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EA Sports is currently working on the redesign of the NCAA Football 12 Online Dynasty website to bring you improved performance and usability.

Check out the early NCAA Football 12 Online Dynasty screenshots of what's to come.

Thanks TGT!

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Member Comments
# 1 NYYankees42 @ 07/15/11 03:54 PM
they should do the same with the teambuilder page
# 2 BeaverBeliever97267 @ 07/15/11 03:56 PM
Didn't I read somewhere they said these features would be added "in August"?
# 3 texasgmr @ 07/15/11 04:29 PM
Looks really good.
# 4 tbook24 @ 07/15/11 04:30 PM
cool always up for improvements
# 5 cas850 @ 07/15/11 04:35 PM
man i'm excited for this. hope soon means within a couple days.
# 6 Bullet Sponge @ 07/15/11 05:11 PM
This was on their dynasty page before the game even came out. I had hoped that meant it would be ready at launch... Bummer it's not but it looks like a solid improvement.
# 7 SkillzKillz719 @ 07/15/11 05:19 PM
Looks like they keep improving this mode.
# 8 padsfan92 @ 07/15/11 05:31 PM
How about they work on improving the time it takes to just advance the week in Online Dynasty?
# 9 N51_rob @ 07/15/11 06:19 PM
I like it. Looks a little like ESPN's college football section.
# 10 sirbri32 @ 07/15/11 07:09 PM
great, now I hope they fix the 360 online dynasty freezing issue so I can actually use this
# 11 bigtimegeek @ 07/15/11 07:26 PM
If you start a dynasty, will this new online dynasty just appear? Or do we need to wait for this update to take place to use it?
# 12 MichiganFan16 @ 07/16/11 03:55 PM
Looking for users for online dynasty. I have the real rosters and coaches. Qtr time is 8min. Difficulty All american. Send me a friend request, im tH3 aMaZiN24 ON XBOX LIVE.
# 13 N1ghthors3 @ 07/19/11 09:33 AM
The site upgrade is all nice, but it'd be nicer to leave that alone and get the online dynasties to stop freezing first lol.
# 14 Aggies7 @ 07/19/11 10:01 AM
Looks good in my opinion. Refreshing.
# 15 65South @ 12/07/11 08:42 AM
I'll never get my hopes up again with EA when it comes updates to their football games. As refreshing as this idea was, it's now December and the online update is still "COMING SOON" smh
# 16 lhinds7 @ 12/07/11 09:34 AM
Looks great, but it's REALLY late. I had no idea "Coming Soon" meant "Coming next year...maybe"
# 17 BadAssHskr @ 12/07/11 09:57 AM
Shame Thee for resurfacing this thread!
# 18 xlegendkillax @ 12/07/11 10:06 AM
SMH, I actually got excited for a second before I looked at the date of this thread....
# 19 TimLawNYC @ 12/07/11 12:57 PM
Dear EA Sports:

I don't think "Coming Soon" means what you think it means.


Every OD Player of NCAA 12

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