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With so many artistic readers here at OS, creating uniforms and logos, why not get your high school team and/or some others into NCAA Football 12, before it hits store shelves on July 12th. Submit and show them off here! Kotaku's Owen Good has a detailed article, explaining how you can get it done.

NCAA Football 12 isn't out for another 10 days, but there's something you can do in the meantime—with the new version of the game, even—that will add to your experience, and others' too, when it arrives.

You can create your high school's uniforms, using TeamBuilder, the web application for NCAA Football now in its third year. The new version supporting NCAA 12 went live on Thursday.
  • Home jersey (with primary helmet and pants)
  • Away jersey (with primary helmet and pants)
  • Stadium name, field logo, 20-yard line graphics, and end zone text. (With certain exceptions, all teams will play at one of three generic high school fields in the game).
Working from a single good logo, you could create a respectable uniform set suitable for RTG import in about 30 minutes. If you don't know what your high school's threads look like in present day, give it your best shot. Go for a classic look. (This isn't Elkin High's actual design, but one based off what I remember as a kid and later as a student there.)

Now, do that, and flag it RTG in the team name (which is fully editable within the game after you import it) and everyone will know this is meant for use in the new high school year of the singleplayer sim.

Source - Be True to Your School and Make a Video Game Better (Kotaku)

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Member Comments
# 1 illwill10 @ 07/02/11 04:00 PM
# 2 Steve_OS @ 07/02/11 04:06 PM
Very nice! I will work on mine tonight.
# 3 illwill10 @ 07/02/11 04:10 PM
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
Very nice! I will work on mine tonight.
I have all my opposing teams create for my RTG season
# 4 Bigsheen @ 07/02/11 04:27 PM
how do you work the print screen business again? lol
# 5 Vince Howard @ 07/02/11 04:51 PM
Wait, I'm pretty sure we could get the alternate pants in the game too.
# 6 ngw411 @ 07/02/11 04:55 PM
Here is my High School http://www.easports.com/teambuilder#/school/2288768212:1309627994
# 7 NoDakHusker @ 07/02/11 04:55 PM
Grand Forks Central

Away jerseys are silver. Pretty easy to replicate their unis.
# 8 jcabler24 @ 07/02/11 05:10 PM
Originally Posted by Bigsheen
how do you work the print screen business again? lol
Wondering the same thing
# 9 jcabler24 @ 07/02/11 05:20 PM
Originally Posted by TP23
Press the Print Screen button (right above backspace). Open up Pain (Start-->All Programs--->Accessories). Edit-->Paste. Crop to your liking. Save as a jpg and upload to imgur.com
appreciate ya
# 10 Orangemann @ 07/02/11 05:22 PM

# 11 Brandon26841 @ 07/02/11 05:28 PM

Really easy to make obviously. Had to make them a little lighter because they show up really dark in the game for some reason. Plus, they're not that dark anyway, we were just sweating our asses off.
# 12 Watson @ 07/02/11 05:32 PM
is there a reason for this?

Made these in TB 10, so I need to take off the wording and add the nike swoosh to make it realistic
# 13 statum71 @ 07/02/11 05:42 PM
For High School fans in Texas I have a lot of the popular programs already made up from last year. I'll be switching them over to '12.

Look 'em up......same user name.
# 14 jaba134 @ 07/02/11 05:46 PM
I'm trying to edit my jerseys, but it wont let me edit the color of the stripes on the shoulders. It keeps coming up black and it needs to be maroon, I've even edited it so that black wouldn't be in the team colors but it keeps popping up. Any help??
# 15 Athanatos @ 07/02/11 05:50 PM
When I create High School teams, I dont need to worry about the Roster since they dont transfer anyway correct?
# 16 The JareBear @ 07/02/11 06:01 PM
Definitely digging how my High School team looks, custom logos make a big difference. Never used them before this year. Can't wait for the 12th
# 17 EtheRed @ 07/02/11 06:05 PM
just finished up my Uni's fro back in the day and I think I got them as close as I could minus the fact the logo on the helmet is a tad smaller than it should be.
# 18 dan_457 @ 07/02/11 06:18 PM
Triad High School.

# 19 bostonchipster @ 07/02/11 06:19 PM
Ironwood Ridge High School
# 20 Noble Evildoer @ 07/02/11 06:33 PM
North Little Rock Charging Wildcats (AR)



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