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TNA Equalizer recently attended an NHL 12 community event and posted some detailed goalie impressions.

"There was something that caught my eye while going up against AI goalies throughout the day. Something was different when it came to shots beating them. Thatís when I realized the AI goalies finally are able to fall victim to well place medium to long range shots going five hole at a reasonable rate. Something you just barely ever saw unless it was right on the crease in prior NHL games or a deflection.

There are those of you curious out there about the goalie fight experience. The first question I had was regarding OTP and the concern that it would turn into a case of opening faceoff and insta-goalie fight. Rest assured the NHL team had thought this situation over and it appears that goalie fights will not be allowed in OTP. There will not be computer versus computer goalie fights as well. Now if you manage to get a goalie fight going in club, youíre right wing will serve the 5 minute penalty for your goalie. This was one feature I was skeptical about seeing and Iím happy to say the development team is going in the right direction in implementing it."

Check out the entire NHL 12 article, right here.

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# 1 SwinginAs12 @ 06/02/11 04:20 PM
Great write up! Glad to hear NHL goalies finally play like themselves. But my favorite part is the addition of 5 hole goals from mid to long range shots, HALLELUJAH!!
# 2 Vikes1 @ 06/02/11 05:53 PM
Originally Posted by Scottdau
Very encouraged to read about the traits. Hoping that goes for players too. I would love for the game to play like their real counter part.
Well said Scott.

Yep, great news about the different goalies, well...seeming different. That alone, should really help to make one game seem different from another.

But yeah....when this includes everyone on the ice, that'll really be a BIG step forward. Liking what I'm hearing so far though.
# 3 SinisterAlex @ 06/02/11 06:26 PM
No goalie fights in OTP!!! Thank you EA.
# 4 don28 @ 06/02/11 08:20 PM
Good, I would like to be rewarded once in a while for getting the goalie to move across the crease and beating him 5-hole if he does not keep the stick down.
# 5 Simple Mathematics @ 06/02/11 08:42 PM
Awesome. Now THIS is good info
# 6 FBeaule04 @ 06/03/11 08:21 AM
It's promising, but we'll have to see before I jump up and say : "Wow!"

What I'm affraid of is that if shots are getting in from mid-long range on AI goalies, and that cheesy goals are still in, it's going to be a goal fest all year long.

I'm eager to try the new goalie mode since I have not play a BaP goalie season since NHL 09 (not that it's not fun, but more that BaP mode can be so crappy with the ratings you get that you get tired of playing the mode).

Like I said, I won't take for gold anything the guys from EA say since last year, we we're told many promising things just to get a major deception in things that weren't consider before implementations and ruined the play.
# 7 GrandMaster B @ 06/03/11 10:16 AM
No mention of goalie passing?
# 8 Fiddy @ 06/03/11 10:48 AM
Great article. Much better than EA's first blog.
# 9 CaptainWinkster @ 06/05/11 10:13 PM
The "BIG" announcement is Kinect and Move use in NHL 12! Boring
# 10 BlueNGold @ 06/05/11 10:20 PM
Originally Posted by CaptainWinkster
The "BIG" announcement is Kinect and Move use in NHL 12! Boring
And you know this.....how?

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