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While we wait for the OS community rosters, go ahead and download these NCAA Football 12 rosters for the 360 and PS3.

To get the rosters, go to Team Management, Roster Share, Download Roster and click on Download roster. When the Enter a Gamertag screen pops up, enter the name below and download your specific consoles roster.

Patrick Morty - For 360 Users
gamingtailgate - For PS3 Users

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# 181 waytofailself @ 07/14/11 11:25 PM
I downloaded these yesterday but any time I tried to load them (from the data management menu) all I would get is blank rosters with player numbers instead of any names. Obviously I am doing something wrong, but I don't know what. When I load Practice or Quick Game or Dynasty the default rosters show up. No names of any players are used.

I can't manage to get a download tonight for peak hours. Can anyone give me a quick run through of how to actually get these things to WORK in dynasty after downloading?

Edit: fixed. I mist have overwrote the roster file somehow or something. I don't know what the heck I did. But I redownloaded it, loaded the roster, saved my profile, and this time it worked like a charm
# 182 tcermak @ 07/15/11 02:54 AM
University of Oregon could use a little work... WR# 7 should be DeAnthony Thomas. Instead they have it as Keanon Lowe who never sees the field. Also, the second string quarterback is Dustin HAINES not Maines. There's also some guys missing from the DL. But overall the Ducks look great and I can't wait to hit the WTD sign and follow Puddles out on that motorcycle. WTD DUCKS
# 183 Vince @ 07/15/11 08:02 AM
Please can someone upload ps3 offline rosters? My modem is out of order for probably another week.
# 184 WolfSocks @ 07/15/11 08:36 AM
I give Joe Fickell a year or two, develop Braxton Miller and get us some receivers and we will be ON TOP. Until the BCS National Championship then the SEC will be on top.
# 185 GomerBucks @ 07/15/11 10:33 AM
Originally Posted by WolfSocks
I give Joe Fickell a year or two, develop Braxton Miller and get us some receivers and we will be ON TOP. Until the BCS National Championship then the SEC will be on top.
Who the F is Joe Fickell? Luke Fickell, was promoted from LB's to interim HC... Mike Vrabel was hired as the new LB Coach. Nick Siciliano is the QB's coach and will be the guy trying to develop Miller.

PS.. A big thanks to those working on the rosters... a 10 spot will be on it's way to FK shortly...
# 186 Mike Lowe @ 07/15/11 11:35 AM
Originally Posted by kennethanio
Pastapadre has 100% legit rosters, coaches rosters, and transfers.... players who no longer are a part of the team are removed
Where? Is there a link for PS3?
# 187 AmericanJed1 @ 07/15/11 11:49 AM
Greatly appreciate this Patrick Morty, ive been waiting several days to figure this out. Found this web site looked arounf and finally have them....thank you guys for this every year. Im a huge phenominal fan of this game. Cant thank you enough.... GO TROJANS
# 188 Txtbook @ 07/15/11 11:59 AM
No russell wilson at wisconsin.
# 189 tbook24 @ 07/15/11 12:13 PM
cool now the game is ready to pla until community rosters come out
# 190 Buster6 @ 07/15/11 03:16 PM
Originally Posted by RayRay34
PLEASE,PLEASE Do not ever and I mean EVER....refer to the great state that I live in as Wiskey.....Its not hip or cool. Here in Wisconsin its either 'sconnie or 'sconsin but Wiskey is a stretch at an out of stater trying to be cool. That would be like me saying the buckeyes are from O Hi E or something really lame like that. On a topic note, rosters are good for just names only but yes I agree teams rosters are not up to date. GO BADGERS! Big 10 champs
What a terrible post. Please shut up.
# 191 BoiseState07 @ 07/15/11 03:36 PM
Just got PATRICK MORTY'S roster last night, very well done guys. I don't know how you did this so fast, but it's pretty amazing.

I got my feet wet on an offline dynasty becoming the OC at Washington St. What a mistake that was. My high school team in RTG is 10x better than they are, it's pathetic.
# 192 HitThatRowdy96 @ 07/15/11 03:46 PM
Just downloaded the rosters. Great stuff, great work. I'm going to try it out after Jeopardy! (yes, I'm a nerd). Thanks. ^^b
# 193 ManlikeCorn @ 07/15/11 04:31 PM
To download the rosters, must you have that person in you "friend list"? If not, how do you download them? I see nowhere to actually type in someone's gamertag to download from them. What am I missing here?
# 194 Wnahikian @ 07/15/11 04:35 PM
Originally Posted by RayRay34
October 22nd, just watch out for that new guy on our team....I think his name is Russell Wilson, maybe you heard of him? He's a hell of a lot better than anyone else at QB for the badgers over the last two years! Honestly If he meshes well with the team he will easily make up that 10 pts we lost to you guys last year.
Yes sir I have heard of him. He will have some struggles translating into this league, and as Jerel Worthy said via Twitter: “This guys on espn think that russell wilson gona change something at wisconsin. It still don’t matter cause they gotta come in spartan stadium. Homecoming he will see how the big ten gets down” I think the potential top ten pick will handle his business
# 195 jimkel @ 07/15/11 06:00 PM
Originally Posted by lsutigernosaint
these rosters are pretty garbage. people pay for these? yuck.

i hope carson and the gang are making some progress. theyll blow these out of the water.
well said, the lower teams, just really, really poor. Cant believe people pay gamerosters for this
# 196 RayRay34 @ 07/15/11 06:54 PM
Originally Posted by Buster6
What a terrible post. Please shut up.
Not to start any thing..but jealous much??? Sorry mods I know I'm not supposed to but I had to....again sorry!
# 197 dirtydavehorton @ 07/15/11 07:56 PM
Why the **** is Terrelle Pryor in the game?
# 198 seriousbizz @ 07/15/11 08:52 PM
Taylor Martinez 82 spd?? IDK about that!! Cody Green gone too btw
# 199 TheRealZoKnowsGaming @ 07/15/11 09:04 PM
Love what you guys are doing over here, just wanted to let all you roster makers know that we are looking for the "Ultimate NCAA Football 12 Roster", a couple of Visa $50 gift cards up for grabs, check it out if you get a chance. Make sure you follow the rules closely though.

# 200 wiznatskins @ 07/15/11 10:00 PM
Rosters look good to me. Ya know, I remember when I used to pay $4.00 and postage to and from Iowa for the rosters for NCAA Football. I would kick in another five for the work. Since when should cost almost as much as the game itself to have the real names of players. Yeah, I like the actual names but I could have played with the numbers or system generated names. Whos to say everyones rosters are correct, who cares. It doesn't effect Saturday afternoon during the fall. I appreciate the free rosters and thank you. But as far as paying $49.00 for a game, that's a 3rd of the way to Madden 12. Naw Mean. Peace.

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