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# 1 themassacre771.1 @ 06/09/11 03:59 AM
Originally Posted by GS II
I was so impressed...

Then Cam took off and ran a 3.0 40.

Did you notice how fast Cam was even BEFORE the guy held the Right Trigger? The QBs feet are WAYYYY too fast.
Probably the worst thing ive seen so far.
# 2 guaps @ 06/09/11 04:06 AM
This just looks so wrong...
# 3 PacMan3000 @ 06/09/11 05:17 AM
What caught my eye was the commentary specific to Tim Tebow. I felt that Gus was really watching the game, referring to the guy's hometown and everything.

First time I was impressed by the commentary.
# 4 MrSkagTrendy @ 06/09/11 05:46 AM
Tebow-specific commentary was HAMAZING. Poor on the Newton front, though.
# 5 bichettehappens @ 06/09/11 06:12 AM
That looked like NFL Blitz for a second lol
# 6 CatMan72 @ 06/09/11 06:45 AM
So Champ is going to hit 6'6" 250 Cam with a full head of steam so hard that he knocks him backwards and the ball loose?
# 7 themassacre771.1 @ 06/09/11 07:10 AM
Dawkins laid out that hit
# 8 Roncatto @ 06/09/11 07:26 AM
Personally I wasn't too worried,

Cam does run quick, ok maybe not that quick but that sort of stuff can be tweaked before release.

The spin move is lame as we all know, but the user got punished for hit with the fumble.

It did remind me though of the "scary" days of Vick in Madden 04 (i think) when he used to be everyones fav QB
# 9 mm boost @ 06/09/11 07:45 AM
regardless guys, remember everyone is fully editable, so we can change the thug's speed once we get our hands on the game. No worries on my front.
# 10 MrSkagTrendy @ 06/09/11 08:26 AM
If this is Newton imagine what Mike Vick is gonna be like...
# 11 61woods @ 06/09/11 08:47 AM
I have noticed in a few of these videos that the QB does not tuck the ball away once crossing the line of scrimmage (Newton does it in this particular video, as well as other QBs in different videos). Can this be fixed before release?
# 12 sniperhare @ 06/09/11 08:49 AM
I'm going to be playing on Slow again this year. The colors seem really bright to me as well.
# 13 canes21 @ 06/09/11 09:12 AM
Originally Posted by mm boost
regardless guys, remember everyone is fully editable, so we can change the thug's speed once we get our hands on the game. No worries on my front.
Yea, because any players you edit carry over to online games.
# 14 oneamongthefence @ 06/09/11 09:20 AM
With the player specific comments, I hope they don't say Timmy Tebow sophmore out of Florida state 7 years into franchise mode.
# 15 EarvGotti @ 06/09/11 09:42 AM
Cam slid across the field. That was horrible.
# 16 BezO @ 06/09/11 09:56 AM
That looked bad from beginning to end. The lack of footwork is really killing it for me. Players just can't change direction like this without planting their foot in the ground. It's not only ugly but effects the spacing & timing of the game.
# 17 CatMan72 @ 06/09/11 09:59 AM
Originally Posted by themassacre771.1
Dawkins laid out that hit
My bad, thought it was Bailey.

It's interesting that the QB does not automatically tuck the ball in 12 like they did in 11 when the cross the LOS.
# 18 MMurda @ 06/09/11 10:29 AM
yea this just looks bad with the sliding. they got the locomotion tech...now they need to add more footwork and WEIGHT. this is the one thing i was hoping they would work on after they implemented the new locomotion tech. you control guys on last gen(which im playing 07 ps2 franchise still), and even up until '10 this gen, they have weight....you werent gliding a carboard cutout around on the field.

he covered too much ground too quickly even while sidestepping. i dont know why this is so hard to get the basics of human capabilities down in a game. for comparison...this looks like Call of Duty meets football...in the way that in cod ur player runs around with absolutely no human feel or weight and glide around the map at will with no respect to weight or physics. there may also be a prob with the field being too small/players too big or something....kinda like how they fixed it in nba 2k10 or '11 cuz the court was too small so it had horrible court spacing.
# 19 jyoung @ 06/09/11 10:38 AM
Wow, that run by Cam Newton was hideous.
# 20 jyoung @ 06/09/11 10:42 AM
Same teams in the snow:

Ridiculous drop back and throw by Tebow. At least at was nice to see an actual missed FG.

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