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Who is your winner of this year's MLB Grudge Match? Did you like MLB 2K or The Show More? Let us know by voting on your right on the frontpage and above you in the forums!

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# 1 Caulfield @ 06/22/11 04:31 PM
voted Show
i like MLB2K but i think even they have conceded to The Show, they just did a price drop down to $39, Show is still holding steady at $59
# 2 jeffy777 @ 06/22/11 04:46 PM
I prefer 2K11 on PC. It's much better than the 360/PS3 versions and really deserves it's own review. I like The Show too, but I'd rather play 2K11 on PC if I have to choose just one.
# 3 anpc @ 06/22/11 05:02 PM
2K11 for both PC and PS3,couldn't play much of Show,only played demo couple of times...
# 4 Eski33 @ 06/22/11 05:11 PM
The Show by miles. Player animations and physics make this game look pretty. Online is suspect but the game doesnt disappoint for those that love a more simulated style.
# 5 jack1535 @ 06/22/11 05:25 PM
I think MLB the Show is better AT THE MOMENT! But in two years 2k could be just as good.

From what I heard though 2K's online is a lot better than the Show's.
# 6 tbone118 @ 06/22/11 05:48 PM
MLB Bobblehead Pros will be but for now its The Show
# 7 Yankees_CT @ 06/22/11 05:53 PM
I have both consoles but choose to play The Show. To me it just feels like a better overall experience in every regard other then commentary. I have 2k11 on PC so I have a baseball game when I travel and it definitely is enjoyable as well. But The Show, to me anyway, is on another level.
# 8 UMhester04 @ 06/22/11 06:42 PM
I can't believe you guys like 2k11 better than the show. I bought a ps3 for the show alone this game literally blows 2k11 out of the water in every category. The only thing I liked about the 2k series was the scouting points so you could scout an opposing team before you play them, thats it.
# 9 8 @ 06/22/11 07:07 PM
The show. People buy PS3's just to play this game, i don't think the same could be said for 2K11.
# 10 statum71 @ 06/22/11 07:16 PM
I like 2K's presentation a ton. And they did make an improved game this year. But The Show is on another level.

Kinda like Dirk Nowitzki compared to Larry Bird: Dirk's my guy...he's alot better...and won the title....but he ain't Bird, period.
# 11 MoutonDocile @ 06/22/11 08:05 PM
I'm having more fun with 2k11. So 2k11 for me.
# 12 sarlndr @ 06/22/11 08:13 PM
The Show is super hyped every year and there is a good reason why. I'm not really a baseball guy but I saw the game on sale for $25 and even I couldn't pass it up for that price. So far I'm really enjoying RTTS mode. I can jump in and jump out of a game in a matter of minutes, which for me is perfect.

While it's a very good game, there are some things that could be improved upon. Nothing that is game breaking or major but they can improve there product. There are some funky running animations, and when playing the outfield and trying to turn around is kinda wonky.

My main gripe is with the same old commentary that was in the game the last time I purchased The Show back in '09. If the commentary has been updated since then it has been minimal. They need to start from scratch and have a do over. Put somebody in the booth who is recognizable and can draw you into the game. As it stands now it's repetitive and stale.

The Show > 2K11
# 13 bukktown @ 06/22/11 08:22 PM
The Show was already twice the game that mlb 2k was prior to this year. But this year the gap is even wider. Four words: Challenge Of The Week!
# 14 DJ @ 06/22/11 08:26 PM
I own both games, so I feel comfortable in saying that MLB 11 The Show is the winner, and by a fairly wide gap.
# 15 UMhester04 @ 06/22/11 08:59 PM
The Show 11 could arguably be the best sports game of all time IMO
# 16 DJ @ 06/22/11 09:01 PM
Originally Posted by JustOpinions
why is this in a poll i mean really its not even close and its not even that 2k11 is a bad game its not but i mean c'mon
Yeah, I am with you in regards to 2K11. Looking at my first post it makes it seem as though 2K11 is a pile of rubbish. It certainly is not. BUT, it does have a LONG way to go in order to be on the level of The Show. 2K11 is fun and a nice change of pace from The Show, and I LOVE MLB Today, so the game does have a lot going for it. I hope 2K continues to build from this base.
# 17 The Bimmer @ 06/22/11 09:04 PM
As a fan of The Show the last 4 yrs, and after playing 2K11 this year, I give 2K11 the nod. For me it simply comes down to how realistic did the game play(feel)after 9 innings. 2K11 wins this by a mile imo. I know there isnt any scripted stuff (never bought into this therory), however The Show has a knack for making it feel like there is. Plus I never got into Franchise mode playing The Show, like I do with 2K11. I got bored after 50 games in The Shows franchise mode.
# 18 bkrich83 @ 06/22/11 09:13 PM
For me it's The Show and it's nt even a contest. IMO The Show is light years ahead.

Now that's not to say 2k11 is a bad game because it isn't. It's made huge strides in the past couple of years. The presentation is top notch and I simply love the MLB Today feature.

I play the Show for franchise and 2k for MLB Today and for a change of pace. All my baseball needs are taken care of.
# 19 HustlinOwl @ 06/22/11 10:12 PM
The show by a mile, hey 2k use that 2million for a perfect game gimmick and improve your product
# 20 BleacherBum2310 @ 06/22/11 10:29 PM
I got both. But it's no contest... Show by a mile.

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