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Continuing with our basketball theme today, do you think NBA 2K12 is going to be able to top its predecessor NBA 2K11? Let us know by voting to your right on the frontpage and above you in the forums!

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# 1 jeremym480 @ 06/14/11 01:44 PM
It will be tough but, I certainly hope so...
# 2 WhiteMan22 @ 06/14/11 02:20 PM
Leaning towards yes. I mean, why not?
# 3 FBeaule04 @ 06/14/11 02:24 PM
I'm leaning toward yes, but the game was so good overall this year that they'll have to work hard because expectations are high.

How do you make it better after you took the most popular basketball player of all-time and make it part of the game? What can you do for an encore after 2K11 took us in MJ shoes to the first game of the finals against the Lakers?

I hope this game continue to improve because for me it was the best sports game last year, and a proof that when 2K put efforts and desire to make it special, they can.

Maybe an "encore" with NBA Classic Moments? Like Reggie beating the Knicks by himself, and so on and on...I don't know, but I'm positive on 2K delivering a great game again.
# 4 MEANFIDDLER @ 06/14/11 02:27 PM
It's really difficult to doubt a company like 2ksports they have proven more often than not that they have what it takes to make an amazing sports simulation! They are responsible for the greatest football and basketball video games of all time!
# 5 vln13 @ 06/14/11 02:34 PM
I don't think they will top the amount of achievements that they had in 2k11, especially with it looking like that they might not have MJ/Classics back, but that doesn't mean it won't be as great of a game. It will have improvements and it might provide itself with more of a legacy than 2k11 if it builds well enough.
# 6 aloncho11 @ 06/14/11 03:08 PM
So far looking very good. If it's going to be better or not, we will determine that when comes out to the market
# 7 Pokes404 @ 06/14/11 03:14 PM
Great as it is, there's still a lot of things that can be improved. I definitely think they can top it. But as someone above said, it'll be hard for 2K12 to set itself apart from 2K11. It will likely feel very similar, even with a number of changes. People may not be as blown away with it as they were with 2K11, even if it's a superior game.
# 8 xITSxDAWKINSx @ 06/14/11 03:19 PM
i think they can do it. if there is a game mode like the jordan challenge i will be sold.
# 9 greenegt @ 06/14/11 03:39 PM
As great as 2K11 is, they can absolutely improve upon it and I believe they will.
# 10 Lakers 24 7 @ 06/14/11 03:40 PM
IMO the true gauge and the game they need to top is still 2k8. Given all the positive feedback that they received from 2k11, I'd find it hard to believe that they'll divert from what made that game a monetary success. So, I have my doubts about 2k12, but I'm not going to write it off just yet.

For 2k12 to win me over it must accomplish the following:

No lag online
Better lobby system
Better/more realistic mid range game
Less emphasis placed on Isomotion moves which creates a game that unrealistically rewards streetball play.
Instead favor open, spot-up shooting
Better fluidity in the controls/movement
More precision in the movement
Better defensive controls and defensive awareness.
# 11 bigsmallwood @ 06/14/11 03:45 PM
Absolutely! 2K11 is going to be tough to top, but it can most certainly be done. they need improved player movement still, 2K basketball has a tendency to be a little herky jerky, and the ISOmotion needs to steal a page from NBA Live 10....other than that, I'm sure stronger polishing of all aspects of the game will help make it another KO title!!! #2k12 OH AND PUT MJ BACK ON THE COVER!!!
# 12 Jakeness23 @ 06/14/11 03:52 PM
I definitely think they can. 2K11 was great, but there is still some areas for improvement, and I believe that they will address them and WOW all of us again.
# 13 TreyIM2 @ 06/14/11 04:03 PM
Personally, I voted leaning yes because the game is just not that fun[b]TO ME (had to cap and bold that for those who think just becuz they and/or many others like something, those who don't upset them) and needs a nice helping of gameplay and control improvement and/or innovations.

