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Every champion must reinvent himself, and every Superstar has an evolution. Reinvented with each challenge, always primed and ready to strike with more edge and intensity than ever before, he is reborn - bigger, badder and better.

FINALLY...the WWE experience you've been demanding has arrived! THQ's flagship franchise in the company's WWE videogame portfolio is reborn, delivering the best and most realistic WWE action ever. With new Predator Technology, an overhauled gameplay experience and new broadcast TV presentation that promises the most fluid, dynamic, authentic and action-packed WWE simulation experience to date, WWE '12 gives you more control over WWE than ever before.


EXPERIENCE THE NEW WWE! - WWE Action is redefined with new Predator Technology! This new system delivers a fresh and strategic gameplay experience that looks, feels and plays better than ever before. the gameplay you have demanded is finally here with the most fluid WWE action and realistic animations to date in a WWE videogame, improved A.I. and an all-new Breaking Point submission system!

DYNAMIC TV PRESENTATION - Witness the most electrifying presenation in all of sports entertainment. A dynamic new broadcast camera system and badder visual presentation replicate everything you see on WWE's television broadcasts. New rendering and lighting technologies will provide the most realistic WWE Superstars, WWE Divas and WWE Legends and best-looking in-ring action to date.

CREATE AND SHARE YOUR WWE - WWE '12's best-in-class creation suite gives you the ability to create Superstars, entrances, finishing moves, storylines, Highlight Reels and all-new capabilities never before seen in a WWE videogame! Go online and upload your creations to share them with the WWE Universe and download creations from others to add to your own experience.

WWE UNIVERSE 2.0 - Take control of your WWE career in a bigger, badder and better WWE universe. Your actions determine your destiny and shape your experience, as storylines, matches, alliances and rivalries are built based on your decisions.

ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA - The Road to WrestleMania is fraught with action, drama, challenges, storyline twists and truns, and surprises. Which road will you pick, and what story will you tell, on your way to the biggest spectacle in sports entertainment?

You can also check out a developer Q&A on THQ's site, with more info on the game as well as a few screenshots!

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Member Comments
# 1 Canes305 @ 05/31/11 12:35 PM
I may want this copy...
# 2 ExtremeGamer @ 05/31/11 12:42 PM
Can't wait, very excited.
# 3 PantherBeast_OS @ 05/31/11 12:52 PM
Man I'm just loving the new info they put out. I'm also loving the photos aswell. But the one piece of info that caught my eyes was about the new wakeup taunts. Now I can get Randy Orton to pound his fists on the ground right before he does his RKO. This will be a truly good year for games. Can't Wait.
# 4 BigSho31 @ 05/31/11 12:54 PM
Hopefully they actually allow us to do interviews this year in the WWE Universe. I feel like last year's version was more canned.
# 5 nyj721 @ 05/31/11 01:07 PM
I find it odd that in the Q&A they have A.I. as their #4 priority. I feel like that should be 1 or 2 maybe behind gameplay, but they put animations and online ahead of it also.
I hope they release a demo this year. I can't see myself buying this before I play it.
# 6 PantherBeast_OS @ 05/31/11 01:11 PM
Here is more info on WWE12 from ign.com
# 7 The GIGGAS @ 05/31/11 01:51 PM
Sounds interesting. I generally find my way to the WWE games, but this one I might have to keep an eye out on.
# 8 johnpreyes @ 05/31/11 01:56 PM
They should make the matches last longer. Maybe make the momentum meter progress slower. I hate having matches that last less than 5 minutes unless it's a complete squash.
# 9 CaptainZombie @ 05/31/11 02:11 PM
This is good news that they didn't try to add any new modes and just pretty much work on what was there already. Hopefully U2.0 is well done this time.
# 10 ssryry29 @ 05/31/11 02:15 PM
Am I the only one that wants gm career mode back from svr 08?
# 11 LBzrule @ 05/31/11 02:18 PM
What I want to know specifically is if High Flyers like Rey Mysterio can body slam, Pile Drive guys like Big Show? If that is also fixed then I will be a bit more excited. The classes need to have weaknesses. High Flyers should not be able to have a power game unless it is with that class. Created Wrestlers should also be placed in classes.
# 12 scottyo60 @ 05/31/11 02:25 PM
I want the gm mode back for sure! those were fun I thought. Im curious about the new presentation due to the fact they always have been big on it, but if it changes drastically they pretty much admitted the last couple years have been a failure. Should be interesting to learn more as last year was actually the first year I didn't really like the game and felt the controls were WAY too much
# 13 Altimus @ 05/31/11 04:12 PM
Originally Posted by ExtremeGamer
Can't wait, very excited.
Same here. I've skipped on the last one or two games but I can say I'm excited about this one.
# 14 johnpreyes @ 05/31/11 04:37 PM
I'm not too thrilled with how it's implied that gameplay has been sped up.
# 15 NotoriousKDH @ 05/31/11 04:41 PM
Maybe its only me that feels this way, but, does anyone want to see the wwe draft return in this game??
# 16 NotoriousKDH @ 05/31/11 04:42 PM
Originally Posted by ssryry29
Am I the only one that wants gm career mode back from svr 08?
# 17 Cyphre @ 05/31/11 05:11 PM
Call me skeptical but the more things change the more they stay the same.....

I'll get excited when I get my hands on a demo....or an in-depth explanation by the developing team (with video) that covers the changes made to the gameplay and what modes or extra stuff has been added....

BTW, is it me or was one of the pics showing Miz "flying" through the air after getting hit by Super Cena? .......looks "arcady" to me
# 18 Molarmite @ 05/31/11 06:34 PM
I'm interested in hearing more about create a storyline and some other online features that might finally let me run my dream WWE league.
# 19 JohnDoe8865 @ 05/31/11 07:31 PM
They fooled me last year, they won't get me again this year. I'm gonna wait for reviews and OS impressions for a couple weeks atleast before I even consider getting this game. SvR 11 was a low point for the series IMO, and the series is "damned" until they prove otherwise.

A name change didn't help NBA Live.

They say it is more than a name change, but I've heard that before too. Cory and guys from THQ lied a lot leading up to SvR 2011 about the game, so the burden is on them to bring back some trust. A more varied move-set for the wrestlers (along with getting the right moves for the right guys), fix the non existent AI and easy pins, make the game more than a roster update, and actually bring in "strategy" (since they mention it so often...) would be a good START on a game that they admit they've been working on since May 2010.
# 20 WWE12Game @ 05/31/11 08:28 PM
I'll also reserve judgement until we see the WWE 12trailer, which is probably coming out next week. I just hope WWE 12 game is not a change of title without any real new idea in gameplay, presentation and game modes.

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