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Back by popular demand!

In case you don't realize, the thread we all helped out on for NBA 2k11 was certainly used in fine tuning some details for the game. Let's get this party started for NBA 2k12.

Some rules:

This thread will focus on things such as the following:

Player Faces
Player Accessories
Jersey Mistakes

Let's keep the topic focused in these areas. Compiling this information only benefits us.

Now to start and expand on something 2k added this year:

Buzzer beaters
There has to be better emotion out of things like this. You can see 2k put in a variety of fist pump animations and such and it was a great start. Before that, 2k10 had a rare few, including this one:

If you can't view the embedded video, click here. (SIDE NOTE: PLEASE have someone look at the flash player for your site. Embedding videos does not work with the code provided and you get the gray box as seen above)

We need more like this with players running to the other side of the court with the number one finger up or running and stopping and staring at the crowd.

Here is a GREAT reference video.

If you can't view the embedded video, click here.


Add yours and we'll put them all in this post.

Player Specific
- Body Types - There need to be more body types in the game. Players like Duncan, Pierce and Glenn Big Baby Davis just don't look right chiseled. Examples:
Wiry - Skinny and long - Tayshaun Prince, Kevin Durant, George Hill
Normal - Undefined muscles - Tim Duncan, Paul Pierce, Anderson Varejao, Samuel Dalembert
Muscular - Very defined - Dwight Howard
Hefty - Big and bulky, a little "chunky" - Glenn Davis, DeJuan Blair

-Player faces in need of updates: Carmelo Anthony, Danny Granger, Matt Bonner, Andrew Bynum, George Hill, Andray Blatche, Javale McGee, Deron Williams, James Harden, Kendrick Perkins, Carlos Boozer, Bill Walker, Wilson Chandler, Joakim Noah, Luol Deng is bald, Andrew Bogut, Monta Ellis, Nick Young, Andrea Bargnani, David Lee,

Carlos Boozer - Signature motion after dunk, scream and head bob up/down
Wesley Matthews - Signature taunt after a three.

Tatoos - Wilson Chandler is in DIRE need of an update. References: 1, 2, 3, 4

Signature Shots - Bargnani and Calderon were changed by the 2k Insider over the course of the season to a better shot. PLEASE don't change it back to their sig's, which were actually off.

-Calf Sleeves - Half size and Full size (There is a SLIGHT difference here. At first they look the same but HALF doesn't reach ankle and FULL does.) Don't forget the sleeve pads.
-Small Knee Pads
-BIG Knee braces - As seen on Duncan and Bosh.
-Adidas license - Especially Dwight Howards double arm braces. (We know it's a license issue - but get it anyway. )
-Elbow Bands - You have them below the elbow (probably b/c of graphical glitches). They go on the elbow. One thing you can do is take the arm sleeves and modify that. Less work and solves the problem quickly.
-Player warm up jackets - Randomly add them to players that come back to the bench after playing.
-Mouth guards
-Head bands - be able to position logo (front, angled L/R, Back) The NBA should be ok with this. If possible, try to sneak in upside down as well.
-Baller Bands - able to select two different colors
-Please make accessories specific to player's in-game injuries (SimBaller - this may require your help! )
-Oakley Goggles

-Higher Res. shoes, please!
-Add more of 'em. 'nuff said. Even if it is through DLC!
Nike - Kobe Zoom 5/6, KD2/3, Air Max Fly By, Flight Lite 2010, Huarache 2010, Sharkley,
Adidas - Pro Model 2010, Infiltrate, Super Beast, Adizero Rose 1.5, Speedcut, Atitude MC's
Converse - EB3

Arena Specific
-Camera Angles! Create a camera angle setting called "Arena" and make it specific to that arena. Don't think your customers can't handle a slight change in angle - we can!
-New Orleans - Benches are reversed; Home is on the left, Visiting on the right (if you are facing the scorer's table)
-Verizon Center: Please fix the arena lighting. You guys have them playing in lights out lighting, and it's not the correct lighting used when watching their games on TV. The crowd should be very visible and the court lighting should be much brighter. The lighting you had in 2k10 was correct.
-Staples Center: Not dark enough on the crowd.
-MSG was very well done!
-Staples Center (Clippers) - Red needs to be more red. Looks more pinkish than red.
-Oracle Arena (Warriors) - Colors are off, especially the blue. Real life vs. In game.
-America Airlines Arena (Heat)

-Nets logo must be larger on the front (as opposed to this).
-The Raptors jerseys all have the maple leaf above the name on the back of the jersey now. In 2k11 it still only had the leaf on the black alternates. Ref. 1, 2, 3.

