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Check out the first NBA 2K12 screenshot, courtesy of 2K Sports. Dirk is shown taking on LeBron and Bosh, but we already know the ending of this story. You can see the high-res screenshot here.

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# 1 exposedaking @ 06/30/11 02:14 PM
sweet!!! i see d-wade is redone! plus he has a smaller sleeve and rubberband on the same arm!!
# 2 aloncho11 @ 06/30/11 02:15 PM
They seem to have added muscle definition to legs and the player lighting looks better than in 2K11. Also models do not looked beefed up. At least from that angle.
# 3 youngfaze01 @ 06/30/11 02:16 PM
I see LeBron is less bulky in the arms, you can tell. Loving Dirk's new face as well as DeShawn Stevenson. It's hard to tell, but Chris Bosh has a new head.
# 4 illwill10 @ 06/30/11 02:17 PM
player faces and models looks great
# 5 ADG24 @ 06/30/11 02:21 PM
The fans are all wearing Blue... Playoff atmosphere!?
# 6 ChaseB @ 06/30/11 02:21 PM
Originally Posted by ADG24
The fans are all wearing Blue... Playoff atmosphere!?
Yeah, we confirmed that during E3. They wear colored shirts for the playoff games.

I'll be the OS troll here and say they still can't get the jerseys to sit on the shoulders of the players.
# 7 Boge @ 06/30/11 02:23 PM
I hope they get the shoes right since that's the most important part of a basketball game. Pffffttt!!!
# 8 mrdbooky @ 06/30/11 02:23 PM
Yea everything looks GREAT!!! Notice thee crowd, the are all wearing blue, and the player faces and proportions look VASTLY redone!
# 9 exposedaking @ 06/30/11 02:23 PM
does deshawn stevenson look like amar'e or is it just me? lol
# 10 chackett12 @ 06/30/11 02:24 PM
does that mean white hot heat at home?
# 11 jdburris88 @ 06/30/11 02:27 PM
I'm glad to see they let you wear a sleeve and rubberband this time... now all they need to do is show someone wearing leg sleeves and socks at the same time and i'll be happy
# 12 jdburris88 @ 06/30/11 02:31 PM
looks like they have the tats on point this year too. i also hope they have it where you can get the players haircuts and tats
# 13 Big_Mig_11 @ 06/30/11 02:36 PM
Originally Posted by exposedaking
does deshawn stevenson look like amar'e or is it just me? lol

Beautiful shot!! Love it...not trying to make this a wish list thread, but I'd LOVE the chance to custom chose fan shirts for playoffs, at least give us a palette of colors.

I kinda see the eye structure being similar to Amare's, but overall i dont think they look too similar.
# 14 tommyboii2008 @ 06/30/11 02:42 PM
Looks fine, All the tats n faces look on point, But Look At That Crowd in All Blue.. Thats cool.. Only thing missing is nobody has EMOTION on their face.. Hopefully they implement that in 2K12
# 15 2KAllDay @ 06/30/11 02:45 PM
Nba 2k12 is turning out to look amazing so far
# 16 youngfaze01 @ 06/30/11 02:46 PM
Originally Posted by 2KAllDay
Nba 2k12 is turning out to look amazing so far
And it's only June/July.
# 17 Drosebpga1 @ 06/30/11 02:47 PM
Dwade looks great ! I see how they changed the atmosphere of the game for playoffs!
I also seen they redone alot of faces man I wanna see much more now ! Lol
# 18 ybtherockstar @ 06/30/11 02:52 PM
Playoff atmosphere looks awesome!! D wades accessories look great. And the player models are great too.
# 19 Greene_Flash03 @ 06/30/11 03:06 PM
Wow looks great! Now please 2K, please correct all color palettes this year!!! That is all I'm asking.
# 20 Goffs @ 06/30/11 03:08 PM
i like Dirks new face! the tats on LBJ is more clearer than last years and he's looking less cut up...

legs look slimmer to me to

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