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# 1 illwill10 @ 06/11/11 11:13 AM
Originally Posted by osubeavs721
nice work getting the embed to work!
yeah gotzmadskillzson told me how to do it on IE. I couldnt just copy & paste it, I had to copy & paste on Word or Wordpad then copy it from there on to here
# 2 khaled @ 06/11/11 11:14 AM
Tackling is a lot better. Getting excited for the game.
# 3 mr janny @ 06/11/11 11:14 AM
nice display of the consecutive hit tackling system on the play at 4:51 of the second video. Looked really nice.
# 4 The JareBear @ 06/11/11 11:23 AM
Finally get to see the game on ps3
# 5 illwill10 @ 06/11/11 11:27 AM
Originally Posted by jaredlib
Finally get to see the game on ps3
and it doesnt look bad either
# 6 Gotmadskillzson @ 06/11/11 12:11 PM
Good videos.......Coach took his camera everywhere, he has a lot of videos. EA water.....LOL
# 7 dan_457 @ 06/11/11 12:18 PM
Not going to Lie, I didn't watch part 1, and started the video at part 2 and seriously thought a human was controlling USC up until they fizzled out and kicked a Field Goal(CPU can never seem to finish in the redzone).
# 8 mr janny @ 06/11/11 12:40 PM
Originally Posted by dan_457
Not going to Lie, I didn't watch part 1, and started the video at part 2 and seriously thought a human was controlling USC up until they fizzled out and kicked a Field Goal(CPU can never seem to finish in the redzone).
I know what you mean. Watch the run at 5:05 of the first video. Looks like a user controlled run, even though it's a CPU team. I like seeing that.

Another thing, if you notice the sack at 2:49 of the 2nd video, the running back totally missed a block on the DT. I don't know if that is due to low awareness or poor positioning, or whatever, but I do know that in NCAA11, that DT would have been sucked into that block every single time.
# 9 franch1se @ 06/11/11 12:56 PM
nice, finally an SC vid....I already saw about 10 number changes I have to make and people to delete/turn into other people hahha.
# 10 NDAlum @ 06/11/11 01:11 PM
Saw some great things and a few minor annoyances

Overall, I'm very optimistic about the game
# 11 franch1se @ 06/11/11 01:11 PM
whats up 2:09-2:11 in vid 1? The Trojan Warrior goes from on the horse to immediately in the middle of the field magically warping there
# 12 Gotmadskillzson @ 06/11/11 01:14 PM
4 things I noticed........

1. RB actually took it the outside when the middle was clogged

2. FB got up off the ground and recovered his own fumble. Last year that would have never happened. When they fumbled, they stayed on the ground last year. So it is nice to see players get up off the ground and at least try to recover their fumble.

3. USC QB tried to scramble but got caught from behind. He didn't do the famous let me do a jumping 180 turn in mid air throw the ball across my body to the other side of the field animation like they did over and over again in NCAA 10 and NCAA 11.

4. Out of all the videos, I haven't seen any throw out of sack, lame duck throw animation that usually resulted in a defensive lineman intercepting it.
# 13 franch1se @ 06/11/11 01:25 PM
Originally Posted by Segagendude
I thought I heard him say "This is a head-to-head matchup".......I think it's hum vs hum.
nope, every matchup is a head to head contest. If it was hum vs hum you would see both play calling screens up as well
# 14 TrapStar215 @ 06/11/11 01:32 PM
Does anybody know if you switch conferences will it change the logo on the field and jersey?
# 15 TN_Mike @ 06/11/11 01:45 PM
Cal's first offensive play of the game was a successful Play Action pass! I know it says the game is being played on Varsity, but it's still encouraging to see that Play Action works in this years game!
# 16 hurricanefootball4 @ 06/11/11 01:47 PM
Tackling just looks great, I feel like laying a hit on a guy is going to be way more rewarding.

It's almost making me want to start my career as a defensive coordinator...hmmm
# 17 RColemanVT @ 06/11/11 01:50 PM
Tackling just looks incredible this year
# 18 khaliib @ 06/11/11 02:12 PM

I'll have to tone down the CIT Rating and Route Run for RB/FB though.

Also, we have to get some Jump Ball Aggressiveness by the Offensive Player

If somehow the word can get the Dev's that are still tweaking things, increase whatever needs to be increased to make Offensive players more Aggressive when the ball is in the air.
-There is no Jump Ball at all in the Endzone!!!

Looking forward though.

Also, did I hear right that we can only edit the 8 tie-ins for the BCS and not all Bowl Game match-ups?

Would be nice If we could edit the Top 25 also.
# 19 TuffJuff @ 06/11/11 03:26 PM
idk if anyone knows this or if this has been answered, but if i create a crappy TB in a low level conference, will i still be able to earn an invite to a bigger conference in the future? Or do i have to manually move me some place else at the end of a season?
# 20 Pokes404 @ 06/11/11 04:12 PM
I love at the 1:12 mark of the second video where the two defenders just fall down without helping out on the tackle.

What is the LG doing at the :43 mark? He clearly sees the guy coming, even looks like he's setting up to block, and then engages the DE. This allows a free rusher right up the middle. You always protect from the inside-out. The user controlled player would have had a free rush from the outside, but that's what you give up when you find yourself outnumbered like this. It's the QBs job the realize the blitz is coming, there aren't enough blockers to pick them up, and get rid of the ball quickly. If you let a guy free up the middle the QB has almost no chance.

Why does every player try to pick up fumbles, especially the offensive players? These guys should fall on the ball the majority of the time. I loved it last year whenever I'd fumble and one of my linemen would instantly scoop up the ball with ease and take off running. That's so stupid looking it usually made me want to turn off the game. EA, please, make these guys fall on the ball most of the time.

I won't comment much on anything else because the varsity difficulty prevents it from any kind of real analysis. A lot of bad things are going to happen because of the difficulty. But guys not getting in on a tackle they were in position to make, backwards blocking philosophy, and players not diving on the ball shouldn't be difficulty related.

As far as positives go, a lot of the new solo tackle animations look nice. There's also a nice double-hit at the 4:55 mark.

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