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While you are technically able to play PS3 games online again, the PlayStation Store is still down. This mean's PS3 users who just purchased DiRT3 can't play the game online yet.

DiRT 3 sports a VIP pass, not unlike the "online pass" found in EA Sports games these days. The VIP pass comes free with new copies of DiRT 3, while it costs money if someone buys the game used. Regardless, since the PS Store is down, users can't register the VIP pass that came with the game. Now, this would not be an issue if the VIP pass could be disabled -- this was done in the latest Mortal Kombat game as a workaround until the PlayStation Store is resurrected -- but that's not possible with DiRT 3, according to Codemasters.

So what users are left with is half a game on the PS3, which I'm sure Codemasters is thrilled about.

As of now, the latest update for the PlayStation Store is just that it will be back up sometime before the end of May. Until then, enjoy that single-player action in DiRT 3 PS3 users, it's all you're getting for now.

Source - DiRT 3 online impossible on PS3 until PS Store returns (VideoGamer)
Source - Codies can't disable DiRT 3 online pass (Eurogamer)

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# 1 ssryry29 @ 05/25/11 01:03 PM
Glad I ordered MLB 11 instead of this.
# 2 chivs890 @ 05/25/11 03:19 PM
I don't mind waiting at all, this has been the best game I've bought in a long time, so polished and content-filled. Singleplayer will last me well past when online comes back, and then it'll be even better

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