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Casey Mosier of LeagueManager has posted some impressions of Madden NFL 12 from his time at EA Tiburon.

"During my week in Orlando visiting EA Tiburon studio, I, along with other members of the Madden community, had the opportunity to get extensive play time on Madden NFL 12. At the end of the week, we each tallied up around 30 hours of play time amongst the different modes and features, Derek and I focused on game play improvements as well as offline "Franchise" mode. Now that Josh Looman has released the offline franchise improvements, I would like to take a little closer look at some of the new gameplay improvements as well as the offline franchise additions. In the following few passages I will go into further detail on the upgrades that have put Madden NFL 12 at the top of my list for "must have, day 1 purchases" for 2011."

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# 81 blklightning @ 05/21/11 04:43 PM
Originally Posted by ScriptOhio
No game is EVER going to satisfy 100% of the consumer focus group. The fact is that most of the things people have asked for are in the game. The absolute fact of the matter is that this game blows Madden 11 away, to the point where I can no longer play Madden 11. The bad thing is that no matter what they do, there will always a group on here that nit picks everything and claims the game is unplayable due to something like "one shoestring is longer than the other" for example. It's not about awesome sauce.... It's about having confidence in the product based on factual information and hands on play testing.
i judge madden based on other sports games. even some of the ea devs have said that their competition is from other games in the sports market. and while they've made huge strides this year, it still appears that they're about one more year behind. that being said, i am really liking what ncaa has on offer this year. seems their dynasty mode is a little more to my liking with news updates and things of this nature.

i really do want an nfl game to play though. so if the game play is truly up to par this year, i will get the game regardless of franchise mode still seeming to lack any real personality. play now with a friend is what i prefer. but franchise is the place i go when there isn't someone to play with. and the lag fest that is madden online is a no go every time. i don't think they use dedicated servers because every game i've ever played of it online was terrible.

but the main point is that without any check marks in the cons column, i just can't take your impressions seriously. no offense, but that's just how it is.
# 82 TreFacTor @ 05/21/11 04:54 PM
Originally Posted by ScriptOhio
Those 8 issues are no longer issues since they are now all fixed... nothing game breaking or really worth noting to be honest.
So you can't say or won't? Not trying to troll but you didn't answer the question.
# 83 Smoke6 @ 05/21/11 07:34 PM
Originally Posted by ScriptOhio
Not sure if I can or not really. But in all honesty since they have been fixed there really isnt any value in bringing them to light and causing a whole other subject. If someone else from the event wants to start a "bugs i found" thread then they are more than welcome to.

I applaud ea for bringing in the cheating/tourney crowd guys, and with that said, did the overall outcome of there presence really have an impact towards the devs? I have said it for years that they need to get those guys who kill online play into these sessions and gauge them for there cheap play and have a solution for it.

If not, then what was the point of having them there in the 1st place?
# 84 jmurphy31 @ 05/21/11 09:06 PM
Originally Posted by ScriptOhio
Yes, I saw different intros depending on who is the "star" of the team. And i do believe in game pop up banners have players faces.

Thanks for answering...It will be nice to have other positions being talked about besides the two QB's in the pregame cut scene...
# 85 Burner_22 @ 05/21/11 10:10 PM
As players run does it look like they are skating on ice or can you tell they are actually running ont he field and cutting?

Seems like Madded forgets this every year.
# 86 at23steelers @ 05/21/11 10:18 PM
Originally Posted by ScriptOhio
Its not about forgetting, their is only so much time in each cycle. And yes, skating is gone (as of the builds we played)
Did you ever see the ball go through the players body into the opponents hands? Or see the ball go through anything unrealistic at all?
# 87 Burner_22 @ 05/21/11 10:26 PM
Originally Posted by ScriptOhio
Its not about forgetting, their is only so much time in each cycle. And yes, skating is gone (as of the builds we played). You can actually see the field come up from them cutting in some instances.
Thank goodness.

Remember in '11 when a running back could run through a 335 pound DT like they were a kicker? Please tell me thats gone.

Also what about "jersey pulls"? Like for example a guy trying to make a tackle goes for broke and pulls a guy down by his jersey.
# 88 Burner_22 @ 05/21/11 10:26 PM
Originally Posted by ScriptOhio
No sir, and from what we saw the d line/linebacker super jump was gone.
Wow. Good news.

This one bothered me a lot. So far so good.
# 89 K_GUN @ 05/21/11 10:28 PM

can u discuss the gameplay camera's?...are there the same amount as last year?.....is the zoomed camera the same as last year?

in terms of animations for WR's/DB's...are there new ones?
# 90 PVarck31 @ 05/21/11 10:37 PM
Thanks for doing this Casey. Do you know or was it mentioned how many new animations were added this year?
# 91 jetup2343 @ 05/21/11 10:51 PM
Were you able to tell if all the new camera angles and pregame cut scenes tied together with commentary/stat overalys to create more of a broadcast feel? I noticed that in NCAA, the team intros at the beginning of each game seemed to have been on their own, with no broadcast feel to it.
# 92 K_GUN @ 05/21/11 10:55 PM
^^^^ thanks bud...but what about the gameplay camera's....not the cut-scene ones
# 93 Burner_22 @ 05/21/11 11:11 PM
Thanks for the responses man. This sounds like a pretty complete game. Hopefully this is the one weve been waiting for, the one we can compare to that "other" game.
# 94 at23steelers @ 05/21/11 11:51 PM
Originally Posted by ScriptOhio
Like I said i'm pretty much just a Franchise guy and gameplay is always my biggest concern. I pretty much fell in love with the gameplay as soon as I realized that most of the exploits from previous years have been removed. Nothing worse than plaing in online sim leagues only to have some new guy exploit the hell out of AI glitches on offense every stinking play.
Agree 100% with this. Maybe online will be fun to play again!! Most annoying were people who only threw to the flat.
# 95 GGEden @ 05/22/11 12:32 AM

I have two questions/requests, please.

* Depth Chart changes: ability to set a 3-4 and a 4-3 depth chart, and ability to set depth charts for offensive packages, across all modes, in their respective pre-game menu settings.

* Online Franchise: ability to export an online franchise roster to use in practice mode or online exhibition games.

# 96 jpdavis82 @ 05/22/11 12:50 AM
Hey script, are adjustable sim quarter lengths in Franchise mode this year? Nothing more frustrating then getting half the stats as everyone else in the league because I'm playing with 8 minute quarters and the rest of the league is set at 15.
# 97 roadman @ 05/22/11 02:05 AM

Thank you for answering the questions.

Did you notice on a punt the Special Teams DL jumping when the ball was punted? That one irritates me. I think it happens because the game feels like a FG animation is coming up.

Also, on punts, did you notice a hang time window pop up?

Thanks again.
# 98 Sanchez_Mareno @ 05/22/11 05:43 AM
Remember 75 is a maximum not a must
# 99 Smoke6 @ 05/22/11 01:51 PM
Yo script, thanks for the replies man, and I will sure do that and give them much thanks over on their site. I have one more question for you but I havent seen it posted yet.

How much of an impact have you guys over at leaguemanager have had on the whole franchise mode over there at EA?

Have they stepped there game up with your help or have they been influenced by everything you guys have done so far?
# 100 fb121 @ 05/22/11 03:25 PM
hey script. In the ncaa videos, we see a lot of skating and floating around which is a soar to the eye and to the feel of the game while controlling it. You said earlier in this thread that the skating was gone, so do we expect it to be different from the videos we have seen in ncaa 12? because there sure is a lot of skating in those videos...

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