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There are few better moments in sports gaming than landing an impact rookie who can step in immediately and improve your team. Ndamukong Suh was able to do that for the Detroit Lions, and it's that time of year again where we get our first look at the players who will be immediate contributors in Madden NFL 12.

A fresh infusion of talent by way of the NFL draft is the surest way your favorite team can build for the future. Why do you think we always debate the top draft classes and not the top free agency classes of all time? We get excited adding rookies to Madden NFL 12 too. Rather than tweaking and adjusting ratings for the same old veterans we get to build new guys from scratch, projecting how they’ll transition to the pro game. If only their coaches could do that.

Today we’re looking at the top overall rookies in Madden NFL 12 according to ratings. Simply put, these are the new guys we’ve added to the game that should have the biggest impact right out of the box.

There are a lot more rookies in a lot more categories –like Top Wide Receivers or Running Backs—so keep it locked here. For now, get to know this batch of first year players.

10. Robert Quinn - DE - STL - 78 OVR

9. Julio Jones - WR, ATL - 78 OVR

8. Mark Ingram - RB - NO - 79 OVR

7. Mike Puncey - OL - MIA - 79 OVR

6. Von Miller - OLB - DEN - 79 OVR

5. J.J. Watt - DE - HOU - 80 OVR

4. A.J. Green - WR - CIN - 80 OVR

3. Prince Amukamara - CB - NYG - 81 OVR

2. Marcell Dareus - DE - BUF - 82 OVR

1. Patrick Peterson - CB - ARZ - 82 OVR

That’s our look at the top rookies in Madden NFL 12. There are a lot more rookies in a lot more categories still to come. And remember we’ll be consistently updating all rosters and all players during the 2011 NFL season, so these lists are just a starting point. Keep it here for more on Madden NFL 12 rookies, ratings and info.

Source: Rookie Ratings: Top Rookies in Madden NFL 12

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Member Comments
# 1 kwabalicious @ 07/18/11 01:50 PM
I'm very happy to see Cam Newton not on this list, and I think we can agree that EA hasn't done that bad of a job with the rookie ratings thus far. We all new Pat Peterson should have been the best, and EA stuck with that. Not bad.
# 2 brettmickey @ 07/18/11 02:04 PM
Yeahhh Buddyyy. Marcell Dareus TIED with Patrick Peterson as the #1 rookie! Soo pumped right now
# 3 The Amaizen Blue @ 07/18/11 02:05 PM
First move in franchise mode... acquire Prince Amukamara...
# 4 legendary1022 @ 07/18/11 02:24 PM
Originally Posted by The Amaizen Blue
First move in franchise mode... acquire Prince Amukamara...
Good luck doing that. Being a big Nebraska fan, I know he is the real deal. I can't really complain about any of these ratings.
# 5 Senator Palmer @ 07/18/11 02:26 PM
Overalls are nice, but I'm hungry to get a look at position specific ratings. I want to know what Von Miller's power and finesse move ratings are? How about Julios catch in traffic, or beat press rating? Speaking of which, I think Miller should be a little higher and it's interesting to see Quinn in the top ten and no Fairley.

Quinn might have some beastly position specific skills. Bookended with Chris Long in St. Louis, the Rams might be pretty fun to run with.
# 6 SuperNoVa27 @ 07/18/11 02:36 PM
If I get Madden, Patrick Peterson will be acquired immediately
# 7 ThaShark28_316 @ 07/18/11 02:48 PM

Can't wait to use him in our new defense.
# 8 Armor and Sword @ 07/18/11 02:49 PM
In a fantasy Madden draft I would target AJ Green to pair with a Dez Bryant.

Both are going to be Super studs at WR. And both can be had in the mid rounds so you can concentrate on a franchise QB, LT, CB and MLB maybe even a RB too before getting your WR's.
# 9 GiantBlue76 @ 07/18/11 02:54 PM
Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet. Giants secondary - Terrell Thomas, Corey Webster, Aaron Ross, Prince Amukumara, Antrel Rolle, Kenny Phillips, Deon Grant.

Not too shabby......

# 10 2krunk4u @ 07/18/11 03:11 PM
i would question how mark ingram is higher than julio jones, but hey.....ratings change weekly.
# 11 scottyo60 @ 07/18/11 03:38 PM
JJ Watt is better than Von Miller?

If Watt is that high lets be real Ryan Kerrigan deserves to be an 80 as well
# 12 Uncle Way @ 07/18/11 03:41 PM
Kerrigan is underrated....
# 13 TexasBorn1 @ 07/18/11 03:49 PM
Cam Newton not in the top ten? Surprising
# 14 brettmickey @ 07/18/11 03:56 PM
Yeah I would say it's a good surprise no QB is in the top 10
# 15 JayInSaratoga @ 07/18/11 04:04 PM
Originally Posted by TexasBorn1
Cam Newton not in the top ten? Surprising
I'd imagine he has one of the higher potential ratings though.
# 16 spfhelmiii @ 07/18/11 04:37 PM
Blech. The Prince Amukamara rating is ridiculous - the guy was picked 19th. EA's ratings czar knows the skills of Prince better than the teams that passed on him?

I can see some subjectivity as far as initially downgrading guys who are all about potential/upside (Cam Newton) and initially upgrading guys who are supposedly "polished" as far as college prospects, but this one's a stretch. I will be making some changes in my franchise mode, for sure, even if only to downgrade certain rookies that EA is in love with to line up better with where they were drafted.
# 17 ir2proforu2 @ 07/18/11 04:39 PM
patrick peterson SWEET! cardinals will be a blast to play with
# 18 brettmickey @ 07/18/11 04:57 PM
I think this would be my top 10 (I'll just use the same 10 players they use to keep it simple):
1. Peterson
2. Dareus
3. Green
4. Miller
5. Jones
6. Amukamara
7. Watt
8. Ingram
9. Pouncey
10. Quinn
# 19 ssryry29 @ 07/18/11 05:12 PM
Originally Posted by The Amaizen Blue
First move in franchise mode... acquire Prince Amukamara...
Luckily I don't have to do that. I might just go get Peterson.
# 20 Chrisksaint @ 07/18/11 05:46 PM
Sweet Ingram as a 79 and with PP7 I'll just start a Cards franchise instead of pulling off an unrealistic trade for him

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