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THQ has confirmed that UFC 3 will be released in March 2012 and will be playable at E3 this June.

"In March a new UFC game for FY12 will be released as well and will also have revamped tech and will be aimed at both the core and casual fighting audience. This game, and the ones mentioned above will be shown or chatted about a bit more during at E3"

Danny Bilson, THQ developer, has also confirmed this on Twitter.

Saw a killer demo of UFC 3 this week. Will blow people away at E3.

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# 1 LingeringRegime @ 05/06/11 04:30 PM
Man, what I wouldn't give to see some footage of this game. If they took EA's tech and game mechanics I would be happy.
# 2 jeremym480 @ 05/06/11 11:03 PM
Awesome. I actually just started playing 10 again. I Event Mode so much.

Off topic: Was there ever any sort of Wishlist thread on OS? I have a few things I would like to add if it isn't too late.
# 3 ChaseB @ 05/06/11 11:10 PM
OS will be there to check it out for sureeeeeeee.
# 4 Gotmadskillzson @ 05/07/11 12:10 AM
I hope they added more submission moves and that they make leg kicks actually matter. IMO EA did an excellent job in making leg kicks matter.

I also hope they changed the way their submissions are done too. I hope they finally got rid of the shine technique.

More importantly I hope they have discipline specific moves this time. I don't want to see wrestlers doing judo throws and judo guys throwing 5 punch combos like a damn boxer. But then have the boxer throwing head kicks like a kick boxer and the kick boxer doing double leg take downs like a wrestler.

Last year was all messed up. Muay thai guys threw no leg kicks or kicks for that matter. Wrestlers acted as boxers, hell everybody acted as boxers.

The most used submission move by the cpu was the kimura. I want to see dozens of submission moves from every angle. And for the love of almighty get rid of submission moves ONLY being available when an opponent is rocked.

Plus I want to see way more sweeps from the bottom. What is the point of playing as a judo guy if they have no sweeps from the bottom or throws ?

What is the point of having a BJJ guy in the game if he has the same submission move set as a boxer ? If somebody is a BJJ guy they should know 3 times as many sub moves then a wrestler or boxer.

What is the point of having butterfly guard in the game if you can't use it to sweep or control the person on top of you ? Which brings me to cage interaction.

If I stuff a person up against the cage on the ground, then their movement should be severely restricted until they get away from the cage.

I want them to go all out.

For submissions:

Darce chokes
Rolling kneebars
Rolling arm bars
Rolling kimuras
Standing kimura
Ananconda roll with them actually rolling
Inverted knee bar
Inverted triangle
Ankle lock
Key lock
North south choke
Head and shoulder choke
Peruvian necktie
Standing RNC


Single leg
Double leg
Judo hip toss
Judo trip
Hip toss
German suplex
Leg trip
Pulling guard


kimura sweep
Butter fly guard sweep
Judo sweep
Triangle sweep
# 5 ps3veron @ 05/07/11 04:59 AM
Excited about this!

I am probably that needle in the haystack that liked 2010
# 6 ManiacMatt1782 @ 05/07/11 01:10 PM
Both games have their flaws, but the main thing this game does right over ea mma is that you can punnish careless striking. In EA MMA even post patch, someone carelessly putting hook spam combos together could sprawl out of their animations. they were not punished by a well timed takedown as they could hit sprawl, and you would warp animations and stuff it every time. In UFC undiputed A well timed takedown mid strike, was UNSPRAWLABLE because IRL you wouldnt be able to switch to a sprawl in the middle of fully committing to power punches not even a single power punch, let alone a combo.
# 7 BlueNGold @ 05/08/11 12:11 AM
The 2 things I really want to see fixed are the career mode and the arcade-fest striking that had pretty much every match end in a knockout.

Also, a change to the sub/ground system would be really nice.
# 8 Facts @ 05/08/11 06:08 AM
Nooooo, a demo at this years E3 would mean almost a year full of teasing by THQ.
# 9 scottyo60 @ 05/08/11 11:29 PM
please dear god no shining!

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