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Back by popular demand!

In case you don't realize, the thread we all helped out on for NBA 2k11 was certainly used in fine tuning some details for the game. Let's get this party started for NBA 2k12.

Some rules:

This thread will focus on things such as the following:

Player Faces
Player Accessories
Jersey Mistakes

Let's keep the topic focused in these areas. Compiling this information only benefits us.

Now to start and expand on something 2k added this year:

Buzzer beaters
There has to be better emotion out of things like this. You can see 2k put in a variety of fist pump animations and such and it was a great start. Before that, 2k10 had a rare few, including this one:

If you can't view the embedded video, click here. (SIDE NOTE: PLEASE have someone look at the flash player for your site. Embedding videos does not work with the code provided and you get the gray box as seen above)

We need more like this with players running to the other side of the court with the number one finger up or running and stopping and staring at the crowd.

Here is a GREAT reference video.

If you can't view the embedded video, click here.


Add yours and we'll put them all in this post.

Player Specific
- Body Types - There need to be more body types in the game. Players like Duncan, Pierce and Glenn Big Baby Davis just don't look right chiseled. Examples:
Wiry - Skinny and long - Tayshaun Prince, Kevin Durant, George Hill
Normal - Undefined muscles - Tim Duncan, Paul Pierce, Anderson Varejao, Samuel Dalembert
Muscular - Very defined - Dwight Howard
Hefty - Big and bulky, a little "chunky" - Glenn Davis, DeJuan Blair

-Player faces in need of updates: Carmelo Anthony, Danny Granger, Matt Bonner, Andrew Bynum, George Hill, Andray Blatche, Javale McGee, Deron Williams, James Harden, Kendrick Perkins, Carlos Boozer, Bill Walker, Wilson Chandler, Joakim Noah, Luol Deng is bald, Andrew Bogut, Monta Ellis, Nick Young, Andrea Bargnani, David Lee,

Carlos Boozer - Signature motion after dunk, scream and head bob up/down
Wesley Matthews - Signature taunt after a three.

Tatoos - Wilson Chandler is in DIRE need of an update. References: 1, 2, 3, 4

Signature Shots - Bargnani and Calderon were changed by the 2k Insider over the course of the season to a better shot. PLEASE don't change it back to their sig's, which were actually off.

-Calf Sleeves - Half size and Full size (There is a SLIGHT difference here. At first they look the same but HALF doesn't reach ankle and FULL does.) Don't forget the sleeve pads.
-Small Knee Pads
-BIG Knee braces - As seen on Duncan and Bosh.
-Adidas license - Especially Dwight Howards double arm braces. (We know it's a license issue - but get it anyway. )
-Elbow Bands - You have them below the elbow (probably b/c of graphical glitches). They go on the elbow. One thing you can do is take the arm sleeves and modify that. Less work and solves the problem quickly.
-Player warm up jackets - Randomly add them to players that come back to the bench after playing.
-Mouth guards
-Head bands - be able to position logo (front, angled L/R, Back) The NBA should be ok with this. If possible, try to sneak in upside down as well.
-Baller Bands - able to select two different colors
-Please make accessories specific to player's in-game injuries (SimBaller - this may require your help! )
-Oakley Goggles

-Higher Res. shoes, please!
-Add more of 'em. 'nuff said. Even if it is through DLC!
Nike - Kobe Zoom 5/6, KD2/3, Air Max Fly By, Flight Lite 2010, Huarache 2010, Sharkley,
Adidas - Pro Model 2010, Infiltrate, Super Beast, Adizero Rose 1.5, Speedcut, Atitude MC's
Converse - EB3