-Pre-game shootaround in warmups
-Different gear on players during pre-game intro (Beats headphones, backpack, non-suit attire)
-Injury cut scene to the "tunnel"
-Injured players should get helped by at least one or two other teammates, not back away.
-Have the CPU send players to the scorers table for substitutions ... they always seem to run on the court in between FT's or during TO's.
-Different jersey fittings (tight, regular, loose)
-Accessory color selection right before tip-off (for players that wear "team specific" gear)
-Post game interview? Can make it just a cut scene as the announcers wrap up the game.
-Crowds wearing team-specific jerseys.
-Arena court "scuffs" as the season progresses.
-Players falling into fans and interacting with them
-Fans catching the ball and throwing it back when it goes out of bounds
-News from around the league during gameplay
-Other scores and stats from different games showing up in a ticker!
-CAP Tattoos need to be updated: Options for a sleeve, etc.
-Clear the bench on a game winner!

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Member Comments
# 1 J_Posse @ 06/25/11 12:13 PM
I'll get the ball rolling with a post from a similar thread in February:

VC definitely made some strides in the graphical department in 2K11, like adding padded arm-sleeves and sleeved undershirts, but more can still be done.

1. Body Types - Like other people have already mentioned, 2K needs to add more body types into the game. Guys like Duncan, Pierce and Big Baby just don't look right with chiseled frames.



Normal (Undefined)


Hefty (a.k.a. Fat or Bulky)

More can be included, but these are just examples I could think of.

2. Shoes - I don't what can really be done to bring the various shoe companies more on board. I really wish we could have great variety of shoes in the 2K series, especially when the computer players can just add them through patches or mods. Well, we console players don't have that benefit. Maybe partnering up with a big magazine publication (Sole Collector or SLAM) could help with strengthening the relationship between 2K/VC and the shoe companies. (Side-note: Adding all the Jordan's in 2K11 was a nice step forward, though.)

Examples (shoes missing in 2K11):

Kobe Zoom 5 & 6

Nike KD2 & KD3

Nike Air Max Fly By

Flight Lite 2010

Nike Huarache 2010

Nike Sharkley


Pro Model 2010


Super Beast

Adizero Rose 1.5

Speedcut XR

Attitude MC's



(Note: Some of these shoes weren't out at launch of 2K11, but could have been added through (free or cheaply priced) DLC.

3. Accessories - They've come close to matching what players wear on court, but still need to add and improve somethings.

Calf-sleeves (Full and half-size)

(Please, get rid of the calf-sleeve glitch already. It's been a problem since the original XBox/PS2 and needs to be resolved already.)

Small Knee Pads (to go with the one's in the game)

Bigger Knee Brace

(Note: Bosh is wearing both the bigger knee brace and the smaller sized knee pad.)

Adidas Tech-Fit Arm-Sleeve (Dwight Howard's specific arm-sleeve)

Layering and combining accessories

(Note: Jackson has a padded arm-sleeve with a wristband and ballerband.)

Longer (Padded) Knee Sleeve

That's it for now, damn that was a lot.....
# 2 LionsFanNJ @ 06/25/11 12:20 PM
Something that the Show did that i think would be great in 2k12 would be the authentic arena broadcast camera angles. Granted, you can adjust the cameras manually, but maybe add an "Authentic broadcast" camera option in addition to the others.

And something i think we all ask for every year, can we please have closer to authentic colorways in regards to the sneakers? Especially when it comes to the custom colors? add a few layers to the custom colors would be good. Plus more shoe options in general.

The previous post made the point about the accessories better than i could.
# 3 richmo @ 06/25/11 12:43 PM
^^ You pretty much hit the nail on the head. Another small thing they could add is the ability to edit the direction the logo of your headband is placed: front (LeBron), side (Average), back (Melo). Also, dual color double-rubberbands.
# 4 J_Posse @ 06/25/11 12:59 PM
Player Faces:

Danny Granger

Matt Bonner

Andrew Bynum

Kobe Bryant

George Hill

Andray Blatche

Javale McGee

Deron Williams

James Harden

(Side-note: Needs headband to be readjusted to top of forehead in 2K12.)

Kendrick Perkins
# 5 aloncho11 @ 06/25/11 01:13 PM
They need to get rid of the beefed up player models with trunk calfs (different player models like J_Posse512 mentioned) and add wigspan to players.

