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Electronic Arts officially confirmed today that it is expanding EA Sports and creating a new development division in Austin, Texas that will staff 300 employees.

This confirms earlier reports leaked in an in-house memo sent by Daryl Holt, EA's chief operating officer, about expanding EA Sports into Austin to help "attract" and "retain" great talent in the development industry.

The announcement was made today at BioWare Austin, a studio most notably known for Mass Effect and the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO. Governor Rick Perry was on hand for the announcement, along with Daryl Holt and Frank Gibeau, EA Games president. The 300 jobs will consist of 150 full-time employees and 150 contract workers.

When speaking with Gibeau, he made it clear that these are all new jobs, not jobs just being moved from one studio to another. However, current EA employees can apply for a position at the Austin studio. In addition, Holt also wanted to make it clear that EA Tiburon and EA Canada are still growing rather than shrinking at this time.

As of now, the goal is to get the studio staffed and up and running, according to Holt. The focus in the short term will be on getting ready to help out on the HD platforms, with a focus on assisting with the persistent online gaming experiences showing up in more and more EA Sports titles these days. As for more off in the distance, Holt believes "the sky is the limit" for what the studio can do.

Earlier this year, I spoke with Dale Jackson, who heads up the fighting and new IP units at EA Sports, and he mentioned launching two new sports IP in three years. While Holt did not want to commit at this point to a new IP being launched at this Austin studio, with new intellectual properties on the horizon this new studio clearly makes sense to have around, if only just in a support role for now.

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# 1 TheMatrix31 @ 07/18/11 06:49 PM
Is there a link/site to apply for jobs there?
# 2 amanda88 @ 07/21/11 01:22 AM
Yeah, I have the same doubt, could you make a little explaination.
# 3 Cod @ 07/21/11 02:05 PM
Originally Posted by ChaseB
Earlier this year, I spoke with Dale Jackson, who heads up the fighting and new IP units at EA Sports, and he mentioned launching two new sports IP in three years..
Baseball anyone?

TheMatrix31, try https://jobs.ea.com/search/advanced....jobCategoryID=. Looks like the only jobs listed right now are for support and infrastructure. I'm sure when the jobs listings are official written and given job codes, they'll be posted. I got an email from EA HR a few days talking about the "new jobs" and stating the site would have them soon. Also, a couple of jobs (network engineers) showed up a game development specific website last night.
# 4 TheMatrix31 @ 07/21/11 09:21 PM
Thanks, bud.
# 5 dickey1331 @ 07/21/11 10:40 PM
Sounds good. Glad they chose Texas
# 6 mazhiwei85st @ 07/26/11 07:10 AM
Is there a link/site to apply for jobs there?

# 7 Cod @ 07/28/11 04:31 PM
Originally Posted by mazhiwei85st
Is there a link/site to apply for jobs there?
I posted a little blurb above. In summary, a few jobs have shown up on game development websites and EA's website, but not to many as of yet. Also, I haven't received any more emails regarding the jobs.
# 8 Reejer @ 08/11/11 09:58 AM
http://www.easports.com/careers . Click on Florida, Orlando and you will see a bunch of Jobs for the new IP: like, Producer II - EA SPORTS - New IP https://jobs.ea.com/search/view.do?id=a0z50000000woxNAAQ
# 9 Cod @ 09/01/11 06:08 PM
The jobs have arrived on the EA Sports website (and other game development sites). Check out the link below:


Looks like Madden, or a new football IP is the first product being developed at the new studio. Any aspiring developers around here may want to hop on this opportunity to get their foot in the door.
# 10 TheMatrix31 @ 09/01/11 06:56 PM
Wish they had listings for Administrative/Marketing/etc Assistants.

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