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If you checked out the debut NHL 12 footage and immediately said "I must buy this game," then this news is for you.

Amazon.com is offering http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004WL4LP8/...=operasport-20 in September if you pre-order NHL 12, while Gamestop.com is offering the "Bauer Boost Pack" to those pre-order believers out there.

Here is the description of the Bauer Boost Pack via Gamestop.com:

Bauer Boost Pack: Enhance your Be a Pro and EA SPORTS Hockey League character. Give your player that extra edge to cement yourself in NHL history of being one of the greatest.

Basically, you can pre-order at Amazon if you want to drop hockey knowledge bombs on people, or you can pre-order at Gamestop if you just want to get a leg up on the competition from day one.

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# 1 savoie2006 @ 05/25/11 03:04 PM
EA has the PS3 version for $44 Preorder, the 360 is $49, not including shipping.

I hate boosts and charging for them is even worse. Why not include stuff like retro teams and such for download?
# 2 GrandMaster B @ 05/25/11 05:39 PM
Damn boosts. Get rid of that stuff. Let people earn their attributes and make everyone start at the same skill. But boosts = $ so that is that.
# 3 edwing @ 05/26/11 12:16 PM
Adding onto this, it looks like Best Buy has their own goalie boost pre-order incentive.

Best Buy Pre-Order

Pre-order NHL 12 at Best Buy and receive the goalie boost to enhance your Be a Pro and EA SPORTS Hockey League goalie. Give your goalie that extra boost of being the corner stone of your franchise. Stonewall your opponents with awe-inspiring desperation saves from your goalie as he covers every possible angle and works through screens and flying bodies in front of the net.
# 4 plaidchuck @ 05/26/11 01:11 PM
Had about $10 in store credit laying around so I put it towards NHL12.. strangely enough they listed the release date being in October...

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