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It's week #2 of the revamped OS Radio Show and we're talking about all of the events of the past week since NCAA Football 12 hit stores. There have been some major bugs discovered, and if it's making your life miserable you should give us a listen and call in. However we are all about spreading positivitiy on the OS Radio Show and it's also apparent NCAA Football 12 is a pretty darned good game. We'll talk about what's ahead for the series and we'll start to look ahead at Madden NFL Football and other major releases coming up this fall.

Also, we'll be taking your phone calls through the show! Tune in tonight at 8:30 EST for all the action!!!

OS Radio Show -- NCAA Football Fallout Edition

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Member Comments
# 1 MMChrisS @ 07/18/11 06:32 PM
One hour until showtime!!! A friendly reminder to all!
# 2 MMChrisS @ 07/18/11 07:24 PM
Seven minutes until showtime, tune in NOW!!! http://tobtr.com/s/2109993
# 3 Gotmadskillzson @ 07/18/11 07:33 PM
Ok I can hear now, had to refresh 8 times
# 4 Da_Czar @ 07/18/11 08:30 PM
great show guys I called but had to hang up
# 5 mrclutch @ 07/18/11 10:54 PM
Good show guys. Catching the replay right now.
# 6 RUFFNREADY @ 07/19/11 12:11 AM
Great show fellas; but i do have to disagree with the statement about games and their broadcast view. The only game i believe that has captured this well enough is NBA 2K11. if you were to walk by the demo playing from about 8-10 feet away, you would have sworn you were watching a real NBA game. that's how amazing that game looked last year.
i also wanted to take a jab at the statement that "Chris' amde about stealing stuff from other franchises to add to your game to make it better. (EA has no competition) So why wouldn't EA steal all the stuff that made 2k5-2k8 footbal such a great game? EA can take all of those fantastic features and add them into their game right now! Then finally put that 2K / EA football arguement to rest; and produce probably one of the greatest football simulations of all time. What is EA really doing?
# 7 BigRick47 @ 07/19/11 10:07 AM
I would have loved to hear more about the upcoming "fixes" that EA has planned for NCAA 12 (they mentioned one only). I know it was only an hour show, but I didn't really hear much about NCAA 12, it was more about Madden/Madden Licensing/Future of Gaming etc.
# 8 blkrptnt819 @ 07/19/11 10:27 AM
I know the roster guys can't wait for an explanation about the attributes.

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