Also a new graphics engine is needed urgently, something like NCAA footbal 12 or MLB : The Show.

allow us to have different uniform fittings for jerseys and shorts (also length) separatedly and allow us to mix them up individually for players. Tight jerseys and shorter shorts should have less physics ingame than loose and long ones.
# 6 ybtherockstar @ 06/25/11 01:21 PM
They also need to make elbow bands actually on the elbow.

The elbow bands are just below the elbow in 2k11

In real life they are actually on the elbow. I know this is a small detail but irks sometimes.
# 7 Goffs @ 06/25/11 01:25 PM
Consign on the specific broadcast camera angles for each arena.

They did a great job with specific arena sounds and I hope that they push it further this year! Knicks chant with that guy "when I say D you say fence!"

Need lanky players to look lanky (Durant)...with this they also need different legs sizes for players..
# 8 youvalss @ 06/25/11 01:27 PM
I like this thread a lot. Yet, according to the past, when it comes to player appearance, it wouldn't be a big surprise if only faces and maybe some shoes will change. Accessories are dead for 2K.
# 9 aloncho11 @ 06/25/11 01:30 PM
Originally Posted by ybtherockstar
They also need to make elbow bands actually on the elbow.

The elbow bands are just below the elbow in 2k11

In real life they are actually on the elbow. I know this is a small detail but irks sometimes.
You read my mind. I was going to post about that too

The forearm band it's ok, since it isfore the forearm, but they do need to add the option for player to wear forearm bands on their elbows. Think about players like Kobe, Garnett, MJ, Pippen...Better of I would assign a slider to position all kinds of bands at any height of the arm
# 10 J_Posse @ 06/25/11 01:43 PM
Hey, why don't some PC gamers post in this thread showing some of the modding done. The devs can see what we're asking for actually represented in the game.

Sent from my M860
# 11 youvalss @ 06/25/11 01:46 PM
I'm sure devs have seen it dozens of times, and it's been all over wishlist threads for years. It's not that they don't know what it looks like. That's all I can say.
# 12 DemiGodzillla @ 06/25/11 01:47 PM
I'd like to be able to "slide" accessories on whatever body part you're putting it on. For instance I'd like to be able to put on an elbow pad sleeve and slide it up the arm a little bit so you can still see the wrist bands.
# 13 Maxflier @ 06/25/11 01:47 PM
They need to fix the home and visitor benches for the New Orleans Arena. If you are facing the scorers table the visiting bench is on the right side, not the Hornets.
# 14 Yeah...THAT Guy @ 06/25/11 01:48 PM
Not sure if this falls into this category or not, but I think 2k needs to find a way to include varying wingspans in this game. For example, a guy like George Hill that's only 6'2" but can guard some SFs because his arms are like something you'd see on Inspector Gadget.
# 15 DemiGodzillla @ 06/25/11 01:49 PM
Originally Posted by Yeah...THAT Guy
Not sure if this falls into this category or not, but I think 2k needs to find a way to include varying wingspans in this game. For example, a guy like George Hill that's only 6'2" but can guard some SFs because his arms are like something you'd see on Inspector Gadget.
This, and like you said it should actually have specific instances where it comes into play, it's not enough to just make them have longer arms, it should come into play when guarding larger players on the perimeter, rebounding etc.
# 16 illwill10 @ 06/25/11 01:49 PM
Originally Posted by Yeah...THAT Guy
Not sure if this falls into this category or not, but I think 2k needs to find a way to include varying wingspans in this game. For example, a guy like George Hill that's only 6'2" but can guard some SFs because his arms are like something you'd see on Inspector Gadget.
I would love to see some wingspans editor
# 17 Colts18 @ 06/25/11 01:53 PM
Players are just too damn muscular across the board.
# 18 DemiGodzillla @ 06/25/11 01:58 PM
I'd also like some "injury specific" accessories, finger sleeves, knee/ankle braces etc. Maybe some that could even "boost" your recovery along slightly like Jordan shoes?
# 19 Basketball GURU @ 06/25/11 02:01 PM
player face that need fix:

add the beard, speaking of beards James Harden beard needs to make into 2k12 lol.

Player models needs to be fix, James Harden had one of the worse player model in the game, add wingspan, make the models less bulky.
# 20 J_Posse @ 06/25/11 02:02 PM
Maybe for 2K12, but wingspan is definitely not in 2K11. Bill Walker of the Knicks really needs a new cyberface, he looks like a troll or frog in 2K11. Adding wrist tape/wrist brace to the accessories would also be cool.

(Will post photos later.)

Sent from my M860

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