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Check out the new Madden NFL 12 videos from MaddenMatrix. Some of you may know him as Doc Digital or MadScientist06. Embedded 2 videos here, just head on over to MaddenMatrix or his Youtube page to view them all.

If you can't view the embedded video, click here.

If you can't view the embedded video, click here.

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Madden NFL 12 Videos
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# 1 Reggie16 @ 06/15/11 08:25 PM
# 2 khaliib @ 06/15/11 09:06 PM
Liked alot of things in the Madden game this year.

I wish collisions were a little more violent upon contact instead of the 2-step dance that is still there.
Especially with pulling G's, Fullbacks and on KR/PR.

Would also like them to tune RB's legs to fight a little more through contact instead of the Dead-legs.
IDK, maybe it's part of the Traits.

Will be a hard decision between Madden and NCAA this year as I can't afford both.
# 3 kbomb1upc @ 06/15/11 09:17 PM
Man I love those uniforms. Greatest show on turf baby...

P.S. These guys are HORRIBLE... But the game looks great.
# 4 PVarck31 @ 06/15/11 11:10 PM
I thought the vids looked great. It was driving me nuts when one of the guys on defense kept taking control of one of LB's and blitzing when he should have been in zone. Just don't get why people play that way.
# 5 Spanky @ 06/15/11 11:21 PM
Check out the 32-second mark of the third video. That cheerleader, tell me that's not a cross between Christina Ricci and Chucky.
# 6 DirtyJerz32 @ 06/15/11 11:23 PM
Maybe it's the vids, but everything seems to be a fast motion. I'll definitely be using the slow or very slow gameplay speed.

I agree with you guys, these knuckleheads are bad.

# 7 PSRusse83 @ 06/15/11 11:26 PM
Id like a little less crazy legs. PS2 had good turn rates without all of this crazy lean side to side running. It just looks supernatural. The game itself however is looking really good. On a purely aesthetic note I wish they would get the nameplates the right size.
# 8 cp22 @ 06/15/11 11:28 PM
The defense looks really good on the cross routes. The defenders really stick to their man.
# 9 PSRusse83 @ 06/15/11 11:46 PM
Originally Posted by Spanky
Check out the 32-second mark of the third video. That cheerleader, tell me that's not a cross between Christina Ricci and Chucky.
Seriously its always gotta be something. Its like they used a head scan of Jon Gruden for that cheerleader.
# 10 SteelerSpartan @ 06/16/11 12:59 AM
In Part 3...at 4:03

Until we get a revamped Qb scramble mechanic.....

Roethlisberger should get these shrug animations a lot......it should a B**** to bring him down

Its ticked me off to no end that Ben has been deprived of his greatest strength in Madden for so long
# 11 Tweeg @ 06/16/11 01:09 AM
Looks good, but way too fast.
# 12 OOMPCAMP404 @ 06/16/11 01:50 AM
I love Madden but how do you guys not see that this is the exact same game from last year? It makes me mad because I've seen the developers playing this game acting like its new, but it's not. For example, the same commentary in both games! NCAA 12 still says ITS A BOOMING KICK on kickoff. That was from 2007. It's old. I'm sure Madden will get a tiny update on commentary though. They need some hardcore football fans/game developers to take over.

The new running mechanics and tackling engine is decent.
# 13 bigeastbumrush @ 06/16/11 07:23 AM
Im gonna stop watching Madden vids. Can't wait to get my hands on this game.
# 14 PH1LLYSFINEST13 @ 06/16/11 07:33 AM
The only thing I saw that i wasnt pleased with is in the 1st video at about the 5:10 mark , On the punt return , The guy is making cuts left and right so sharp and he isnt slowing down at all. Now granted I know none of my friends or myself will be making moves like this but there will definitely be some guys online doing it. Nobody can cut that hard that fast and not lose a bit of speed or momentum. Other than that I am pleased with a lot of other things I am seeing.
# 15 BezO @ 06/16/11 10:27 AM
Defensive assignments need to be completely reworked.

D-lineman are still programmed to head towards the o-lineman assigned to block them. 3:30 of the 1st vid, offense runs off tackle left but the d-line goes the opposite way to line up perfectly with the offensive blocking assignments. Instead, they should be reading or playing a gap.

Same play, no defender attempts to contain the play. I'm seeing this on every outside run... if the OLB or DE doesn't win his match-up, the RB easily turns the corner and is one on one with a DB. The lack of engaged player mobility contributes to this problem as well.

Special teams needs a lot of work as too. They still haven't animated double team blocks on the gunners for punts. The CBs running back to form a wedge looks ridiculous.
# 16 toast24 @ 06/16/11 10:50 AM
I don't know if this makes a difference but I'm pretty sure the E3 build was an old build of the game. Maybe some of the concerns have been addressed and tweaked.
# 17 BigRick47 @ 06/16/11 11:22 AM
Originally Posted by bigeastbumrush
Im gonna stop watching Madden vids. Can't wait to get my hands on this game.
I feel the same way! I've probably watched too many already, but I want to be surprised and see new things while playing and watching the videos is kind of spoiling the fun it will be seeing all the new implementations!
# 18 dougdeuce @ 06/16/11 11:42 AM
LOVED the missed extra point in the second vid. Wish it wouldn't have been wide by 30 yards though, but I'm glad they can be missed. Hopefully kicking is difficult this year.
# 19 mirrored32 @ 06/16/11 11:56 AM
the real question is how does the computer choose whom is announced running out of the tunnel? what if 20 years into a franchise, do they not do that anymore or do they announce the new guy?
# 20 Skyliner80 @ 06/16/11 12:06 PM
Hope they add 'random' clips to the half-time highlights. Presentation has improved!

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