @ 05/06/11 02:27 PM
yesssss.... that has to indicate neutral site games are finally in!! and the lighting is crazy.
# 6 Dame @ 05/06/11 02:34 PM
Or it could just be a play now game where they pick to play in Texas.....Mr Rain on your parade(but i'm hoping like the rest of you)
# 7 gogators @ 05/06/11 02:34 PM
Yeah they have always had the traditional neutral site rivalries like UF vs UGA and UT vs OU, but for some reason leave out the kickoff game in Atlanta and the neutral site games at Cowboys Stadium. Plus others
# 8 souljahbill @ 05/06/11 02:37 PM
Originally Posted by Dame
Or it could just be a play now game where they pick to play in Texas.....Mr Rain on your parade(but i'm hoping like the rest of you)
I was about to say this. I can play Oregon vs. LSU in Cowboys stadium right now in Play Now. I don't think they went into Dynasty mode just to take this pic.

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# 9 Watson @ 05/06/11 02:46 PM
Is is just me or does it appear like neutral site games are in?
# 10 Miden @ 05/06/11 03:13 PM
EA posted a message on facebook this morning asking people to name what specific screenshot they wanted to see, and I guess Oregon vs. LSU in Cowboys Stadium got a lot of votes.

I don't think EA released this screen-shot with any hidden meaning to it.
# 11 the roo 22 @ 05/06/11 03:13 PM
very first thing I thought when I saw this? Neutral site games!!! Anybody else get that impression?
# 12 rollinphat @ 05/06/11 03:21 PM
hey guys...just maybe this means that neutral site games are in!

seriously though...that would be a BIG TIME add to dynasty mode

# 13 dray8theman @ 05/06/11 03:28 PM
Wow, maybe we should rename this thread "Hey I think neutral site games are in."
# 14 chris11sg @ 05/06/11 03:29 PM
That'll make my day to hear that neutral site games are in dynasty mode. Or at least let us schedule them ourselves.
# 15 statum71 @ 05/06/11 03:55 PM
Originally Posted by Agent 007
You know...this new lighting may very well be the most underrated addition ever to this series. I think the excellent lighting in Back Breaker gave them a little extra incentive.
It is indeed. These kind of additions REALLY improve the quality of a game overall. Thats why Show and NBA 2K are so far ahead of everybody right now.

But noooooooooo, everytime EA tells us about how they're doing something to bring the game to life more.....out comes the "who cares about lighting, who cares about cameras?" people.

There were more improvements needed than JUST gameplay. These touchups are excellent!!
# 16 davep @ 05/06/11 04:07 PM
Using my sharply honed deductive skills, it appears that neutral site games may or may not be in.
# 17 DGuinta1 @ 05/06/11 04:13 PM
I am more of an NFL guy, Go COWBOYS!..... but after how awesome NCAA11 was last year, I can't wait for THIS game!!! PSU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
# 18 DickDalewood @ 05/06/11 04:25 PM
All I know is Cowboy stadium better look that good in Madden now
# 19 EHS_25 @ 05/06/11 04:27 PM
well the lighting in domes still sucks. everybody has a blueish green tint to them still.
# 20 TracerBullet @ 05/06/11 04:29 PM
I hate to be the guy that rains on everyone's parade, but I'm pretty sure that's just the Cotton Bowl. It has that same bright reddish/orange goal post pad that the Cotton Bowl does in NCAA 11. Not a normal Cowboys blue goal post pad. Could be wrong though, who knows what they're going to use at that game.

One good thing I noticed is that the new lighting gives the Ducks a much brighter helmet than they would have had in NCAA 11 where it would have looked black instead of green in domes.

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