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After the NCAA Football 12 demo, are you buying? You can vote on your right on the frontpage and above you in the forums.

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# 1 The GIGGAS @ 07/01/11 09:39 AM
I thought it was fun. I look forward to the dynasty and RtG improvements. So yeah, I'm keeping my preorder.
# 2 Bigsheen @ 07/01/11 09:44 AM
would buy even if there was no demo lol. to be honest, after i play the demo more and more, i see the bugs and stuff that plague the demo but i heard are fixed for the retail so i dont want to ruin my fun. Been buying ncaa since 2000 on da ps1
# 3 BleacherBum2310 @ 07/01/11 09:46 AM
Yup. Still buying the Demo hasn't changed my mind one way or the other.
# 4 BlackJack_Williams @ 07/01/11 10:12 AM
I'm one of the few that will definitely not be buying.
I loved what they're trying to do for the franchise but it was just extremely boring to me. I couldn't get into it like I could before, which is weird. I'll continue to play more to be fair but... Just wasn't feeling it.
# 5 Zezoina @ 07/01/11 10:18 AM
Definitely will be buying, had fun with the demo and I'm looking forward to the RTG and Dynasty improvements.
# 6 Harrison_UNC_Barnes* @ 07/01/11 10:22 AM
Yessir!!! I cant wait to do a Michigan dynasty!!!
# 7 EvanRG @ 07/01/11 10:28 AM
I'm half-way paid so probably. I'm not quite in football mode, but I'm really excited to start a dynasty either way. Last year I played 6 seasons of Dynasty which is a lot (for me) and I loved it. With the custom conference tweaks I think it will make dynasty always stay fresh!
# 8 ybtherockstar @ 07/01/11 10:38 AM
Will be buying the game. The improvements this year have won me over.
# 9 GisherJohn24 @ 07/01/11 10:40 AM
Anyone know if Teambuilder is still in the game>? I love being able to download classic teams, we shouldn't have to pay if we go over the limit though, that is ultra stupid!
# 10 Skyboxer @ 07/01/11 10:42 AM
Yep on the buy. it does what it's supposed to do. Give a stress relief from the real world. Hence the "Game" part of "Video Game".
When games become part of the stress, I'll stop gaming.
# 11 Skyboxer @ 07/01/11 10:43 AM
Originally Posted by GisherJohn24
Anyone know if Teambuilder is still in the game>? I love being able to download classic teams, we shouldn't have to pay if we go over the limit though, that is ultra stupid!
I believe it's actually already available to start creating now... I think so anyways...
# 12 doubledeuceR6 @ 07/01/11 10:50 AM
Absoooolutely! This is the one franchise I look forward to each year.
# 13 jeremym480 @ 07/01/11 10:52 AM
The demo confirmed my decision to pre-order. Can't wait to get my hands on the real thing

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# 14 TFunaro @ 07/01/11 11:20 AM
Definitely NOT buying.

On a side note, it absolutely amazes me what some people will settle for...
# 15 Entiae @ 07/01/11 11:24 AM
I now have it pre-ordered, so.. yes.
# 16 209vaughn @ 07/01/11 11:38 AM
Part of me wants to skip NCAA and hold out for Madden. Not because i'm cheap, but b/c i want to keep my excitement bottled up and then unload it on Madden 12... No homo.
# 17 EtheRed @ 07/01/11 11:49 AM
It's the only College football game on the market, I have to play it!!!! I have always loved the NCAA series even with its faults. Can't wait until the 12th.
# 18 Pokes404 @ 07/01/11 11:51 AM
Definitely a rent. I'll see about buying after that, but I'd have to lean toward a no at this point.
# 19 RedZoneD25 @ 07/01/11 12:03 PM
Buying. Not a question.
# 20 JMUfootball @ 07/01/11 12:10 PM
The results of this poll are disheartening. With about 75% of people either definitely or leaning towards buying NCAA 11.5, what will make the developers ever motivated to truly put effort into any given year's game? And that 75% is from OS users, who generally are more critical than the rest of the gaming public.

We can see what's in store for us in the future of this series: more halfway developed games being sold for full price. Why would Tiburon want to do it any differently? Most of you aren't giving them any reason to.

People say NCAA '11 was a great step forward in the series, and that therefore we shouldn't expect much more from '12. I disagree. Since '11 was a big step froward that means we should expect more from '12, since so much was right in '11 and more development time should be freed for new features. NCAA '12 should be nearly perfect, but it's not even close. The system of expectations should be cumulative - with each good addition (such as NCAA '11) we should have higher expectations for the next game in the series, not lower expectations.

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