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Kotaku's Owen Good has just posted another article, entitled Itís in the Game, Unless Itís Outside the Lines.

How do you feel about it? Bring it on or keep it out?

"Without fail, every time I bring up this job and its subject, usually with folks outside the business, the topical jokes start rolling. Whatever the latest controversy or embarrassment is in sports, people ask if that's going to be simulated in the next edition of Madden, Tiger Woods or NBA 2K.

Sometimes someone comes up with a funny idea. This week, I was pitched a concept for an exclusive Terrelle Pryor series of cars in Need For Speed, tying the racing franchise to the troubled Ohio State quarterback whose fleet of free vehicles, among other indiscretions, led to his coach's forced resignation on Memorial Day. I promised to pass along that tip at E3."

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# 1 jyoung @ 06/05/11 12:04 PM
I liked the discipline feature in the old NCAA games.

Wish they would bring it back.
# 2 DGuinta1 @ 06/05/11 12:40 PM
I like that I see PSU!
# 3 rudeworld @ 06/05/11 12:55 PM
only if it was built in to the personality of the player like someone say T.Pryor in next years Madden 13 would be more likely to commit an offense then say a Manning.... and though its hidden in the ratings it wouldnt happen every season.... a "controversy" rating lets call it or lets have it where every player has it and it just happens at random.....use of performance enhancements, Scandal, auto offense....just to name a few that would show up if the player was NOT on your team... but if the player is on your user controlled team the whole story would be given (at least before Adam Shefler gets his hands on the story).
# 4 statum71 @ 06/05/11 02:00 PM
Good article.

I have always wanted to see tempers and technical fouls in NBA 2K. There's not a game played on TV that somebody doesn't try and show up the refs. And sometimes coaches or players being thrown out of a game changes the outcome all together. Its part of the game.

But I understand we'll never see that.
# 5 khaliib @ 06/05/11 03:49 PM
With the strict limitations that are placed on the NCAA game, I can see why there seems to be "Baby Steps" towards injecting new/old features for one developement cycle.

Compared to itself, NCAA has seen some improvements since making it's way to Next-Gen.
But compared to the advancement of Sports Games as a whole, the steps have been very subtle to say the lease.

Maybe the reason is due to the Limitations that the License demands.

The game is at the point were something innovative will need to be done.
Simply carrying over Madden's injections the following year or two will need to change.
Gamers are demanding so much more of their Sports Games now days.

I wonder how they were able to include those things in the article years ago, but now they are taboo to be included in the game?

NCAA will definitely need some shock-n-awe after this year, as the game has become somewhat stale.
Well we know EA won't be the one to push the envelope for NCAA,
# 6 DaveDQ @ 06/05/11 08:44 PM
Personally I think games don't need to touch on this stuff. At some point we have to not be so expectant that a sports game will cover every little detail.
# 7 PaperBoyx703 @ 06/05/11 10:25 PM
I would like discipline back.
# 8 Cubone_Jones @ 06/05/11 11:19 PM
The thing is, sports gamers are demanding more, yet they are still purchasing the titles, and as long as that happens nothing will change. EA Sports is out to make a profit and as long as they have the only show in town they won't have to bring anything ground breaking to the table. Creating buzz is certainly important and in the past few years games like NCAA have started to cater more to the hardcore than the casual fan, but true over the top perfection will never ever be a realistic goal of sports game developers; it isn't profitable.

Furthermore, I would definitely disagree where he says that gamers aren't interested in certain old-gen features in games like NCAA. Player academics, suspensions, and probation all added to the depth and feel of NCAA... I'd suggest few gamers would attest to the feature being a waste of time for the developers.

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