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FIFA Soccer Blog has released four different sets of impressions for FIFA 12, which can be seen below.

Click here for the FIFA 12 Pro Player Intelligence blog.

Click here for the FIFA 12 Precision Dribbling blog.

Click here for the FIFA 12 Impact Engine blog.

Click here for the FIFA 12 Tactical Defending blog.

"Pro Player Intelligence - The best video example we were shown of Pro Player Intelligence in action was centred around two identical scenarios with just one player swapped over each time. The first example showed a winger heading to the by line with Peter Crouch as the centre forward, the winger crossed the ball early due to Crouch’s height and aerial ability. In the second scenario the winger went to the by line again but this time it was David Villa in the penalty box. The winger instead of crossing early checked his run and turned back inside looking for support. The winger was aware of David Villas weakness in the air and chose to start another phase of play rather than cross."

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# 1 rckabillyRaider @ 05/20/11 09:31 AM
This is sounding really good.
# 2 Qb @ 05/20/11 01:04 PM
Originally Posted by Bruins
Tactical Defending

[DISCLAIMER] The videos that we saw were from both the Test Bed environment and live FIFA 12 gameplay. Whilst what we saw was incredibly impressive, these videos are chosen with the express intent of demonstrating the new FIFA 12 features as simply as possible. FIFASoccerBlog will not be providing a definitive opinion on these new features until we get our hands on the game, we’re simply going to relay what we saw and what we were told.

Contain – The existing pressing system in FIFA 11 has been removed and has been replaced with a new mechanic called “Contain”. Instead of aggressively pressing, players will now “Contain” their opponents by jockeying simply shadowing their opponenets movements. They will not close down or tackle unless instructed to do so.

Contain Proximity – The distance at which you Contain can be adjusted with the left stick, allowing you to close down your opponent or drop off deeper. The video that we saw showed players being able to close down to within about a yard of their opponent and being able to drop off to a maximum of about 10 yards.

The Purpose of Contain – The Contain mechanic aims to make your time without the ball in FIFA 12 more engaging, providing tactical conundrums about when to close down, when to drop off and most importantly when to commit to the tackle. Defending in previous FIFA titles has been very much about holding pressure and letting the AI do the rest, not any more.

High Pressure – Has been a problem with the last few FIFA titles and the easiest way to explain how Tactical defending has tried to remedy this is quite simply that the pressure system has been removed all together aiming to give us all more time on the ball. If you steam in to a challenge against Messi now you can expect to be suitably embarrassed.

Secondary Press? – You still have the ability to call over a secondary defender if you wish but they will also only Contain and not pressure. A new AI behaviour has been implemented to link multiple players that are performing the Contain function. Secondary defenders will now shut down a different angle to the area that you are already covering. This allows multiple angles and passing lanes to be cut off creating pressure without a tackle ever being performed.

Auto-Tackle is No More - In FIFA 12 the auto-tackle function has now been removed. To initiate a tackle now requires a button press which must be timed correctly to be successful. If you’ll excuse me for a second…… YESSSSSS!

Timing is Key - Tackles can now be missed if the timing of the button press is too late or too early. This simply doesn’t happen in FIFA 11. We were shown a video example of Theo Walcott cutting in side and weaving between two defenders who had both miss-timed tackles. Theo was able to manoeuvre between them at incredibly close proximity with ease using the new Precision Dribble feature.

Tactical Defending - EA want Tactical Defending to “bring the skill of real world defending in to FIFA” and to make 1v1 situations “feel like individual battles”. In previous FIFA games the defending has been largely automatic with only minimal user input required. Tactical Defending takes the old system and hands control to the user aiming to create a realistic defensive experience.
Excuse me while I insert every positive emoticon OS has to offer... :bandit o::redsmil e::d rink::wo ot:
# 3 JJT @ 05/20/11 01:20 PM
sounds great to me, can't wait to buy it.

