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Check out the new UFC Undisputed 3 video, featuring the first glimpse of gameplay.

*UPDATE: Apologies. THQ asked if we could remove the video. We'll try to get some goodies soon though.

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# 1 aholbert32 @ 07/23/11 03:49 PM
What I Like-

Improved Player models
Love the way Jones fell after the KO (didn't seem canned)
Loved that Rampage could have landed more blows before the ref jumped in.
Love the swaying when you get rocked.
You can move people on the ground toward the cage and use the cage
New ref
Buffer announces if you are a former UFC champ.
New Octagon ads
Cuts look better
Looks like we have some camera options this year.

What I hate\

- WAAYYYY too fast. I hate the speed and its not realistic at all. I hope this is a arcade mode or lower difficulty.

- Same CPU AI with them constantly moving forward and using little strategy. Especially with Jones. (Assuming this is CPU v. Cpu)

- Way too many reversals. Ive never seen Rampage do anything like that in real life. I'll withhold judgment because I saw the same in the early EA MMA videos and that game is far from a reversal fest.
# 2 redsrule @ 07/23/11 04:03 PM
Looked alright. Guessing it is a leak though.
# 3 nyj721 @ 07/23/11 04:20 PM
Yeah I'm also going to assume this is CPU vs CPU on the new Ultimate difficulty with how many reversals were done. No way a human would be able to do all that without auto transition block. Also not only is the AI still too aggressive, I don't think there were more than 2 jabs thrown the whole fight. Both guys were just throwing bombs which is disturbingly similar to last year.

Long way until release day though so I'm not worried, I just hope THQ doesn't think think that is realistic AI.
# 4 Iadf @ 07/23/11 05:07 PM
Yea the graphics are polished though the gameplay looks the same.
# 5 JoeMimic @ 07/23/11 06:19 PM
Definitely on a higher level, those stupid kick a guy off you and they land on his back only seemed to happen on the higher levels last year. How often does that really even happen? The game for the most part seems to play exactly the same, no real strategy to be found. How many punches did Jon Jones not even attempt to block? I'm hoping we get some sliders this year for some things but I'm not going to hold my breath.
# 6 mbergh22 @ 07/23/11 06:22 PM
Man I was hoping for new play by play lines.
# 7 Gotmadskillzson @ 07/23/11 07:10 PM
They need to get rid of that push off with the foot to the gut reverese thing. Very few people in MMA are even strong enough to do it.

What they need to add is SWEEPS from the bottom. Not that.....

Lack of stamnia loss.......looks like once again you will be able to spam the punch bottom and KO people.

Didn't see nearly enough damage to the faces. With the amount of clean shots that landed, I expected to see some facial swelling.

CPU AI is still too robotic and not playing to that fighter's style. All this come forward and swing for the fences game play is getting STALE and it isn't MMA.

Need a huge strategy injection into this series. No way would a wrestler like Jones would try to stand and bang with a slugger like Rampage.

I am tired of MMA games with that slugfest mentality.
# 8 mikemulloy @ 07/23/11 07:29 PM
re-heated turd 2012.

this is a fighting game, not an MMA game. the ground game is too fast. you'd never see that many transitions in that short of a time. really had high hopes for this game after the first installment. too bad theres not even EA to push them into making a better game now.
# 9 scottyo60 @ 07/23/11 07:50 PM
WOW so disappointed in what I just saw. Graphically looks great till they move. Can I please get a MMA game that delivers jabs consistently to set up the bombs being thrown? I think EA tried to do it as sometimes it varies on who I play CPU wise.

I was expecting a different experience and got same old 2010 I hated. I still am holding out reservation they can fix many many things or otherwise I can't purchase this. (I know my one non sale won't matter)
# 10 madden316 @ 07/23/11 08:27 PM
I thought it was waaaay to fast too, but then I looked and the clock and saw how fast it was moving so im thinking they have a setting for gameplay speed and this was on high/fast.
# 11 Steve_OS @ 07/23/11 08:33 PM
Sorry fellas. Had to take it down, very early footage, so don't think too much of it (for now). Working on getting something together w/ THQ soon.
# 12 aholbert32 @ 07/23/11 08:47 PM
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
Sorry fellas. Had to take it down, very early footage, so don't think too much of it (for now). Working on getting something together w/ THQ soon.

Did THQ ask you to remove the link? I hope its because they feel it doesn't represent the current state of the game.
# 13 rynecandy @ 07/23/11 09:16 PM
that sucks but it did make me look it up on the net video sites....guess they weren't happy with the early footage being out.
# 14 Steve_OS @ 07/23/11 09:34 PM
Originally Posted by aholbert32

Did THQ ask you to remove the link? I hope its because they feel it doesn't represent the current state of the game.
Ya, just very early footage. Don't take much from atm.
# 15 redsrule @ 07/23/11 09:57 PM
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
Ya, just very early footage. Don't take much from atm.
Hopefully. It can get a lot better than that.
# 16 LingeringRegime @ 07/24/11 01:11 AM
Didn't see the video, but according to most your comments sounds like I didn't miss much.

THQ needs to do more to earn my cheddar. With such a long dev cycle they had better hit this well out of the park.
# 17 aholbert32 @ 07/24/11 01:53 PM
Originally Posted by st67
There where some great parts to it - and several parts that looked like a step back. Who knows - since it was removed for "being old", perhaps it's been improved.
Other than THQ's word there are some other things that prove this was an old video. Usually THQ will use the T-shirt and trunks that the fighter used in the last fight before the game went final. In the video, Rampage was wearing the Affliction T-shirt and trunks he wore at UFC 114 against Rashad. He's fought twice since then with different gear.

We will all know next week. The game is being shown to the public next weekend in Vegas and the first gameplay vids should be released early august.
# 18 scottyo60 @ 07/24/11 02:28 PM
I'd say 3 things... If the fighters would A. slow down B. throw consistent jabs as well as low leg kicks to set bombs up. and C. Get rid of the kick from the back to fighter on back on top reversal... We might have a fun game on our hands.

On that note though I guess it gives us something sort of like a base to start with. We can now judge how it improves as videos get released

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