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All right folks, here's the deal. I will be speaking with EA's Mr. Josh(full name maybe has an 'ua'?) Looman in the very near future. Many of you have interacted with him on here in the past, so he probably does not need much of an introduction, but he's the developer who likes to watch simulation after simulation run across his screen while his eyes try not to bleed too much.

Anyway, I'll be speaking with him via telephone about what's going on with Superstar Mode and Franchise Mode in Madden NFL 12 this week. The embargo won't be up until NEXT Monday (5/16). I'll be transcribing the interview for the site, but I'm going to let you all (mostly) guide where this interview goes.

Here is the only restriction (sans the given time constraints during an interview, so I obviously won't get everything answered):

No super-duper specific questions will be asked. If you want me to ask Josh if in year 2023 of Franchise mode will there be an abundance of quarterbacks available in the NFL Draft -- I WILL hunt you down.

On the other hand, here would be an acceptable question: Josh, has anything changed this year in terms of how the NFL Draft plays out in Madden 12?

(Pro tip: If your grammar is sound and on point, you probably have a better shot of getting a question asked.)

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# 1 jmurphy31 @ 05/09/11 01:29 PM
Will Free Agency have better logic this year?

Example 1 - Player on own team wants an absurb amount of money from you, but signs with another team for a lot less

Example 2 - Big name players just sitting in Free Agency

Example 3 - Older (much older players asking for a ton of money)
# 2 Lexicon @ 05/09/11 01:29 PM
I would like to know if we can build new stadiums for teams without having to relocate them. Thanks
# 3 Dazraz @ 05/09/11 01:36 PM
Have EA at last sorted out the Injury Rerserved logic? A player placed on the IR shouldn't count against my roster.

We've already been told that the Extra Point show has been dropped this year. Will there be any Front End news pages such as those in the 2K games?
# 4 evad @ 05/09/11 01:37 PM
Does Injured Reserve work correctly?

Oops was too late on this.

Is there any additions to the post season activities?
# 5 CM Hooe @ 05/09/11 01:40 PM
Chase, any update on when your gameplay Q&A is going up?


General: How was the design of Franchise and Superstar modes for Madden 12 affected by the lockout?

Injured Reserve: does it work properly this year (frees up cap space AND a roster spot)?

75 man roster + cut days: elaborate on this a little bit? How do cut days work? When are they? How does the computer decide who to cut (i.e. simply based on traditional Madden logic, different coaching schemes favoring different types of players, or something else)?

Player ratings: Any option to completely hide all the player ratings from the end user? If not, any option to partially mask them with something like broad letter grades (a la NBA2K series)? Can player ratings be edited during Franchise mode at any time (not necessarily at all times, but at some point during the mode)?

The mentioned free agent "bidding system": how similar is this to NFL Head Coach 09 (it sounds similar from the name of it)? How does it work in an offline multiplayer setting (for example, if my friend and I both want to bid on Nnamdi Asomugha)?

Player roster management: does the end user still have to work around clumsy position requirements (for example, I must always carry at least three offensive tackles), or have these requirements been removed to allow the player more roster flexibility?

AI team roster management: any changes in how the computer handles its business this year? Are they more active in proposing trades (in the offseason, during the draft, before the trade deadline)? Does the concept of a "Team Roadmap" exist (a la NFL Head Coach 09)?

Any changes to how rookie scouting is done this year?

Coaches: any changes in how they are handled? Do coaches progress / regress / change at all over time? Do new coaches that aren't retired players enter the coaching pool over the course of a franchise?

Draft classes: can we edit them? Are they still premade draft classes, or are they generated? Can we still import draft classes from the NCAA Football games, and have there been any refinements to that process? Can draft classes be shared, a la NBA 2K11 (sorry if I keep coming back to this, but that game does a lot of things right and every other sports game could follow its lead on some things)?

Playoff seeding: though I never experienced it, in Madden 11 there was apparently a bug in how playoff seeding was decided. Is EA aware of the issue, and has it been addressed for Madden 12?