I love how it sounds like they are fixing all the core issues which is great

I just hope there is smart AI this year, not AI that don't shoot or create chances or miss wide open nets and so forth.
# 4 alphaguy5 @ 05/20/11 02:19 PM
This looks absolutely amazing.
# 5 JJT @ 05/20/11 04:18 PM

there's a video of the stuff, impact engine is awesome !!!!!
# 6 LingeringRegime @ 05/20/11 05:54 PM
Okay, Okay. I am impressed with that.
# 7 chadskee @ 05/20/11 10:42 PM
I'm glad they've acknowledged the worst part about FIFA. Time will tell whether these changes will slow the game down enough and give more time on the ball.

I think Football/Soccer gamers are the the luckiest of any other. With PES 2012 looking promising we'll have two very fantastic games to choose from, which is more than any other sport can really say.
# 8 guaps @ 05/21/11 03:57 AM
I'm thrilled about this news. To me, FIFA has to be the benchmark in how to make sports video games for consoles.

Late 2005: Next-generation introduced.
FIFA 07: Redid the engine
FIFA 08: First full FIFA game on next-gen consoles. Made last-gen FIFA obsolete, IMO
FIFA 09-10: Solid improvements to an already great game
FIFA 11: Redid ratings, added Personality+ and more. The best sports video game on the market, IMO
FIFA 12: Looks to deliver gameplay improvements beyond what people were hoping for. Sets the bar really high for other sports video games.

I can only imagine how scripted Madden (even with it's updates) will feel like after a few games of FIFA.
# 9 woody2goody @ 05/21/11 05:57 AM
I'm a PES player that plays a bit of FIFA every now and again, and it sounds like EA have addressed every single problem about the previous games, at least on the pitch.

The predictable offensive AI, the too-solid defensive AI, the lack of individuality between players, and the general defensive play. It all sounds great and I can't wait to play the demo and try it out.

I'll probably be going for both games this year as Pro Evo made big strides last year as well.
# 10 Richuation @ 05/21/11 08:21 AM
We still need online leagues.
# 11 thor-17 @ 05/21/11 08:54 AM
I just hope the AI shoots this year. It absolutely was a gamekiller for me watching the AI dribble right to the keeper, EVERYTIME. I would even let the cpu break away and gave it no pressure, result, dribbling right to the keeper. No shots from range, nothing. It was really annoying, and also the reason that only my 14 year old son plays it.
# 12 misterbroom12 @ 05/22/11 06:21 PM
I love that the auto-tackle button is gone. This game should provide the variety that everyone has been waiting for because defending will be just as randomized based on situations as the attacking. The dribbling skill stick should become a lot more effective too as committing to a tackle in one direction will seemingly kill you if it's missed.
# 13 209vaughn @ 05/22/11 11:28 PM
OMG all EA football and soccer games look amazing this year!!!! They're listening to fans, and putting a ton of time and money into these franchises! My hat is off to EA!

I will be buying a lot of EA games this year. Book it.
# 14 Whitesox @ 05/22/11 11:45 PM
Really glad the auto tackle is gone, but I feel like we've heard stuff like this before, complete with rampant excitement. It sounds great; however, my complete excitement is reserved until I actually play it for myself.
# 15 tsp120 @ 05/23/11 08:26 AM
Originally Posted by Whitesox
Really glad the auto tackle is gone, but I feel like we've heard stuff like this before, complete with rampant excitement. It sounds great; however, my complete excitement is reserved until I actually play it for myself.
I'm with you. It's great that they've addressed the biggest issues I've had with the game and I'm suddenly hopeful for this years game. However, it's all in how it's implemented. This new approach to defense may just introduce an entirely different set of frustrations for the gamer.

But I've got my fingers crossed.
# 16 carnalnirvana @ 05/23/11 03:22 PM
well fifa has my attention now, if this new defending works and the USER AI can execute this, fifa will BE good again, the AI attacking still needs tons of work but i can be patient if defending is fixed... looking forawd to vids vs the AI.........
# 17 boritter @ 05/24/11 04:36 PM
Awesome news that auto tackle is gone. If that works properly and they fix player progression I will have found video game nirvana.
# 18 chadskee @ 05/24/11 10:01 PM
Originally Posted by Whitesox
Really glad the auto tackle is gone, but I feel like we've heard stuff like this before, complete with rampant excitement. It sounds great; however, my complete excitement is reserved until I actually play it for myself.
Yep, I am cautiously optimistic. If anybody knows how to hype their games out of proportion it's EA.

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