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# 1 chunt04 @ 07/05/11 08:48 AM
wow.... i now realize how much i suck at fifa... ouch
# 2 JJT @ 07/05/11 11:36 AM
Wish it would say it they were on amatuer or legendary
# 3 bigsmallwood @ 07/05/11 12:37 PM
Most of those had to be on Amatuer! lol Especially dancing in front of the goalie....Legendary would not stand for that lol Great video though!
# 4 guaps @ 07/05/11 03:43 PM
What bugs me the most about these "top goals" is that almost all the goals are stick skill goals, but that roughly represents how soccer is viewed today where the media is obsessed with individuals and a lot of players are about me, me, me.

Maybe I'm just biased as one of my favorite players of all time was Michael Laudrup, whose only flaw was - according to Michel Platini - that "he wasn't selfish enough".
# 5 mac8204 @ 07/05/11 06:23 PM
Originally Posted by chunt04
wow.... i now realize how much i suck at fifa... ouch
I didn't even realize that you could do some of these moves. I need to practice.
# 6 charlatan @ 07/05/11 07:54 PM
While they are impressive none are team goals, which is what soccer is all about. A goal thats scored as a result of good build up play, or ruthless counter attacking is far more rewarding than some of this individualistic stuff. OR, maybe I'm just bitter because I can't do any of the showboating stuff.
# 7 KG @ 07/05/11 08:05 PM
I can't stand videos like this. Just showcases people abusing the trick system. Seeing all those tricks inside the box makes me just shake my head.
# 8 jeebs9 @ 07/06/11 09:40 AM
I actually threw up watching this video...
# 9 blarg. @ 07/06/11 10:43 AM
damn, i havent played fifa in about 2 versions but that looked amazing! the control looks insane!
# 10 JMUfootball @ 07/06/11 12:15 PM
Originally Posted by blarg.
the control looks insane!
Trust me it's not as easy as the video makes it look. I think the trick stick is pretty worthless, unless you are a kid in Portugal trying to make a FIFA '11 highlight montage goal while playing on Amateur. On most difficulty levels even attempting the trick stick automatically begins the defender tap-away animation and you lose the ball. The system doesn't feel organic...if there's say, 10 trick moves available at a given moment, if you try 9 of them at that moment it's an instant disposession by the defender, and only the 1 that the game engine deems "appropriate" for that moment will work.

In other words, AI defenders react to your button input, not the ball. It just doesn't feel correct.
# 11 NaturalSelected @ 07/06/11 12:33 PM
Originally Posted by JMUfootball
In other words, AI defenders react to your button input, not the ball. It just doesn't feel correct.
Correct. I never use it, though every once and awhile I try to convince myself I should. It's missing something, that's for sure.

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