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Kotaku's Owen Good chimes in with some of his thoughts surrounding the latest micro-transactions to make their way into NCAA Football 12.

There may not be any optimal time to tell gamers about all the microtransactions and DLC for which they can expect to pay extra in an upcoming release. But the official reveal of a game's main features -- the stuff folks expect to come with the $59.99 retail price -- would probably be the least optimal.

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# 1 NDAlum @ 05/26/11 07:18 AM
I support the extra charges due to many factors. They are very reasonably priced.
# 2 Dame @ 05/26/11 07:24 AM
I'm with ND i have no problem with the charge but do understand the other side how people may be upset with the charge
# 3 walshcav @ 05/26/11 07:33 AM
I'm one of those people that is a little upset about this.

If it's like in years past I really won't care at all. I mean I don't need the recruiting adviser and other crap like that.

But if it's something that has been revealed that SHOULD already be in the game, then it's EA Sports taking advantage of their fan base.
# 4 CHIEFxxROCKEM @ 05/26/11 07:34 AM
"Few things fire up a community like a developer taking its suggestions seriously and bringing them to a game. To turn around and charge for that sends a pretty bad message."

He is right about this.
# 5 Snake Doc024 @ 05/26/11 07:38 AM
I have no problem with them charging for the capability to advance the dynasty or play your dynasty from a PC. These are added option features essentially making it a PC/ console game. What I do have a problem with is how they handled Tiger Woods 2011: The Masters.
# 6 Hova57 @ 05/26/11 08:44 AM
I'm at the point that I accept every game that comes out usually have some type of DLC. Its up to the consumer whether they would like to pay or not. I've paid for some and haven't others. This is going to be the way for a while till we get to the point that we don't buy discs and the digital info is downloaded and we pay for that.
# 7 kt-od @ 05/26/11 09:12 AM
I have no problem with them charging for this. I think what I do have a problem with is calling it a "new feature" and charging for it.

IMO, it should have been announced as DLC besides a new feature.
# 8 kbmnm247 @ 05/26/11 09:36 AM
Giants Natic, It isn't because of that at all, in my opinion. It's because they know they can charge for this "extra" stuff and people will pay for it and even be happy and praise EA to pay for it.

If the community could possibly band together and not pay for it and simply refuse to pay for it it might change things. But that is not even the overwhelming view of the OS population so I can only imagine what the rest of the world thinks on this issue as OS is usually the older, sim crowd who can stand up to charging for recruiting advisers, uniforms, etc.

If you know people will pay, and even moreso if you know people will be happy to pay, there is no reason not to charge.
# 9 TheBauerHour @ 05/26/11 09:47 AM
Are these supposed to be the "big reveal" we've been waiting for, or was it the presentation stuff? I'm a little unsure of what else they could come out with at E3
# 10 NDAlum @ 05/26/11 09:51 AM
Price of NCAA '07? $60
Price of NCAA '12? $60
# 11 N51_rob @ 05/26/11 09:51 AM
This stuff used to bother me. But it is becoming the norm. Companies are looking for new ways to generate revenue. I can't fault a company for trying to turn a profit. I have no problem with these fee's so long as there are no prolonged server issues.

That said, if companies continue this practice they will eventually price some gamers out of the market completely.
# 12 bucky60 @ 05/26/11 10:22 AM
If they charge extra for features that are part of a real NCAA College football program, then they should NOT be a DLC and should not charge extra. If they charge extra for things outside of a real NCAA College Football program, like cheats, then go ahead and charge extra.

If EA is going to start charging extra for things that should ALREADY be in the game, then eventually, we will see the same game be released for 60 every year and be charged for any and all new features.

We are already paying 60 for it.
# 13 jeremym480 @ 05/26/11 10:26 AM
Originally Posted by NDAlum
Price of NCAA '07? $60
Price of NCAA '12? $60
Exactly. That and I believe that they are actually providing us with a service that is worth paying for. I can kind of agree that it shouldn't be touted as a "new feature" but, rather DLC since it's not free. But, tomato, tomatoe...
# 14 maxmouse2008 @ 05/26/11 10:29 AM
The one thing I am errked about is the spending money to advance the dynasty, its essentialy $3 for a administrative tool.

That being said I think the ability to sim games on your PC is well worth and even more so, if they were to put out a Android/iOS app as well
# 15 arobbi3 @ 05/26/11 10:54 AM
Originally Posted by jeremym480
Exactly. That and I believe that they are actually providing us with a service that is worth paying for. I can kind of agree that it shouldn't be touted as a "new feature" but, rather DLC since it's not free. But, tomato, tomatoe...

It would be received much better by the community had EA labeled them as PDLC's from the beginning. I agree completely with you about the services being worth it. These two services and being able to commish 5 OD's for only $7.. Count me in. Add in the fact that they are allowing you a free 7 day trial of the online sim before you buy and they can please those that may not like the sim and just want to advance.
# 16 Roggie @ 05/26/11 10:54 AM
The only issue I have is the pay to advance the dynasty. I highly doubt that adds any extra stress on their servers, as it should be the same as it is when you advance from the console. The rest of the microtransaction stuff makes sense, like the super sim. Extra stress on server = pay for it. Host more ODs? Makes sense. Mass download TB teams? Still makes sense.
# 17 Ziza9Noles94 @ 05/26/11 10:55 AM
As was already said, this is the norm for most games nowadays. At least we aren't talking about $9.99 or monthly charges. It's what? $6 total.
# 18 Keenan G. @ 05/26/11 11:14 AM
EA is a business and they are always looking to make more money. I just hate that when you buy a used game you have to pay 10 dollars to play online. Oh well...it is what it is.
# 19 smithdynasty @ 05/26/11 11:17 AM
6 dollars today, if people actually take advantage of this, it won't stay at $6. Boycott!!
# 20 wallofhate @ 05/26/11 11:21 AM
you can use the "business as usual" for a series that is flourishing but you have a situation here where there is a distruss between the company and the consumer. this (like many other EA titles) aren't the blockbusters they used to be so that being said why would you cause unnecessary ways to "generate revenue" that might make a person on the fence decide not to purchase. in business the only thing worse than slow money is NO MONEY!!! think of businesses that have had problems with public opinion. they come back with better deals and better product they dont squeeze the wallet harder???!!!

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