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We recently had a chance to speak with Aaron McHardy, FIFA 12's gameplay producer, about many of the gameplay changes happening on the virtual pitch this year. It was such an extended chat that we felt the need to share the entirety of the interview with all of you. So check out the link to listen to all the gameplay details you can handle.

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# 1 Krebstar @ 05/27/11 02:06 PM
Damnit. Why didn't I bring my headphones to work today? Looking forward to listening when I get home, although I know it'll make me dislike FIFA 11 even more.
# 2 PH1LLYSFINEST13 @ 05/27/11 02:42 PM
58 min long. GOODNESS.
# 3 Uncle Stumpy @ 05/27/11 02:59 PM
Yeah I'm not going to listen to that. Just the good stuff please. I highly doubt there's 58 minutes of good stuff
# 4 supermati @ 05/27/11 08:30 PM
Listen to it, it's an amazing interview!
# 5 common-sense @ 05/27/11 09:57 PM
my computer is a POS, so I do not have working sound(external speakers or headphone jack). Can anyone post a list of highlights or some bullet points? That would be awesome.
# 6 carnalnirvana @ 05/28/11 05:33 AM
great job asking the questions that matter..........

the high i was on after the info release, dropped with that answer at 52mins

user AI defense is the biggest flaw in FIFA IMO, if i cant depend on a world class CB to play his man on his own it ruins the experience, having to play 10 positions is just frustrating

and the politician like answer the dev gave didnt inspire confidence anything has changed there even though its been a big issue on all forums...

and this goes to the bigger point of why the "pressing" custom tactic does not work for the user...... its been broken since 09......

i love the additions this year but its redundant to have to press the second defender button to initiate "contain" when there is a tactic called "contain" in the Pressing Custom Tactics.....
# 7 Richuation @ 05/28/11 08:36 AM
Gameplay improvements sound interesting...

But, what has been done to improve online leagues?
# 8 209vaughn @ 05/29/11 12:12 AM
I can't find the link...
# 9 Ermolli @ 05/29/11 10:23 AM
Originally Posted by 209vaughn
I can't find the link...
The audio forn the interview is in the first post.

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