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OS'ers, you've seen the info on the new Coaching Carousel feature in NCAA Football 12's Dynasty mode. Now let us know what you think by voting in our new poll! You can vote on your right on the frontpage and above you in the forums!

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# 1 Scarecrow IzA G @ 05/25/11 03:51 PM
Jury is still out for me.

But im leaning toward loving it
# 2 NoDakHusker @ 05/25/11 03:53 PM
I love that they've got it in, but I'm voting 'jury is still out' because I can't make a judgment on the feature until I have the game in front of me and can see it in action myself.
# 3 BleacherBum2310 @ 05/25/11 03:58 PM
Same ^

Yeah.. I love that it is in the game.

But I'm not sure.. I'm skeptical until I play it myself.
# 4 ChubbyBanana @ 05/25/11 03:59 PM
Love It.
# 5 kbomb1upc @ 05/25/11 04:03 PM
Love it. Gives me a reason to have a dynasty were I just sim my games again... Or supersim on the PC. I can't wait.

P.S. I would marry EA if I can supersim my games on my iPhone...
# 6 RynoAid @ 05/25/11 04:07 PM
Love it because it shows they are headed in the right direction.
# 7 DirtyJerz32 @ 05/25/11 04:12 PM

Love it! Can't wait to see it unfold.
# 8 threattonature @ 05/25/11 04:18 PM
I hate it for the fact that there are no ratings, and the coaches that you hire have no affect on the field or in the way your team improves.
# 9 jmik58 @ 05/25/11 04:20 PM
How could you not love it?

It's something we don't currently have, so the alternative is ...?

You don't have to love it perfectly as it is.

Be glad they're adding it and it can grow from here. Honestly, I'm pleasantly surprised at how deep and detailed the mode will be for its first run.

Typically when a feature is added it's very vanilla.

Great move by EA.

Of course, this is coming from a coach in the real world, but this game just became amazingly good with the addition of coaching carousel.
# 10 Kobalt @ 05/25/11 04:21 PM
Love it, why wouldn't you?
# 11 89OneHanded @ 05/25/11 04:27 PM
Originally Posted by NoDakHusker
I love that they've got it in, but I'm voting 'jury is still out' because I can't make a judgment on the feature until I have the game in front of me and can see it in action myself.

Agreed with this. Love the concept, now let's see how EA pulls through.
# 12 jmo2278 @ 05/25/11 04:30 PM
Love it because it's in the game but hate it because it doesn't have the depth alot of us wanted. So I guess I "like" it........
# 13 mike24forever @ 05/25/11 05:03 PM
Way too early to tell. Interested in CC being added to the game, however I will not know until I play the game.
# 14 jkra0512 @ 05/25/11 05:22 PM
I love that they are trying to add new things, but I'm in the "jury still out" crowd...
# 15 Gotmadskillzson @ 05/25/11 06:01 PM
Headed into the right direction. Sure I would have liked a more spread out rating system for coaches, but it is a foundation. Definitely will make dynasty exciting to play again.
# 16 varis @ 05/25/11 06:09 PM
definitely love it
# 17 threattonature @ 05/25/11 06:58 PM
I'm usually supportive of NCAA but to me I just seriously don't see how the coaching carousel is a huge addition. It just seems to be a cosmetic change at this point in regards to how coaches are chosen. It disappoints me that it has no affect to on the field or really off the field and how the team performs outside of supersimming.

I guess overall just disappointed since I believed the this could've been so much more. From what I've read it's extremely shallow.
# 18 TheBauerHour @ 05/25/11 07:04 PM
Originally Posted by Scarecrow IzA G
Jury is still out for me.

But im leaning toward loving it
What he said. It has potential, a lot of it. That's all I see right now though. Being that this is the first year it is going to be out, bugs or glitches wouldn't surprise me, even unlogical moves wouldn't shock me. This is the first year of a HUGE, brand new feature. I hope it's great the first time around, but all I see is potential. I'm going to have to experience it to make a better decision.
# 19 DubTrey1 @ 05/25/11 08:01 PM
It's a start. Better than nothing and at least headed in the right direction. I am gonna love it.
# 20 1WEiRDguy @ 05/25/11 09:46 PM
its a start...i would have personally loved for them to mandate that you start out at a small school and actually make it interesting to where you have to play multiple seasons with that school to catch the attention of the big boys...from the vids, it seems like you could go from an OC at a small school to an OC at a bigger school in just a year or two at the most...

but still a good start...

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