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Just in case you missed it, last week covered the NFC North.

Atlanta Falcons

Gun Empty Falcon-ATL Drive Unders

The "Drive" route is a very common pass concept that is widely used around the NFL. The inside receiver will run some sort of 10-12 yard inside dig route while the next receiver will run a short drag or under route below the dig. On this play, out of the Gun Empty Falcon formation (new to Madden NFL 12!), Falcons' TE Tony Gonzalez will run the dig while WR Harry Douglas will run the underneath route. QB Matt Ryan also has Pro Bowl WR Roddy White as an option as he will be running a corner route on the left side of the formation if he likes that matchup better than the Drive routes.

New Orleans Saints

Nickel 3-3-5 Cat Blitz 2 Roll

The New Orleans Saints on the defensive side of the ball do a great job disguising their coverage and giving quarterbacks lots of different looks. Nickel 3-3-5 Cat Blitz 2 Roll is a play that drives this point home. The safeties before the snap will rotate to the strong side towards the cornerback who is blitzing.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

4-3 Stack Cover 2 Buc

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have built a reputation for being a strong defensive team. The defensive scheme that's commonly associated with the Buccaneers is Cover 2, aka Cover 2 Buc or Tampa 2. 4-3 Stack Cover 2 Buc has the middle linebacker drop to the deep middle of the field in the coverage.

Carolina Panthers

Gun Wildcat Spread- Power Fk Jet

Heisman Trophy-check! National championship-check! 1st pick in the NFL Draft-check! Not a bad year for Panthers rookie QB Cam Newton. Now everyone will get a chance to see if his skill set translates to the NFL. That may take a few years to figure out, but one thing that we do know is that Cam Newton can run! Just ask any SEC team that had the challenge of trying to slow him down last season. He may not be given the full reins to the offense from day one, but we can expect to see new Panthers' Head Coach Ron Rivera give Newton plenty of opportunities to play and take advantage of his athleticism. In this Wildact set, Newton will fake the ball to the motioning receiver and run the ball through the 4 hole on the right behind the pulling guard.

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Member Comments
# 1 Cryolemon @ 07/18/11 06:07 PM
All very well them having the wildcat plays, but if it's still intentionally broken why bother?
# 2 ccoaxum @ 07/18/11 10:44 PM
its look really close to the real thing but i wouldn't play from that camera angle. Its good to see Cam Newton is not running 2 fast like he did in the E3 videos....games looks great.
# 3 ccoaxum @ 07/18/11 10:45 PM
when does the demo comes out...if anyone knws
# 4 schnaidt1 @ 07/19/11 01:26 AM
some things im noticing. 1....the game looks good until the ball is snapped. when does matt ryan or any qb stand in the pocket theb throw it forward all arm. there was no feet setting or hip turning. very ugly an unrealistic.

2nd. that qb quick snap we were told was fixed...yea. sure doesnt look like it.

3rd. ud think they are on a ice rink with as much gliding as they are doing.

camera angles = impressive.
graphices= mediocre ( compared to ncaa 12)
gameplay= subpar ( from videos i see nothing but gliding. unrealistic movements and motions. and a ton of gliding
# 5 boodahisthe1 @ 07/19/11 09:01 AM
Originally Posted by ccoaxum
when does the demo comes out...if anyone knws
i was wondering the same thing..ncaa 12 demo came out 2 weeks before release date so im thinking madden may do the same thing
# 6 boodahisthe1 @ 07/19/11 09:03 AM
i am lovin these stadium cameras..makes the game come to life, literally..cant play at this angle though, wont be able to read coverages..but instant replays will look great
# 7 ccoaxum @ 07/19/11 10:56 AM
anyone who thinks the graphics must need a beet computer because the graphics is alot better then last year and i have ncca 12( 1080p flat screen) and madden graphics looks better and thats just a view off the lap top.
# 8 ccoaxum @ 07/19/11 10:58 AM
heck madden players is where more detailed compared ncaa. ncaa 12 has the same dang graphics has it did last year and really didn't do that much of improvement when compared to 2011. Madden has done alot more improvement but of course it need more at that as well..lol
# 9 jpdavis82 @ 07/19/11 11:18 AM
Game looks amazing, definitely need to slow it down just a bit though.

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