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IGN has posted details on Madden NFL 12 Superstar Mode with a Franchise Mode article coming tomorrow.

Check out some of the new Madden NFL 12 Superstar Mode screenshots, right here.

"Practices now have a purpose because of the new experience points system. Each practice session gives you ten plays to rack up points. Using an improved version of Gameflow, Madden's computer-controlled play-calling option, you run through random plays you might see on game day. The better you perform, the more points you earn. And those points in turn are spent to improve your player. There are no silly focused sessions to improve specific abilities. It's simple and it should open up considerably more freedom in Superstar mode. As a result, Tiburon's hope is that no two Superstars will be the same.

To that end, there's more to your player than just his attributes. New this year are traits and tendencies, which you set to determine the mental aspects of your player. After all, two linebackers might have a high tackle rating, but one could always play it safe and wrap up the ball carrier while the other always wants to put a little hurt into the opponent."

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Member Comments
# 1 illwill10 @ 05/12/11 04:22 PM
great find.
I cant wait to read
# 2 TreMarley420 @ 05/12/11 04:24 PM
Really looking forward to this mode it's seems they have made some good improvements
# 3 CM Hooe @ 05/12/11 04:28 PM
I now know that Cowboys RB Lonyae Miller is an OVR 57. EDIT: this is quite obviously not using a final roster as Cowboys rookie RB Demarco Murray isn't present.

I might actually touch Superstar mode this year, based on the information from this article.

Also helping to separate players with similar ratings is the reborn player roles, which some might remember from last generation's Madden. There are more than 20 roles, most of which are earned by your play on the field. These set who you are within your organization. You could be a wily veteran "mentor," for example, who helps a rookie improve during the season. Come back to IGN on Friday for a whole lot more on player roles and how they reshape Franchise mode.
# 4 Lexicon @ 05/12/11 04:29 PM
That still looks pretty bare-bones. Happy that Franchise Mode will be discussed tomorrow, though.
# 5 illwill10 @ 05/12/11 04:30 PM
The article makes it seems like the mode will be great. I like that they are Making it similar to NBA 2k. I am glad that you start off as a 60 ovr. They didnt really talkabout RTG getting transfered. Guess got to wait till next week
I am anxious to hear more about it. And seeing that they will talk about Franchise tomorow makes it a great day.
# 6 CM Hooe @ 05/12/11 04:37 PM

From the screenshots section. Two observations:
  1. Has Madden always had this many jaggies, or is this a product of an unfinished game? I don't recall Madden 10 or Madden 11 have nearly as prominent an issue with jaggies.
  2. I do like the pose of Romo in this picture as he's preparing to throw the ball. Looks natural and convincing. Hopefully it looks just as good in motion.
# 7 NoTiCe_O @ 05/12/11 04:37 PM
Sounds like 2k's Myplayer mode, and that is a GOOD thing, i still play MyPlayer til this day, its the only offline gaming i do.

Madden is on the right track, now they needa go crazy with sig running styles, passing styles, catching styles, scrambling styles, celebrations, etc.

That will make every NFL player different, not just traits and roles. To this day i have yet to see a MyPlayer character on NBA 2k have the same moves as me individually, thts the best part you feel unique.

Lastly to take this over the top, they need an online mode asociated with it, like pick up football games with all created characters, tht would be nasty.
# 8 SeahawkNMD @ 05/12/11 04:39 PM
Hmm you can pick which team you sign with and demand where you want to get traded to? That might be fun to play for whatever team you want but I would kind of like being out of control of that type of stuff.
# 9 illwill10 @ 05/12/11 04:39 PM
I love the interface and the additions, but look forward to Monday and hearing if Interviews orr something similar is back and commentary is in.
# 10 illwill10 @ 05/12/11 04:40 PM
# 11 illwill10 @ 05/12/11 04:41 PM

# 12 illwill10 @ 05/12/11 04:43 PM

# 13 Kevin26385 @ 05/12/11 04:45 PM
Interface looks great!

Can't wait to try out the mode, I am really excited practice actually matters now.
# 14 jmik58 @ 05/12/11 04:48 PM
So you HAVE to star as a 60 rated player?
# 15 CM Hooe @ 05/12/11 04:49 PM
Originally Posted by jmik58
So you HAVE to star as a 60 rated player?
Looks like you can pick a real player as well. Lonyae Miller is in-fact a real running back on the Cowboys, but apparently he doesn't have an in-game photo for the roster screen.
# 16 illwill10 @ 05/12/11 04:50 PM
Originally Posted by Kev5890
Interface looks great!

Can't wait to try out the mode, I am really excited practice actually matters now.
Me too!I am glad now I dont have to skip practice because it was useless
Even though I am a big Be a Pro player, I stopped playing Superstar Mode since Madden 09(barely played it)
If they are interviews and commentary, I will definitly will play like I played My Player.
# 17 illwill10 @ 05/12/11 04:52 PM
I dont mid starting off as a 60 Overall player, At least we dont start off as a 39 overall like in My Player.
Is there another menu for RTG tranfers.
# 18 vln13 @ 05/12/11 04:53 PM
Still looks bare bones and somewhat frustrating like NBA 2k11. But a step in the right direction. Can't wait for franchise info...
# 19 da ThRONe @ 05/12/11 04:54 PM
What about importing guys from RTG?
# 20 illwill10 @ 05/12/11 04:56 PM
Originally Posted by da ThRONe
What about importing guys from RTG?
That is what I want to know.
I use stopped imported RTG players since Superstar was stale. I think they are waiting for Monday or since RTG will be a big part in NCAA this year and be shown around E3.

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