Franchise presentation: in-game, can we expect more seasonal stat overlays, discussion from the commentators about the goings-on in the NFL, etc? Again I point to NBA 2K11 as an example, where they discuss conference standings, statistical leaders, and so on. I'm aware that Madden and NCAA commentators already discuss individual statistics milestones.

Do any / all of these changes apply to Online Franchise?

In online franchise, is there an option for a salary cap? Player contracts?

In online franchise, do non-user teams actually have team management logic for free agency and contract decisions?

Can two users play a head-to-head online franchise game on one console this year, similar to how NCAA users can play against each other on one console in online dynasty?


I realize I sorta shotgunned that, but as many answers as you can get would be awesome.
# 6 miccnificent28 @ 05/09/11 01:42 PM
Will there be weekly scouting of college prospects during the regular season?

Will we there be more todd mcshay and mel kiper as in nfl head coach?
# 7 LorenzoDC @ 05/09/11 01:42 PM
Will there be practice squads after the roster cut?

Will the roster cut down to 53, and if so, will there be more flexibility in roster construction across positions?
# 8 LorenzoDC @ 05/09/11 01:43 PM
How will the rookie scouting process be different?
# 9 miccnificent28 @ 05/09/11 01:45 PM
Can the Commissioner upload draft classes from ncaa 12 for "online" franchises?
# 10 khaliib @ 05/09/11 01:46 PM
With so many perspectives about what each individual players ratings should be in Franchise, could gamers be given the ability to Global Edit ratings of their (Offline) rosters to their liking?

ie. An editor similiar to NBA Live 10 Global Editor for each team.
# 11 rsoxguy12 @ 05/09/11 01:46 PM
What are the main changes to Superstar mode? Will there be post-game interviews and interactions between coaches, teammates, and owners?
# 12 willz1985 @ 05/09/11 01:49 PM
here's a question....

will superstar mode have anything that resembles the REAL COMBINE!!! or will EA screw us over for another year??
# 13 RGiles36 @ 05/09/11 01:49 PM
How has the franchise interface changed? The previous one isn't all that intuitive to use, nor is it very informative.

Originally Posted by CHooe
Chase, any update on when your gameplay Q&A is going up?
^^Definitely would like to know the whearabouts of this!!
# 14 redskinst21 @ 05/09/11 01:51 PM
How does the scouting of college players in franchise mode work?
Is there any training/mini camp in franchise Modes?

Thanks in advance
# 15 coolguykris @ 05/09/11 01:52 PM
Can we expect the online franchise to have the same updates as the offline franchise?
# 16 dragosteelers @ 05/09/11 01:58 PM
Will there be game breaks during games in franchise? (Showing scoring/big plays from another game happening at the same time like CBS has).

Has anything changed with the commentary?
# 17 oneamongthefence @ 05/09/11 01:58 PM
Are teams more self aware with roster decisions especially depth charts? Starting a guy with much lower overall than a higher rated person? And does season performance affect the depth chart?
# 18 trey2k198003 @ 05/09/11 02:02 PM
Hello and thanks in advance for asking questions for us!

I would like to know if the imported draft classes will be better rated?
also will owner mode be back..you know ticket prices and stuff?
Will the offseason be more indepth? for example more detail to the draft such as computer initaited raft day trades and the ability to trade for future draft picks?
# 19 mwjr @ 05/09/11 02:18 PM
1. Will we be allowed to trade future draft picks?

2. In real life, teams can amass as many draft picks as they want. Is this possible in Madden, or, at the very least, have the number of picks we are able to stockpile been increased?

3. I know you've heard this before, but the contract negotiation process in Head Coach '09 was terrific. Any chance we will get to see something similar in Madden?

4. Now that I mention it, what are the chances that we'll see a lot of what we saw in Head Coach with regards to roster management?

5. Hiring and firing of coaches and staff: will they impact the way players develop and perform?

6. Has owner mode gotten any attention? In other words, can we improve our stadium, or can we build new ones without relocating? Will we have any control over other financial issues (ticket prices, advertising dollars, concessions, etc.)?
# 20 GoodImmigrant @ 05/09/11 02:19 PM
is there a difference when scouting a DE from a 4-3 going to a 3-4?

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