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Dustin Toms checks in after the 2011 NBA Draft to take a look at some teams that might be worth checking out in NBA 2K12's Association mode.

Sometimes people overlook one of the most exciting elements of a yearly sports franchise. Its not the gimmicks or new features that companies show off for months at a time, and it is definitely not whos on the cover. No, what's really one of the more exciting things in a new sports game is the rookie class; a new group of players that gamers love to use to mold their franchise into the next dynasty.

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# 1 da ThRONe @ 06/27/11 01:38 PM
Too bad this draft class is so weak. I'm not sure how highly they'll be ranked, but I don't see any of these guys as franchise players.
# 2 khaliib @ 06/27/11 03:25 PM
I think "The Jimmer" will be the route I go in Sac Town.

The guy already has a nickname that has a ring to it.
Reminds me of a bigger John Stockton, but with a streetball attitude.
# 3 pHiLKizer @ 06/27/11 04:03 PM
I'm down to try out rebuilding Charlotte with my man Kemba from Uconn and Bismack.
# 4 Drosebpga1 @ 06/27/11 04:12 PM
I'm going to add sac-town as one of my new teams, jimmer and Evans should b a great duo.
# 5 teebee @ 06/27/11 06:01 PM
If Thomas was going to be anyone's pg of the future he would have been picked; he'll be lucky to play in the NBA let alone ever start
# 6 sniperhare @ 06/27/11 09:19 PM
I'm kind of annoyed playing as the Thunder in Association mode because the team is really good to start and only gets better after year one. I usually play a fantasy draft and purposely draft lesser players to build through the draft.
# 7 Ike04 @ 06/28/11 01:02 AM
I'm excited to play with jimmer. As for who I'm going to use for association: the lakers is the way I'm going.
# 8 jordankobewade7 @ 06/28/11 02:15 AM
it would be really cool if the game recognized first names and last names.hearing your players names during games is what makes it so immersive.what happens when your league turns into mostly players from the drafts?right now as it stands we would be hearing alot of last names missed,and ive yet to hear any first names being called.as much as we can get into the game as possible to keep us dialed in will be great. additions like this are sure to be welcome in 2k12
# 9 Harrison_UNC_Barnes* @ 06/28/11 07:51 PM
Im going with Cleveland or the Jazz im sick of playing with the Cavs i might try something new and Boss up with Alec Burks..
# 10 kareem434 @ 06/29/11 12:48 PM
On this list I have to say the Bobcats will be my rebuild team but in reality when I get my hands on 2k12 its going to be the pistons with B Knight im so glad we didnt throw our pic away this year and I got a feeling that we are going to can half the roster I'm so excited.
# 11 Jakeness23 @ 06/29/11 06:14 PM
my rebuilding teams will definitely be my Bobcats first and then the Kings. Of course I'll have a Lakers franchise too, bring Dwight and Chris Paul over to Hollywood.
# 12 abutler289 @ 07/02/11 09:50 AM
Jan Vesely was created for video game basketball. But I will probably trade for him instead of playing as the Wizards.
# 13 OverKick @ 07/03/11 10:47 AM
is there an official draft class available from 2k on 2kshare?
# 14 Djlite96 @ 07/03/11 03:21 PM
I'm gonna stay on the west coast and rock the new look warriors and see if we can become playoff contenders.
# 15 Da Amba Lamps @ 07/03/11 07:14 PM
washington will be my pet project, wall and big jan? if I can move that lewis deal, bingo. plus nick young is my favorite player in 2k11.
# 16 _-King-_ @ 07/03/11 09:41 PM
They think TT might be in the high 50's? I know he wasn't projected to be that high of a pick, but that rating is like for late 2nd rounders. He should be somewhere around 70 overall.

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