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The Codemasters team released five new screenshots for their upcoming game, F1 2011, via Facebook. The images posted can be viewed here.

Three previews for the game also hit the internet today, all of which you can check out below.

CVG F1 2011 Preview

VideoGamer.com F1 2011 Preview

EuroGamer F1 2011 Preview

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# 1 bluengold34_OS @ 06/03/11 09:54 AM
Co-op career mode online..........FTW!!

So a company finally understands the value of allowing 2 friends to play a co-op season together online. I hope other games finally start to realize that it's not just online gaming people want, it's online gaming with their friends, that has some longevity to it. This Co-op career mode is an absolutely fantastic edition.......

"There are some more fundamental tweaks on the track, some a natural evolution from last year's game and other dictated by this year's radical new rule set. Handling has now been tamed, and the darting cars of F1 2010 have been tempered. "Last year, I always joked internally that it felt like Tron," explains Hood. "I felt that it was too quick."

This is great news also. if they implement it well enough. A lot of people had to play this game using a controller last year, and it proved to be a bit twitchy at times. I used both a wheel and a controller, and loved the feeling of each one. It did take me some time though, to get the controller feeling as good as the wheel.
# 2 Dazraz @ 06/03/11 01:15 PM
DRS & KERS are technologies that are almost videogame like in the way they work so it's fitting that these features are in this years game.
# 3 berad88 @ 06/03/11 02:42 PM
Can't wait for more detailed info on all this. I love F1.
# 4 mojovino @ 06/03/11 03:28 PM
This game, F1 2010, single handedly got me back into the enjoyment of F1 racing. I am now following all the races - I read the news between the events, and record and watch the practice/qual/racing in HighDef. I upgraded my computer, my TV (Toshiba 55" Full Array LED), and busted out my Momo Steering Wheel! I cannot wait for the 2011 edition to come out. And you darn well better be planning for a 2012 version so my CIRCUIT OF THE AMERICAS will be one of the events!
# 5 Trash-man143 @ 06/04/11 01:51 AM
cool.nowi and a friendcan compete in a season.and also,whatwheelare good for car games?

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