Arena Specific
-Camera Angles! Create a camera angle setting called "Arena" and make it specific to that arena. Don't think your customers can't handle a slight change in angle - we can!
-New Orleans - Benches are reversed; Home is on the left, Visiting on the right (if you are facing the scorer's table)
-Verizon Center: Please fix the arena lighting. You guys have them playing in lights out lighting, and it's not the correct lighting used when watching their games on TV. The crowd should be very visible and the court lighting should be much brighter. The lighting you had in 2k10 was correct.
-Staples Center: Not dark enough on the crowd.
-MSG was very well done!
-Staples Center (Clippers) - Red needs to be more red. Looks more pinkish than red.
-Oracle Arena (Warriors) - Colors are off, especially the blue. Real life vs. In game.
-America Airlines Arena (Heat)

-Nets logo must be larger on the front (as opposed to this).
-The Raptors jerseys all have the maple leaf above the name on the back of the jersey now. In 2k11 it still only had the leaf on the black alternates. Ref. 1, 2, 3.

-Pre-game shootaround in warmups
-Different gear on players during pre-game intro (Beats headphones, backpack, non-suit attire)
-Injury cut scene to the "tunnel"
-Injured players should get helped by at least one or two other teammates, not back away.
-Have the CPU send players to the scorers table for substitutions ... they always seem to run on the court in between FT's or during TO's.
-Different jersey fittings (tight, regular, loose)
-Accessory color selection right before tip-off (for players that wear "team specific" gear)
-Post game interview? Can make it just a cut scene as the announcers wrap up the game.
-Crowds wearing team-specific jerseys.
-Arena court "scuffs" as the season progresses.
-Players falling into fans and interacting with them
-Fans catching the ball and throwing it back when it goes out of bounds
-News from around the league during gameplay
-Other scores and stats from different games showing up in a ticker!
-CAP Tattoos need to be updated: Options for a sleeve, etc.
-Clear the bench on a game winner!

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Member Comments
# 121 pHiLKizer @ 06/27/11 12:26 PM
Let me first start by giving credit where credit is due, NBA 2K11 is THEE greatest basketball sim ever created. Since 2K isn't anything like EA and won't repackage the same game and sell it the next year, here are some improvements I would like to see:

1. All throwback jerseys - Stop teasing us with a few here an there and some not having their home or away equivalents added. Put all the home and away jerseys a team have ever worn in the game.

2. More realistic crowd and reactions - Add more diverse people to the audience. Make the people walking up and down the stairs make up their minds and sit down or stay gone for a while. Make some celebrity look-a-likes and place them in the floor seating, i understand adding celebrities will cost so either make look-a-likes or give us an option to create-a-celebrity. Have playoff crowds such as Miami "White Hot" where everyone wears white shirts. If a team is getting blown out, have people leave the arena during the last few minutes. And this one is MOST important, please have the crowd WATCH THE BALL. The are all staring in the same direction but it doesn't feel like they are watching the action.

3. DLC - Whatever you can't fit into the game by the release date, add them as DLC such as more shoes, more jerseys, throwback courts, more dorna banners, updated commentary, etc.

4. Player cosmetic changes - During every season, we see player change their hairstyles, facial hair, and get more tattoos. Those things should be included in daily roster updates. Us PC users have the luxury of having someone from our community make a new cyberface usually the day after a change is noticed. In the roster files, you could make a space for interchangeable faces to reflect the new changes in hairstyle, facial hair, etc.

5. Cyberfaces - While we are on the topic of faces, PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME TO GET THE FACES CORRECT! For one, I don't understand how you could have a face correct one year and screw it up the next. Two, the internet provides us with several high def pictures and video to get them as accurate as possible. Moddingway.com showcase some of the best work made by PC users, it would be smart to hire some of them.

6. Injuries - I agree with what most of the people in this thread said about the injury annimations. Injured players should be helped off the court and shown being taken into the locker room. If they are well enough to come back, that annimation should be shown as well and the crowd should react appropriately. Also, if a player will be injured for an extended period of time, we should sit on the sidelines with a suit out.

Come on 2K, keep pushing to make this game do for basketball what Madden has done for football. Let's make sure NBA Live/Elite never becomes competition again.
# 122 Pared @ 06/27/11 12:56 PM
Originally Posted by pHiLKizer
A lot of what you're asking for is already in the game or already mentioned.

