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ESPN The Gamer's, Jon Robinson, has posted his NBA Jam: On Fire Edition first look. It seems the boss battles and Remix levels have been tossed out, as the team creates the best basketball A.I. the series has ever seen.

We're actually using the same Real A.I. technology that was in 'Fight Night Champion' and there are so many things that this technology is doing for us," explains Smith. "Instead of just the old-school way of players reacting to the way the program is written, now we are actually able to play the game, record that gameplay, and have the A.I. play exactly how we want them to play. It's a much more organic way of playing because we are able to link together all of these amazing sequences and the players out on the court just play so much better than they ever have before.

"The other thing Real A.I. does is called a Mirror Match. Here, the game records the way you play and analyzes how you play, and then you can play against yourself. So every time you play, the A.I. is getting better and better and better. Then when you play someone else online, you're A.I. merges with their A.I. to make an Uber A.I. and it turns into this viral phenomenon.

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