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The April 2011 NPD data was just released, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters made its first appearance on the list at number five, while NBA 2K11 was listed at number 10.

Tiger 12 came out at the very end of March, so it's not surprising that it made it onto the NPD list for April. However, this is the seventh straight month NBA 2K11 has been among the NPD's top 10 best-selling games. FIFA and Madden, the juggernauts of the sports industry, can't even compare to an accomplishment like that. NBA 2K11 has consistently sold since day one, and while the game has finally dropped to the bottom of the NPD top 10 list and may not be on the list for May, this type of feat should not be overlooked.

In the grand scheme of things, it's of hard to tell how historic this is because NPD now groups all platforms together for each game -- a very recent development -- so today's numbers cannot be easily compared to past public data. Nevertheless, looking through the data from the past, it's hard to even find one instance where FIFA or Madden were in the top 10 list six months after they were released. Of course, I would not be surprised if various versions of FIFA and Madden have put up bigger total sales globally than NBA 2K11 has to this point, but the point remains about 2K's longevity this year in the US.

Some folks like to say that NBA 2K11 has sold so well this year because of the perfect storm of Michael Jordan and no competition from EA, but then again, Madden has been an exclusive title for years now -- and the sport is immensely more popular than basketball in the US -- yet it has never achieved something like this.

Perhaps at this point it's time to start considering NBA 2K a sales juggernaut that will have to be compared to FIFA and Madden in the future.

Source - NPD: 'Portal Kombat' Drives Game Industry Up 20% in April (IndustryGamers)

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# 1 rangerrick012 @ 05/12/11 06:39 PM
I'm happy that 2K is doing well. It's a great game. Also I think the renewed interest in the NBA has helped.
# 2 charlatan @ 05/12/11 08:09 PM
FIFA 11 sales: 10.04 million
Madden 11 sales: 5.66 million
NBA 2k11 sales: 3.4 million

Really, its not even close. And if we're talking international numbers, it's actually disappointing considering how much bigger basketball is than football. That said, being a more international game, it may match Madden at some point in the future. I don't think it will get anywhere close to FIFA though.
# 3 ZoneBlitz @ 05/12/11 10:48 PM
Love 2k11.
# 4 ps3veron @ 05/13/11 01:18 AM
What happened to the Show
# 5 Dazraz @ 05/13/11 03:20 AM
2K pulled out all the stops on 2K11 & are reaping the benefits. Great to hear.
# 6 tabulaRasa @ 05/13/11 05:32 AM
NBA2k sold because the game rocks.
# 7 Da_Czar @ 05/13/11 05:33 AM
Impressive !!! Nice article. Thanks
# 8 Vast @ 05/13/11 04:43 PM
I'm still playing 2k11 and loving it more now than when i first bought it.
I don't think thats happened since like madden 94 for SNES.
Best B-Ball game ever, maybe sports game ever IMO.

Props to 2k man. For the record i don't play much baseball games.

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