NCAA Football 12 News Post

Here is the latest update on the OS Community Roster project.

We have officially completed naming every team. We have gone through and corrected about 95% of the errors that we have seen.

What to expect in Version 1.
  • All players are named
  • All jersey numbers are corrected as accurately as possible (CANNOT DO DUPLICATES)
  • All transfers are in the game
  • All players who are no longer on the team have been removed (Pryor, Jenkins, King)
  • Equipment overhaul on over 75% of teams (Alabama, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Virginia Tech to name a few should be 100% spot on.) No 1970's elbow pads. Iowa fans, BYU fans will be happy with the correct socks
  • All coaches are named
  • Minor re-rates on certain players

Special thank you's and shout outs .... A.J., Reggie (Geaux), RioWest (Much respect for putting us on YouTube.), MrBlonde, BigHouse, Petey Kirch, .... most of all .... our families for allowing to re-join them once again. Also, everyone else on OS for posting templates, providing information and allowing us to work on these rosters.

These rosters unlike other rosters are free. However, if you would like to donate to a great cause for our eye surgery treatment, back pain for sitting in a chair for several days straight, endless Taco Bell runs at 4 am and our divorce lawyer fees. Please click the link below ...


1) CcAaRrSsOoNn3
2) Nsuplaya84
4) CK11

If you notice any corrections that need to be done, please post them in the following link.

Official OS NCAA Football 12 Community Roster Corrections

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Member Comments
# 1 19 @ 07/15/11 04:43 PM
Thanks for the update. Great work gentlemen.

# 2 psycho79 @ 07/15/11 04:45 PM
Thanks for all the countless hours you guys put in every year!
# 3 jayhawkfan11 @ 07/15/11 04:45 PM
That sounds awesome.. Once again I would like to say thanks for all your hard work and anyone else involved in this process, I can't imagine the hours that goes into doing something like that.
# 4 iLukeisamazing @ 07/15/11 04:45 PM
Sticky it please mods.
# 5 19 @ 07/15/11 04:46 PM
Will anyone be starting a community rosters correction thread like last year?
# 6 B MON3YY @ 07/15/11 04:46 PM
Thanks for doing this, you have no idea how much I appreciate it
# 7 love4bama @ 07/15/11 04:47 PM
awesome man can't wait thanks guys
# 8 lsutigernosaint @ 07/15/11 04:47 PM
great news guys. cant wait to check them out. thanks again for all the hard work. you guys make the game WAY better by doing these.
# 9 Aruthless @ 07/15/11 04:47 PM
Job well done fellas. My donation is in. I hope everyone else does the same thing. They deserve it
# 10 osupokes24 @ 07/15/11 04:47 PM
# 11 sportsgamefanman @ 07/15/11 04:48 PM
Thanks guys! Great job! Unbelievable!
# 12 maddenandnfl2k5 @ 07/15/11 04:48 PM
Thanks a ton for putting this all together. Can't wait to check it out!

Quick question, though:

Did you guys edit dreads (adding/removing them accordingly)? For example, giving them to Denard Robinson and removing them from LaMichael James?
# 13 Fiddy @ 07/15/11 04:48 PM
all coaches named, as in all coaches? not just head coaches? just curious, regardless, thank you guys!!
# 14 Mack Attack 11 @ 07/15/11 04:49 PM
Thanks for all your hard work guys.

Will all of the changes transfer into an Online Dynasty or just Oflline Dynasty?
# 15 CcAaRrSsOoNn3 @ 07/15/11 04:50 PM
Originally Posted by Fiddy
all coaches named, as in all coaches? not just head coaches? just curious, regardless, thank you guys!!
Yes. All 3 will be named.
# 16 TheGame8544 @ 07/15/11 04:50 PM

Every year about this time of year, this 26 year old man turns into a 10 year old boy on Christmas.
# 17 wheezy1281 @ 07/15/11 04:52 PM
# 18 Sack Attack @ 07/15/11 04:53 PM
Great to hear Carson. Thanks to all of you for your hard work!
# 19 Matt10 @ 07/15/11 04:54 PM
Thanks so much guys. Donation sent.
# 20 WVUFanatic @ 07/15/11 04:54 PM
Awesome work guys!! Thank you times a million!! As soon as I get paid next week I will send a donation!! one question... by any chance did you all add Bruce Irvin to the Mountaineers??

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