From a presentation and icing p.o.v. they've done a whole heap and they've done a wonderful job with it yet, while I've said all this before, I'm not that big of an icing guy. Cake is where I focus and would prefer half the presentation if the cake matched up.
# 14 pabryant @ 06/14/11 04:29 PM
Yes, there is plenty of room for 2K12 to be a MUCH more enjoyable game than 2K11. In the brilliance of 2k11, most of us have forgotten that 2K11's online components are sub-par relative to its competition,... NHL, FIFA for instance. There is NO online franchise,... NONE. There is a lot of work still to be done.
# 15 ybtherockstar @ 06/14/11 04:34 PM
Im slightly leaning towards no until more info comes out but i certainly hope that they can top 2k12.
# 16 jfsolo @ 06/14/11 04:45 PM
I think it will sell a lot less, and get lower ratings, but be a much better game.

1. Realistic defensive rotation without the feeling that the animations sped up just to get a defender to a location.
2. Fisher doubles Wade in the corner leaving Chalmers open. They don't respect Chalmers lol!
3. Gasol fronts the post realistically. Bosh manages to get in front of Gasol for positioning then receives the pass from Wade. Post play looks to be improved.
4. Notice how Fisher actually was about to rotate down to Bosh in the post as soon as Bosh received the pass, but Bosh passed the ball quickly back out to Chalmers so he goes back to his man Chalmers.
5. When Chalmers was trying to penetrate notice how Gasol left Bosh open to protect the paint from the Chalmers penetration. At the same time Kobe switches off Wade to help out on Bosh who would be open wow. They are helping out the helper on defense. Even Bynum has rotated from Joell Anthony to help out Bryant since Anthony is no threat from the perimeter and Bosh may have a missmatch.
6. Chalmers passes to Wade who drains the three as Fisher had to play two players on the wing had to pick his poison Chalmers or Wade lol.
7. When the ball is in the air from the Wade shot notice how Gasol is boxing out arms extended and everything also Bynum too man!
This post by stillfeelme and commented on by Da_Czar based on the short E3 clip we saw, already speaks to a solid improvement in the gameplay in a build that is probably from May

The Jordan cover/modes coupled with the collapse of EA's game, create what was probably a perfect storm for unprecedented sales for an NBA game. I'm not sure that it can ever be equaled or topped, even though they will continue to make the game better and better going forward.
# 17 minelevation @ 06/14/11 05:21 PM
Visual Concepts since this series started on Dream Cast has always pushed the game to new heights each year with NBA 2K. I know it is a bunch of new fans jumping on the NBA 2k bandwagon but for the fans that have been with 2K since the beginning we know what we will get with NBA 2K12. Visual Concepts does not want to hold back on realism with their sports titles... 2K always had the best representation of NBA and NFL games in my opinion. 2K Sports cares about the consumer that purchases its product year after year i do not complain about anything they do Unlike Ea sports but that's another conversation
# 18 elgreazy1 @ 06/14/11 05:53 PM
I think in terms of gameplay, AI, physics, etc things can always be improved and that's for any game. But in this case, I don't think so, the MJ inclusion, all the modes associated with him, and the hype and publicity it got the game probably won't be matched for quite some time. But this isn't a bad thing. 2K knew what they were doing: packaging a great product with scorching hot publicity... if only they did the same with their other (now defunked) sports franchises.
# 19 tril @ 06/14/11 07:31 PM
I think 2k12 will have slight improvements. There are so many features that have yet to be incorporated into the game.
-I think theyll add dynamic passing in 2k12.
-a more customizable my player feature.-
-better more robust AI trade logic in association mode- all the feaures are in the game already they just have to be enhanced.
-in addidtion they can always add new tendencies into the player attributes, which I believe they showcased at this years E3, with the defensive rotations.
Player tendencies are limitless and IM sure they have a new set of attributes to implement.
.after watchingg this years playoffs, Im sure the developers have come up with a number of ideas and features to implement into 2k12. if not in 2k12 then in 2k13.
# 20 BigD @ 06/14/11 07:55 PM
I bought 2k11 simply because Jordan was in it. If he hadn't been in it I would not have purchased it. 2k11 is the first BB game I've bought this century because of the throwback teams and MJ. If Jordan is not in 2k12, I highly doubt I will buy it.

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