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Eutechnyx reveals first Auto Club Revolution screen shots and invites beta test sign-ups

Wednesday 25th May 2011, London, United Kingdom, Eutechnyx, one of the world's leading independent racing game developers, today released the first glimpse of its upcoming online racing game and car community, Auto Club Revolution®.

The screen shots display the high graphical quality of Auto Club Revolution’s racing experience, which delivers console-quality online racing to the free-to-play games market. The game’s front end is web-based, creating a powerful and flexible social platform for communities of car enthusiasts and racing fans to interact with each other and their favorite motoring brands. The racing engine is delivered via a downloaded application (client). This combination of web and app. empowers the player to manage their game, garage and network of friends on the web from anywhere, while the downloadable element provides the premium quality race experience that separates Auto Club Revolution from all other games in the sector.

While racing game fans will enjoy the array of officially-licensed cars complete with realistic driving performances and handling, car enthusiasts will immerse themselves in an online world built around their favorite car brands.

Eutechnyx' COO, Darren Jobling said, "Auto Club Revolution will be a game changer for online racing and today’s screenshots barely touch the surface of what is probably the deepest car racing and car ownership experience ever developed.” He continues, “working together with the largest brands in motoring, we've fused online games and social motoring communities to build a truly new and exciting platform, with degrees of motor manufacturer involvement that are unprecedented in the history of real-world racing games, details of which we will be revealing shortly.”

The screenshots have been released ahead of the first closed beta tests, which are scheduled to take place in July 2011.

Doug Wolff, Eutechnyx Producer adds “We’re inviting everyone to participate in the development and balancing of Auto Club Revolution. We’re gearing up for the first phase of beta tests, anyone who wants to be involved should sign up immediately to secure their chance to be one of the first to experience the most exciting development in the racing game genre for years.”

Anyone who would like to be involved in beta testing, or who would simply like to register their interest, can do so at http://www.autoclubrevolution.com.

About Auto Club Revolution
Auto Club Revolution is an online racing game designed around communities of car fans. Built in deep collaboration with the motor industry, Auto Club Revolution combines cutting-edge console game development techniques within a social platform to deliver a unique concept in the free-to-play online space.

Auto Club Revolution was designed, developed and published by Eutechnyx.

Website: www.autoclubrevolution.com
Twitter: @autoclubrev
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AutoClubRev

About Eutechnyx
Eutechnyx is the world’s leading independent racing game developer. With a history spanning over 23 years, the studio has won numerous awards for its million-plus selling titles and garnered exceptional acclaim in the business sector. As well as its headquarters in the UK, the company has studios in Hong Kong, Chengdu, Charlotte and Pittsburgh

For more information, please visit press.eutechnyx.com.

Auto Club Revolution and Eutechnyx are registered trademarks of Eutechnyx Ltd. All rights reserved.

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Member Comments
# 1 bluengold34_OS @ 05/25/11 11:15 AM
There are like 5 or 6 guys that have already signed up for the beta, if you sign up......let us know here. Hopefully we can get a decent group of OS'ers racing this beta, and have some fun with it.
# 2 Rules @ 05/25/11 04:47 PM
I'm in.............
# 3 bluengold34_OS @ 05/25/11 04:56 PM
Originally Posted by Rules
I'm in.............
Nice Rules........

I have been following this game since September of last year, and if it's done right, could be a really good game. I had heard that they will allow the community to create tracks to go along with the ones that are already included........but I have nothing official on that yet.
# 4 Happy29 @ 05/25/11 09:06 PM
Just signed up for Beta myself
# 5 bluengold34_OS @ 05/25/11 11:24 PM
Originally Posted by bjowers29
Just signed up for Beta myself
Good deal......When all is said and done, I am hoping we have like 10-15 guys on here, so we can get some good feedback on the beta.
# 6 Happy29 @ 05/26/11 12:35 AM
Originally Posted by bluengold34_OS
Good deal......When all is said and done, I am hoping we have like 10-15 guys on here, so we can get some good feedback on the beta.
Sure thing, anything that comes to racing I'm more than willing to do my part to help out on OS
# 7 JohnDoe8865 @ 05/26/11 02:18 AM
signed up....
# 8 RUFFNREADY @ 05/26/11 02:44 AM
i just registered; and hope i get in. This game looks great.
btw, an news on Nascar 2011 the game patch?
# 9 bluengold34_OS @ 05/26/11 07:15 AM
Originally Posted by goh
I don't see why not. Other than I believe that these people are the ones responsible for that NASCAR mess.
They are the same company Goh, and I have my own feelings on that situation......but not the correct venue to do so.

Originally Posted by JohnDoe8865
signed up....

Originally Posted by RUFFNREADY
i just registered; and hope i get in. This game looks great.
btw, an news on Nascar 2011 the game patch?
Yeah....It's listed here, and on their own website. They are hoping to submit the Xbox patch to MS any minute now, and it only has to go through the standard MS time period(10-14 days) for patch approval and release.

The PS3 is a bit behind because of the PSN being down. It is my understanding that it is not as far behind because they found most of the online bugs with the 360, so hopefully the PS3 patch will only be delayed by about a week longer.
# 10 cajunspice @ 05/26/11 12:46 PM
I signed up
# 11 Tokyo-Night @ 05/26/11 07:11 PM
I'm signed up for beta! Sweet! Can't wait.
# 12 ven0m43 @ 05/27/11 02:29 AM
I signed up as well
# 13 bluengold34_OS @ 05/27/11 09:56 AM
It's cool to see the interest in this game so far. I am trying to put some cool OS specific perks together for the people who signed up here along with the beta. Just keep checking back in here for info.....might be a week or two out, before I have any new info though(please be patient)

This info will be post E3...

# 14 burnwood @ 05/28/11 01:04 AM
I'm signed up as well. Will race with a bunch of OS people if we can.
# 15 dshill @ 05/28/11 03:23 AM
signed up for this as well.
# 16 SinisterAlex @ 05/29/11 04:50 PM
Just signed up as well, starting to get back into racing games again.
# 17 bluengold34_OS @ 05/29/11 05:59 PM
Same here, playing dirt2/3,race 07 wttc 2010,and rFactor.

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