Just like someone mentioned to give Jason Terry the Jet animation - that's been in the game for about 2-3 years already.

Also, to everyone asking for every single throwback jersey - it's a licensing issue.
# 123 FriedLemonade @ 06/27/11 01:23 PM
i havent seen this mentioned.

dynamic hair!!!! you got dynamic jerseys why not hair?

the ball has to be less shiny/more orange

create a tattoo. make it like COD black ops emblem creator where you can add layers and then make it similar to UFC undisputed 2010 where you can place the tats anywhere on the player model (even in the face) using the slider.

shoes need to be completely redone. i know its been said but this cant be stressed enough the quality and resolution of the shoe models in this game are on par with nba 2k5
# 124 Pared @ 06/27/11 01:38 PM
That's all more of a wishlist thing.

The comment about the ball is what is perfect for this thread. Although the overall lighting is what makes the ball look like that.

It's about getting this stuff done correctly, art-wise. The shoe comment as well (already in there).

Look at the first post for an idea.
# 125 ifriedrice @ 06/27/11 01:41 PM
They could put different outfits onto the players during those press conference scenes and walking out of the bus scenes. Guys have headphones on, wear preppie outfits, flannel shirts, and backpacks in reality. Not a lot of players wear suits, let alone those old-school-looking suits that 2K has on 'em in the game.

Speaking of getting off the bus, that walking animation is really weird/awkward. They look like they're walking gingerly on some tender ankles or something.
# 126 FriedLemonade @ 06/27/11 01:42 PM
ok. how about scuff marks on the court as the season progresses? in real life courts (especially the painted area) get scuffed up/scratched as the season progresses.

would that be a wishlist item or an authenticity item?
# 127 Pared @ 06/27/11 02:34 PM
Originally Posted by ifriedrice
They could put different outfits onto the players during those press conference scenes and walking out of the bus scenes. Guys have headphones on, wear preppie outfits, flannel shirts, and backpacks in reality. Not a lot of players wear suits, let alone those old-school-looking suits that 2K has on 'em in the game.

Speaking of getting off the bus, that walking animation is really weird/awkward. They look like they're walking gingerly on some tender ankles or something.
Nice, will add to the list.

Originally Posted by FriedLemonade
ok. how about scuff marks on the court as the season progresses? in real life courts (especially the painted area) get scuffed up/scratched as the season progresses.

would that be a wishlist item or an authenticity item?
Good sug. Art based and must be done by a dev. so it goes here.
# 128 TheBadazz @ 06/27/11 03:05 PM
When it come to crowds, have some ppl wear the other team jerseys. Not every team, the traditionally popular teams. Bulls fans are everywhere, so are Lakers, Boston, New York. (I know there's more, but you get the point)

And during the playoffs, have most of the home team crowd wear the same colors. (Miami=white, Bulls=Red, OKC=Blue, so on and so on)
# 129 pHiLKizer @ 06/27/11 03:52 PM
^^^^ screw that, I need an NBA game to LOOK like umm....THE NBA!! and with that said, I would also like to see an improved halftime show. 2K9 had an empty desk. I do like the commercials for the upcoming games in 2K11 but I would like to see a desk with commentators discussing the first half and also highlights from other games around the league. How is it Lakers vs. Celtics for Sega Genesis was able to pull this off but no basketball since has done it?
# 130 Goffs @ 06/27/11 04:32 PM
2k needs to have all the missing mascots ingame...there was a thread awhile back where it showed which of the mascots were missing
# 131 jWILL253 @ 06/27/11 04:43 PM
1. The Dallas Maverick's home jersey needs to be fixed. There are white outlines around the #'s on the authentic road jersey. In 2K11, there is no outline...

2. If they're gonna include the Seattle Supersonic's 1979 Championship in the OKC Thunder's history (http://www.sonicsgate.org), then the least they could do is include the "throwback" Sonics jerseys from the 2007-2008 season.

