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In terms of video games, which sport interests you the most?

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# 1 RedZoneD25 @ 05/15/11 04:12 PM
I will play any sports video game, but none interests me more than any football game..Whether it be college, pro, arena, anything.
# 2 Felipe526 @ 05/15/11 04:15 PM
Hockey, the only big 4 sport left out
# 3 BurghFan @ 05/15/11 04:17 PM
Football, specifically college. I also like racing games.
# 4 ven0m43 @ 05/15/11 04:19 PM
I enjoy all of them, but I enjoy football the most because the seasons are short and you can get to building your team quicker. Plus short seasons or sim for mlb, nba, nhl, just doesn't do it for me as it doesn't feel right.
# 5 Redskinsfan26 @ 05/15/11 04:20 PM
i love basketball videogames.. I feel they do the best job representing the sport as a whole, and it lets me appreciate the NBA that much more.
# 6 Stormyhog @ 05/15/11 04:21 PM
I look forward to hockey the most but I do enjoy a variety of sports video games.
# 7 R3D BULL83 @ 05/15/11 04:24 PM
Hockey and basketball.
# 8 mirrored32 @ 05/15/11 04:32 PM
football. why? because it doesn't take a century of games to complete a season. Each game feels important whether it be NCAA or Madden. Basketball is my second favorite, but again, too many games. I would prefer just to play the play offs then. Baseball. . .my lease favorite why? too many games.

offline franchise mode is key for me.
# 9 Sheamazin @ 05/15/11 04:37 PM
I voted for Baseball.

But NCAA football runs a very close 2nd for me.
# 10 timmymvp6 @ 05/15/11 04:44 PM
I chose baseball because I play PS3 and I love to play The Show. NBA 2K11 is a GREAT game but Madden never changes.
# 11 Elgin2311 @ 05/15/11 04:45 PM
College football because every game matters, every game is important. I also like basketball but none of the games have online franchises so its hard to play 82 plus games. Whats needed is a college basketball game with a online dynasty....CH2K12?
# 12 smithdynasty @ 05/15/11 04:46 PM
Basketball, College first, NBA second
# 13 TDenverFan @ 05/15/11 04:53 PM
Football... Choops is the only basketball game I even enjoy, and outside of Football (Madden & NCAA) I don't play too many sports games
# 14 nyj721 @ 05/15/11 04:54 PM
Football for me. If there were a college basketball game on the market then I might have changed my vote, but there isn't so I didn't.
# 15 DurkFam820 @ 05/15/11 05:02 PM
Love me some NHL games because I think its more fast paced and funner to play online. Madden just takes too long sometimes
# 16 tabulaRasa @ 05/15/11 05:03 PM
Hockey! Basketball 2k
# 17 blarg. @ 05/15/11 05:05 PM
it was close for me b/w football and basketball but i had to go bball. the quickness and strategy of the game mixed in with the star power of some of the players is just unmatched in my book
# 18 LingeringRegime @ 05/15/11 05:08 PM
1. Basketball
2. Soccer
3. MMA
# 19 jgangstahippie7:18 @ 05/15/11 05:15 PM
College Football, and Basketball.
# 20 stlstudios189 @ 05/15/11 05:23 PM
for me I find it interesting that I went with

But, to watch on tv and follow its football, baseball, racing, basketball, hockey

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