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I totally forgot to even check up on the Challenge of the Week because of all the PSN problems during the past month. However, PSN online functionality has been restored this week, so folks can take swings off Cliff Lee with former Show cover athlete David Wright at rain-drenched Citi Field in this week's challenge.

The prize this week is a $250 gift certificate at MLB.com, and this week's challenge is slightly interesting to follow because the PlayStation Store is still down. What that seems to mean is that you can't purchase extra attempts through the store, though some contestants are still racking up the attempts, presumably via points already in their PlayStation Wallet or via pre-paid PSN cards that can be purchased in stores and online.

This week's challenge also marks the beginning of the May monthly prize period. If you rack up the most points this month, you win a self-explanatory prize: cash. You can win $2,000 big ones if you conquer every other Show gamer.

Lastly, the PSN outage has forced the folks at SCEA San Diego to rearrange how how the Challenge of the Week breaks down. You can find the official explanation about the new schedule below.

We apologize for the inconvenience the PlayStation Network outage may have caused. As a result of the recent events, we have had to make changes to the MLB 11 The Show – Challenge of the Week competition. The Month 2 (April) competition will be cut short and will comprise of 3 weeks: week 5, 6 and some of week 7. Week 8 will be omitted from Month 2 (April) entirely. Month 3 (May) will also be cut short, weeks 9 and 10 will be omitted. Month 3 (May) will now comprise of 2 weeks – week 11 (May 16 – May 23) and week 12 (May 23 – May 30). Week’s 8, 9 and 10 have been omitted from the Challenge of the Week competition, entirely.

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# 1 devroid @ 05/21/11 08:50 AM
I had around ten tokens in the bank prior to the outage, then hopped right on and used them when PSN went live, which I think was a Saturday. All of those attempts were then wiped out on Monday, for everyone not just me. Then they restarted the challenge on Monday and all I was left with was the one free. I'm annoyed that I'm as addicted to this mode as I am. And that I'm always good enough to get to around 20 on the leaderboard but can't touch the freaks who are consistently in the top 5.

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