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Got a Dynamic Player Performance question that you'd like to have answered? Join us tomorrow at 2pm EST for a LIVE CHAT with Madden NFL 12 Ratings Czar Donny Moore and Designer Wes Reinhart! Sign-up for an email REMINDER NOW!

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# 1 iva-chargers-fan @ 06/15/11 12:44 PM
First!!! Sounds cool
# 2 Droopy03 @ 06/15/11 01:13 PM
These are worthless and only answer questions that we already know
# 3 guaps @ 06/15/11 03:27 PM
I actually think the podcasts that Ian initiated would be a much better way to interact with the community, especially since the developers can talk about the features now. They could have people submit questions via facebook or twitter and just have a dynamic conversation based on the questions and perhaps talk about some of the small, but important, things that hasn't mentioned in the previews yet.

Alternatively, I also like the NCAA 12 live gameplay and Q&A that IGN did last month. Nice way to see the game and get introduced to some of the features.
# 4 at23steelers @ 06/15/11 03:50 PM
Originally Posted by ScriptOhio
Strange how a group of people on here complain that the devs dont interact with them enough... but when they do we get comments like the one above.
You have to understand where he is coming from though. I am not sure if you saw the last chat or not, but the questions there were very vague or lacked anything that was worth hearing an answer to. For example, the guy answered a question: Will we be able to throw INT's this year? or What is your favorite feature in madden? or What is new online? and he responded with we can't answer that question, which is fine but he answered this question like 3 times.

I saw many people post very valid questions still not answered. One of mine were: How has the commentary improved and what % was done for E3? A few people asked about the sim quarter length in franchise mode being adjusted or how does the edge rush button presnap compare to the pass button presnap. Honestly, who do you think is mostly on the chat? Hardcore fans. So it is wasting their time, since all the questions posted, the casual kids who asked the questions could have read in one of the blogs posted or in the videos EA posted. So, since "us," as people who follow everything EA posts and have them answer to the casual crowd questions, which are answers easily looked up on google or in a blog compared to good questions not asked yet is pointless and inexcusable.
# 5 TreFacTor @ 06/15/11 06:06 PM
Originally Posted by Droopy03
These are worthless and only answer questions that we already know
No one ever asks the hard questions like why are the animations so over used or why can the QB strafe faster than running backs at full sprint...instead we get interviewers asking the same five questions about the already released information and bullet points. E3 was no different. The hype machine is in rare form for M12 though so we can expect business as usual for next year as well .
# 6 Nature_Boy @ 06/16/11 08:59 AM
*PLEASE NOTE* The Madden NFL 12 Dynamic Player Performance LIVE CHAT will NOW begin at 1:30pm ET.

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