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EA Sports shares some of the best young ballcarriers in this top ten list featuring the top rookie Running Backs in Madden NFL 12.

A fresh infusion of talent by way of the NFL draft is the surest way your favorite team can build for the future. Why do you think we always debate the top draft classes and not the top free agency classes of all time? We get excited adding rookies to Madden NFL 12 too. Rather than tweaking and adjusting ratings for the same old veterans we get to build new guys from scratch, projecting how they’ll transition to the pro game. If only their coaches could do that.

Today we’re looking at the top rookie running backs in Madden NFL 12 according to ratings. Running to daylight should be the same in the NFL as it was in college, right? We’ll see as these ball carriers adjust to the speed and tackling ability of NFL defenders.

There are a lot more rookies in a lot more categories –like Top Wide Receivers or Linemen—so keep it locked here. For now, get to know this batch of first year players.

10. Steven Ridley - NE - 67 OVR

9. Delone Carter - IND - 68 OVR

8. Jacquizz Rogers - ATL - 69 OVR

7. DeMarco Murray - DAL - 69 OVR

6. Shane Veree - NE - 69 OVR

5. Daniel Thomas - MIA - 70 OVR

4. Kendall Hunter - SF - 71 OVR

3. Mike Leshoure - DET - 72 OVR

2. Ryan Williams - ARZ - 73 OVR

1. Mark Ingram - NO - 79 OVR

Those are the top rookie running backs in Madden NFL 12 and the number one runner should be no surprise. We put Mark Ingram on the cover of NCAA Football 12 for a reason. New England isn’t the only team to land two rooks in one of our rookie top ten lists, either. There are a lot more rookies in a lot more categories still to come with a few surprises mixed in.

Remember we’ll be consistently updating all rosters and all players during the 2011 NFL season, so these lists are just a starting point. Keep it here for more on Madden NFL 12 rookies, ratings and info.

Source: Madden NFL 12 Rookie Ratings: Top Running Backs

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Member Comments
# 1 The GIGGAS @ 07/19/11 04:34 PM
I want to point out that the list is of the top 10 rookie RBs.

Either way, good for RMFW to represent at #2.
# 2 DustinT @ 07/19/11 04:46 PM
No Taiwan Jones? I know he played in FCS, >67 seems pretty damn low for him.
# 3 realone504 @ 07/19/11 05:03 PM
who dat baby
# 4 P21J @ 07/19/11 05:11 PM
I wonder how I'll use Ingram with Pierre and Reggie still on the roster....I can't wait to set it up for my Franchise with the Saints this year, especially with the expanded rosters for the offseason
# 5 jpdavis82 @ 07/19/11 05:13 PM
EA needs to be introduced to spellcheck. There's at least 3 names on there that are wrong.
# 6 angels eclipse7 @ 07/19/11 05:53 PM
I don't agree with so many 70's
# 7 CajunPunk @ 07/19/11 06:21 PM
I like the lower ratings.
# 8 XNowOrNever85X @ 07/19/11 07:24 PM
I hate to be a homer but... Where is Alex Green he was highly underrated in this draft has great speed and hands for a big guy.
# 9 stp240 @ 07/19/11 07:33 PM
This is an absolute joke. The madden player ratings have been bad for a long time. Dez Bryant had 96 speed in madden 11 I believe.

Roy Helu Jr will be the best back in this draft by a LOOONG shot.

Proof- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtnRmGtxhyI

4.3 Speed and he never fumbled once in his entire college career.
# 10 MNHuskerman @ 07/19/11 08:04 PM
Check Helu's stats again.


Helu will be good, but injuries and inability to break tackles will not help him.
# 11 stp240 @ 07/19/11 08:15 PM
The article I read said 0 fumbles. I believe your stats though.

Would you agree he deserves to be on this list? Better yet probably top 5?
# 12 Uncle Way @ 07/19/11 08:37 PM
Most definitely... This list is bull**** without Helu
# 13 damedash @ 07/19/11 09:31 PM
Where is helu?????
# 14 angels eclipse7 @ 07/20/11 12:05 AM
To reiterate my "too many 70s", Here are my personal ratings for the below players:

10. Steven Ridley - NE - 67 OVR = 62

9. Delone Carter - IND - 68 OVR = 64

8. Jacquizz Rogers - ATL - 69 OVR = 65

7. DeMarco Murray - DAL - 69 OVR = 66

6. Shane Veree - NE - 69 OVR = 66

5. Daniel Thomas - MIA - 70 OVR = 68

4. Kendall Hunter - SF - 71 OVR = 67

3. Mike Leshoure - DET - 72 OVR = 70

2. Ryan Williams - ARZ - 73 OVR = 70

1. Mark Ingram - NO - 79 OVR = 76
# 15 tatmanfish @ 07/20/11 12:18 AM
Ingram is overrated as far as OVR, but the list seems pretty good.

I just Allen Bradford is a bruiser in the game.
# 16 CM Hooe @ 07/20/11 12:22 AM
Murray right around 70... I can deal.
# 17 gccosph @ 07/20/11 03:20 AM
Dez Bryant is NOT A 96 SPEED. NEVER WAS! Get your facts straight sir! stp240
# 18 Roncatto @ 07/20/11 05:29 AM
Rodgers 69 seems odd to me?

I'm going to assume, Speed, Agility, Carrying, Juke will be high but prehaps Trucking and BCV is so low it is knocking i right down.

I know he was 5th/6th (sorry not 100%) round pick but he seems pretty explosive to me.

I'm from the Uk so cannot see many College games so maybe others can enlight why he maybe that low?

Oh and Mark Ingram 79 is stupid.
# 19 RGiles36 @ 07/20/11 08:40 AM
I guess everyone has a different philosophy on ratings. I have no issue with 5 rookie RBs being rated 70+, only one of which is in the high 70's. Not to mention, they're RBs: perhaps the easiest position to transition to in the NFL and a position that routinely sees players shuffled in and out.

I think a OVR rating of 65-75 signals that a player is about average in the NFL. These ratings fit the bill.

As a 'Boys fan though, I have my eye on DeMarco Murray. In some circles, there's belief he could emerge as the starter as the season goes on. We'll see.
# 20 ANDROMADA 1 @ 07/20/11 09:22 AM
No Taiwan Jones, No peace. His speed alone will make him a madden god.

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