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Check out the NBA 2K11 (PC) video, created by aloncho11 and Hawks Phan, featuring 1992 rosters.

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# 1 sportjames23 @ 06/20/11 06:55 AM
Damn, that was nice.
# 2 CatMan72 @ 06/20/11 07:26 AM
Man... Larry Johnson, it still hurts.
# 3 STLRams @ 06/20/11 08:19 AM
Now that was good! Makes me want to edit my 2K11 rosters and create some more classic teams and players. I really hope we will still have Jordan and the classic teams in NBA2K12.
# 4 aloncho11 @ 06/20/11 11:31 AM
Hopefully...That's all I'm wishing for because we already know the gameplay is going to be vastly improved.
# 5 23 @ 06/20/11 12:06 PM
Nice man, real nice.. just wish the 360 could do that
# 6 aloncho11 @ 06/20/11 12:34 PM
Thanks a lot 23!
# 7 antixnette @ 06/20/11 12:42 PM
Real dope video.
# 8 ybtherockstar @ 06/20/11 01:04 PM
Awesome video. Im still waiting for the 360 to look like that lol. And we better have MJ back for 2k12...we just better.
# 9 DJ @ 06/20/11 01:05 PM
Sweet video. Those PC mods are really cool; I wish I had a CPU that was capable of running this game.

Like 23 said, I wish the 360 version was capable of doing this; we have GREAT rosters on the 360 and the Hex Editor has helped a bit, but it'd still be nice to have all of these old-school features for editing available to us.
# 10 FroznYogurt @ 06/20/11 01:05 PM
Great job!
# 11 Rwings832 @ 06/20/11 01:56 PM
This looks really good, when are you looking to roll this out? I applaud you for all your hard work and dedication.
# 12 aloncho11 @ 06/20/11 02:16 PM
Originally Posted by FroznYogurt
Great job!
Originally Posted by Rwings832
This looks really good, when are you looking to roll this out? I applaud you for all your hard work and dedication.
Thank you! There's no release date yet, but it should be ready in less than a month aproximately.
# 13 cjallure24 @ 06/20/11 03:19 PM
Oh Boy, I can't wait to playthis mod. I have literally watched that video 20 time lol.
# 14 DaveDQ @ 06/20/11 05:13 PM
Excellent. Stuff like this is great.
# 15 mkharsh33 @ 06/20/11 05:20 PM
Nicely done...one of my all-time favorite seasons in the NBA. Was a blending of the late 80's greatness transitioning into the early 90's. Good stuff! (The clarity of the images amazes me)...
# 16 Drewski @ 06/20/11 05:25 PM
Wow, that was not only sick, but eye opening. Never realized how vastly superior the PC version is.
# 17 GaryT531 @ 06/20/11 06:16 PM
what made you guys decide on creating 1992 again like last year? just wondering. thanks
# 18 aloncho11 @ 06/20/11 07:41 PM
To put it in a few words...we missed it, and found a new way to work, in order that it didn't become too much of a heavy load for us.
# 19 youvalss @ 06/20/11 08:08 PM
Early 90's NBA FTW!!!!!!! Awesome mod!
# 20 Tha_BlacKnight @ 06/20/11 08:43 PM
That vid brought back a lot of memories! love it!!!!

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