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While we wait for the OS community rosters, go ahead and download these NCAA Football 12 rosters for the 360 and PS3.

To get the rosters, go to Team Management, Roster Share, Download Roster and click on Download roster. When the Enter a Gamertag screen pops up, enter the name below and download your specific consoles roster.

Patrick Morty - For 360 Users
gamingtailgate - For PS3 Users

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Member Comments
# 201 albc15 @ 07/16/11 01:16 AM
my first game with the downloaded roster works, but it resets the next game for some reason..
# 202 BreEazy4547 @ 07/17/11 05:50 PM
why cant i download the roster the gamertag gamingtalegate doesnt have a ea locker help please?
# 203 TOmuch81 @ 07/17/11 07:02 PM
Originally Posted by BreEazy4547
why cant i download the roster the gamertag gamingtalegate doesnt have a ea locker help please?
Try spelling it right. gamingtailgate
# 204 MegaBearsFan @ 07/19/11 12:03 AM
Do the roster files also include coach names?
# 205 MegaBearsFan @ 07/19/11 12:23 AM
Originally Posted by MegaBearsFan
Do the roster files also include coach names?
Oh, apparently it does!
# 206 jones1911 @ 07/19/11 01:33 PM
does gamingtailgate have an update for ps3 roster pryor is still on ohio state from the one i got last night
# 207 wooten409 @ 07/19/11 08:38 PM
Anybody else noticing spaces in between each letter on some players on BigWy's roster? I tried searching for this problem because Im pretty sure ive seen it somewhere b4 but cant find it
# 208 jturnbow247 @ 07/27/11 12:03 PM
Can someone please upload the PS3 on to where it can be downloaded, i saw the link before but that is to only xbox360!
# 209 statum71 @ 07/27/11 08:41 PM
Originally Posted by wryly
These rosters came out a while ago and they're still considerably more accurate than Buckeye/Gator's rosters. Props to whoever made them. I had been waiting on Buckeye/Gator's to drop and now that they have, I'm still going to be using these rosters.

If anyone doesn't feel like waiting another week for Buckeye/Gator to "fix" theirs, I recommend using these rosters.

You just have to watch for some of the obvious players that shouldn't be there (since they only named 'em).

Example: Everybody knowws Nate Newton's some Tre quit football last year. But this roster file still has Tre Newton in Texas' backfield.
# 210 Jump Off @ 07/30/11 01:06 PM
Where is Michael Ford (#42) for LSU?
# 211 porky88 @ 08/08/11 05:02 PM
Maybe some minor complaints, but beats doing it all myself. Great job!
# 212 palmer08 @ 08/14/11 07:35 AM
There aren't a link for PS3 rosters ?

There are two links but booth are for Xbox 360.

It's really too hard to take a USB stick, copy the rosters file and upload it on sendspace or elsewhere ?
# 213 Batman103 @ 08/23/11 05:39 PM
OMG...I never do ALL the teams, just the top 25 at the start of the season . Thanks cuzzo because this is awesome!!!
# 214 jbest8705 @ 09/23/11 11:52 PM
David rudder is the Notre dame kicker and darryl stonum from Michigan was suspended for his senior year but that u for all the help and for getting pryor off the game
# 215 Btewes2717 @ 09/24/11 02:43 PM
Pryor is still on the game
# 216 xxwarcameaglexx @ 02/23/12 05:13 PM
does anone have ps3 rosters with the right numbers for LSU spencer ware and the honeybager???

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