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# 1 Mike Smoove @ 06/17/11 08:48 PM
looks good, would love to see this tech in Madden 13.
# 2 SmittyD81 @ 06/18/11 06:34 AM
Couldn't agree with you more on that point
# 3 AJP @ 06/18/11 07:46 AM
I wish this was in Madden too, it would make the game soooo much better.
# 4 JJT @ 06/18/11 06:35 PM
Madden needs 5 more years to get on fifas level. Love this and cant wait!!
# 5 BaylorBearBryant @ 06/18/11 10:51 PM
This would be good for any game with a lot of collisions. Madden, NCAA, NHL, etc.
# 6 blarg. @ 06/19/11 01:12 AM
dang, that video was impressive. the new engine looks insane! its almost getting to the point that i wont be able to tell the game from live action
# 7 Smokey @ 06/19/11 02:43 AM
This game looks ridiculous.
# 8 TheTodd84 @ 06/19/11 08:55 AM
This game look so awesome. I don't have words to describe this game. First-day buy for sure. As it has been said before... this tech needs to be in other EA games, NCAA, Madden, NHL. If this was, those games would be infinitely better. I guess we can all dream. Either way, it looks as if, once football season is over, NCAA and Madden will be traded in and FIFA will be the game to play. We will see, but that's how it is looking now. Cannot wait for this game.
# 9 BezO @ 06/20/11 12:08 PM
Man, that looks smooth!

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