Now that I think about it, ALL of the Sonics' throwbacks should be included.

3. One thing that would add to the atmosphere is if they had specific courts/accessories to match certain events during the NBA season, like Breast Cancer Awareness Month, playoff games, the Finals, etc. For instance, during BCAM, all players would wear pink accessories; or, in the Finals, where the court would have the Finals logo painted on the hardwood (or, they could even have the Finals trophy painted behind the center court logo).

4. Make all accessories and hairstyles dynamic. Not ever player with braids will want to keep those braids their entire career (assuming they still have hair). I would like to see receding hairlines over a course of the career of certain players (Lebron's hairline keeps going so far back , it might as well be time-traveling). Have players with long hair cut their hair at certain points during a season (or career, a la Kobe Bryant's afro-to-buzzcut transformation).

With the accessories, have the players change them up as the season rolls along (example: maybe Rondo doesn't want to wear long padded sleeves for a few games). Also, they should be customizable. I remember in 2005, when the Sonics made the playoffs, Ray Allen wore custom-made Jordan XX's. First time I really payed attention to the kicks players like to wear. Most players like to switch their kicks and colorways during the season, and over the course of a career as new kicks become available.

Just my two cents...
# 132 TheBadazz @ 06/27/11 04:48 PM
For the upcoming games (in between the 1st and 3rd quarters), 2K should use the in game players instead of real pictures. That way they could show the players using a signature moves during the promo.

So it would be like... "Tune in Thursday June 2nd, for Dirk Nowitski and the Dallas Mavericks (cut to Dirk's fade away jumper), take on Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat (cut to Wade's step back jumper), for game 4 of the NBA Finals, don't miss it!"
# 133 statum71 @ 06/27/11 06:39 PM
I love everything you have listed in "other." Small details bring a game to life.

My fear is that it may be too late for this stuff to be put in for 2K12.
# 134 TheManOnTheMoon @ 06/27/11 07:05 PM
Please fix Michael Beasley, the guy has cornrows now and he looks way too bulky in 2k11

# 135 TheManOnTheMoon @ 06/27/11 07:09 PM
Also they should add the coach making notes on the whiteboard and entrances and layup lines from College Hoops 2K7 so theres actually a sense of interaction before the game
# 136 NINJAK2 @ 06/27/11 07:15 PM
I wanted to add Chris Paul to the list of players that need face up grades as well as Paul Pierce. 2k8 had CP3 perfect and 2k9's Pierce was pretty good as well. I don't know what happend. Included a picture of CP3..

# 137 TheManOnTheMoon @ 06/27/11 07:33 PM
Can there also be the vancouver grizzlies and seattle supersonics unis as throwbacks
# 138 LionsFanNJ @ 06/27/11 08:00 PM
Let me add that Brook Lopez needs his model updated. Brook has this curly Special Ed afro that he wears most of the season. Also, his face lloks somewhat distorted in the game like they stretched the cyberface over a head too big. He's not as bulky/defined as they have him in the game either which brings me to a point that might have been said earlier. I'll get a pic when not on my phone.

Remove the arbitrary body models that shift based on the weight threshhold. For example you get a skinny body type all the way up to 194 lbs. Hit 195 and suddenly the model jumps to the next body tier. The bodies need to scale with each pound off of a base, though having a scale slider like for the facial attributes would work. It would lead to a lot toward authenticity. This part might be more of a wishlist thing though

sent from parts unknown
# 139 wrestlinggod1 @ 06/27/11 08:20 PM
Originally Posted by TheManOnTheMoon
Can there also be the vancouver grizzlies and seattle supersonics unis as throwbacks
Pared already said like a million times. THIS ISN'T A WISHLIST THREAD. Pared, can you put that in the title or something? I come here to see what other think can make the game look or sound more NBA authentic but all I see is people requesting old school jerseys.
# 140 C_Rod247 @ 06/27/11 09:32 PM
Wingspan is an absolute must. There's a difference between Luis Scola and Bismack Biyombo.

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