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Forbes has just posted an interview with Chris Erb, VP Brand Marketing at EA Sports, as they talk about their growth on Facebook and upcoming EA Sports retail stores.

"As pervasive as digital is, thereís still an offline component to acquiring new customers that remains important. Our approach is to be creative and innovative with whatever weíre doing offline, and ensure that it connects with our digital strategies. For example, we just started construction on our first North American EA SPORTS retail store, which will open this fall in the Charlotte, NC, airport. It is the first of what we hope to be at least three new retail stores to open in the next year, and itís a place people will be able to interact and buy their favorite EA SPORTS games. As we look to expand the overall sports game audience, itís important for us to create environments for people to get their hands on our products and experience how much interactive sports experiences have evolved over the past few years."

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# 1 GrandMaster B @ 06/14/11 05:16 PM
Yeah because we all want to buy a EA Sports game before we get on or after we get off an airplane. I can't see that place staying open long. Maybe in a busy airport.
# 2 flyinryan @ 06/15/11 11:25 AM
Any word on whether or not buying a returned hoodie will cost an extra $10 to be able to pull the hood up when it's raining?
# 3 GaryT531 @ 06/15/11 11:59 AM
Any word on an admission fee upon entrance of the store?
# 4 malachijohn666 @ 06/15/11 12:08 PM
lol flyinryan!
# 5 WreckEmTech @ 06/15/11 01:15 PM
oh boy. this was begging for some sarcasm. haha.

I could see this potentially working out maybe if put in the right areas. People do like sports games. These stores could maybe have an impact on how fast people get to hear about games. They don't always care about information concerning EA games. So now a store can help.

Plus people love shirts.

Or.... it could fail miserably, but I do kinda hope there's one near me.
# 6 sportznut02 @ 06/15/11 03:39 PM
This sounds like a pretty cool idea to me. Hopefully one opens up around Ohio sometime soon, I`d love to check the store out.
# 7 meir21 @ 06/21/11 04:57 PM
great idea
# 8 matt8204 @ 06/23/11 11:45 AM
Cool idea, but I can't help but wonder how much better their games could be if they took the money/resources they're spending on this and put them back into their sports titles.
# 9 Tycobbler @ 06/29/11 07:36 AM
Drop the price of games like America is reducing wages and you might have something. Otherwise no thank you!
# 10 GeneralMike @ 07/03/11 12:37 AM
Its a decent idea in theory, but when I want a game I usually just go to Best Buy because of their Reward Zone program, or Gamestop if they have a better preorder bonus than Best Buy. I'm not going to go to a specific EA sports store unless it was the only place I could get certain games.
# 11 HowardF @ 07/12/11 05:10 AM
This is great!
# 12 ajs41072 @ 08/08/11 06:40 PM
I think an airport is a good idea for a store like this. If you have flight delays, you can go to the EA Store and play FIFA or something. I can't see many sales at a store like this, but it'll be a good time killer for people stuck in airports.
# 13 13whitebread @ 08/10/11 11:15 AM
Maybe this would work in all sport cities that have all 4 major sports like Football, Basketball, Baseball and Hockey. New York, Chicago, Boston, and Detroit. Just to name a few. Then every year I only have enough money to get maybe two sports title because of the economy. So that means only 2 trips to the store not a lot. But maybe they would sell clothing knowing ea sports it would be overpriced. But don't they need to release a Basketball game equivalent to NBA2K series that will be a tall order. Well good luck EA sorts you' ll need it.
# 14 ajs41072 @ 08/10/11 04:22 PM
Originally Posted by derektown
good luck EA sorts you' ll need it.
That always reminds me of Smash TV.
# 15 BballGuru56 @ 09/04/11 02:46 PM
If EA sports has NBA 2k12 for sale I'm down
# 16 Raven Nation42 @ 09/05/11 02:27 AM
If one opens in MD, I'd go and check it out
# 17 yanhiu @ 09/20/11 11:51 PM
I could see this potentially working out maybe if put in the right areas. People do like sports games. I think so...
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# 18 tracymicgredy @ 10/17/11 10:05 AM
So focus on its games, not the offline products.
# 19 eagle16 @ 10/18/11 09:29 AM
Hello everybody,
I love to ply EA Sport game because his HD picture is amazing...I think in all over the world EA Sport is the big game company....
# 20 LivingLegend @ 10/22/11 03:46 AM
That's actually kind of neat when you think about it. The potential for EA to be a trendsetter for other developers here is pretty high.

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