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While we wait for the OS community rosters, go ahead and download these NCAA Football 12 rosters for the 360 and PS3.

To get the rosters, go to Team Management, Roster Share, Download Roster and click on Download roster. When the Enter a Gamertag screen pops up, enter the name below and download your specific consoles roster.

Patrick Morty - For 360 Users
gamingtailgate - For PS3 Users

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Member Comments
# 41 Scooby803 @ 07/12/11 11:41 PM
Originally Posted by hawkeyebred2332
These are Gamerosters's rosters...
Really? lol how do you know?
# 42 WhiteMan22 @ 07/12/11 11:42 PM
Originally Posted by Scooby803
Really? lol how do you know?
I was in the game chat lobby with the dude and he said they were gamerosters.
# 43 kodawg9 @ 07/12/11 11:45 PM
solid. there's definitely several errors but overall, a nice roster to use for my test dynasty. always play a couple of seasons with the re-named rosters, not investing too much into it until we get re-ratings and such but good to start with.
# 44 Simile000 @ 07/12/11 11:45 PM
*walks in and salutes Patrick Mordy*

We should all pitch in and give Patrick Mordy his 10 dollars back hahaha
# 45 jackson @ 07/12/11 11:45 PM
getting several failures. ea servers are back friggin logged
# 46 dtd5251 @ 07/12/11 11:45 PM
what are os rosters and how do i get them?
# 47 Flightwhite24 @ 07/12/11 11:46 PM
Originally Posted by WhiteMan22
I was in the game chat lobby with the dude and he said they were gamerosters.
I figured they might be. I knew they would find there way over before the end of the night.
# 48 bad_philanthropy @ 07/12/11 11:47 PM
Solid rosters. One major change for Oregon is WR #7 is actually De'Anthony Thomas the five star RB recruit for the Ducks. On the rosters they have it as Keanon Lowe.
# 49 brobamigo @ 07/12/11 11:48 PM
i did see a mistake w/ clemson but other than that itll do til carsons rosters come out
# 50 MSU ILLEST @ 07/12/11 11:48 PM
Yeah Morty paid $25 for them, but gladly gave them out. I wanted to ensure that you guys got them because I didn't think any of you went into the online lobby. I'm starting my OD now........ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
# 51 SGMRock @ 07/12/11 11:50 PM
Wow nice that these are not bad and out really fast. If they are from Gamerosters thats to funny though. :P
# 52 CWSapp757 @ 07/12/11 11:57 PM
I can see the gameroster guys talking in their office now.... "Well the good news is that people are downloading our rosters. The bad news? Well, nobody is paying for them". Lol.
# 53 mavfan21 @ 07/12/11 11:59 PM
You're a good man Patrick Morty, wherever you are. May the gods smile on thee.
# 54 KaNNiBaL_OX_303 @ 07/13/11 12:01 AM
How do you download the rosters?..
# 55 hawkeyebred2332 @ 07/13/11 12:05 AM
Originally Posted by Scooby803
Really? lol how do you know?

Haha one of my friends got impatient and splurged for them then shared them with us. I thought it was pretty funny these were those rosters. All it takes is one guy to buy them then it's open season
# 56 ibjhtt @ 07/13/11 12:08 AM
howdy yall first time long time...i have recently moved to the sticks and have no internet (i'm on android now lol, what a pain) but can transfer files to usb. are the p morty rosters posted on the web n e where? thx n yall rock
# 57 Gray1219 @ 07/13/11 12:09 AM
you're not able to change rosters during a dynasty, correct?
# 58 ibjhtt @ 07/13/11 12:13 AM
i think now u can edit them more fully, but still not change them after u start...just play around until u get rosters
# 59 booker21 @ 07/13/11 12:16 AM
Originally Posted by hock0413
I hate to be this guy, but can someone please upload them for people without live.
I"ll be the second guy then. Could someone help us uploadinf this to the Internet.?

# 60 ibjhtt @ 07/13/11 12:19 AM
i was second and I'll be fourth too. no rush for me, i get the game tomorrow morning but id like to know where to find it

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