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Philadelphia Eagles

Gun Bunch Wk-Empty Philly Under

When QB Mike Vick took over as the starter, the Eagles at times they looked unstoppable. With Vick, wide receivers DeSean Jackson and Jermey Maclin, TE Brent Celek and HB LeSean McCoy, opposing defensive coordinators had nightmares trying to figure out how to slow them down. Add in Head Coach Andy Reid's exotic schemes on offense and you often saw many big plays by the Eagles' offense. In this play the Eagles line up in a basic shotgun bunch formation except that the HB (McCoy) lines up outside the bunch set as a flanker. He will be the primary receiver running a drag route as the bunch receivers run a variety of routes down the field which should create an opening for an easy completion underneath.

New York Giants

5-2 Normal Pinch

The New York Giants have good depth on the defensive line and will occasionally use defensive fronts that put five defensive linemen in the game. 5-2 Normal Pinch is a six man pressure scheme that calls for all five defensive linemen to rush as well as a linebacker. The secondary plays man to man coverage.

Dallas Cowboys

Singleback Jumbo-Cowboy Post

Despite having injuries to several key players and a mid-season coaching change, the Cowboys were still a threat every week to light up the scoreboard. Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator Jason Garrett loves to utilize a variety of formations and personnel to keep his offense balanced. One of those formations is the Singleback Jumbo set which features 3 Tight Ends, 1 WR and 1 RB. This is primarily a running set, but the Cowboys love to take shots down the field to WR Miles Austin out of this look. On this play, Austin runs a post route while the TE to his side runs a crossing route hoping to draw coverage his way and creating a hole for QB Tony Romo to find Austin.

Washington Redskins

Nickel 2-4-5 Prowl FS 3 Seam

The Washington Redskins defensively employ lots of exotic looks on third down passing situations. This is done to confuse the offense as to which defenders are rushing. Nickel 2-4-5 Prowl FS 3 Seam is a play that caters to this tendency of the Redskins.

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Member Comments
# 1 Yeah...THAT Guy @ 07/26/11 02:54 AM
That 2nd play where Romo completed the pass looked so realistic it's scary.
# 2 boodahisthe1 @ 07/26/11 09:46 AM
im lovin the broadcast cam..cant to get my hands on this game..im doin the midnight release and then taken that next day so i can OD on madden..i am addicted to madden..dont judge me..lol
# 3 Bull_Dozer @ 07/26/11 10:12 AM
Beautiful. I'm in love with the broadcast camera view.
# 4 Sparkles @ 07/26/11 10:40 AM
Do the eagles really have those flags on top of the stadium cuz i passed by their stadium 2 days ago and i didnt see them
# 5 greenegt @ 07/26/11 10:43 AM
Playbooks are looking nice. Good variety between the different teams.
# 6 RGiles36 @ 07/26/11 11:11 AM
Nice footage.

Judging from how Romo stood in the pocket, it looks they didn't fix the pocket stance bug from M11. For some reason last year, if you dropped back from under center, a default pocket stance animation would rather than the signature one (in which case Romo holds the ball with one hand).

No biggie though..
# 7 Peerless @ 07/30/11 06:44 PM
Yeah, the flags are only up during the season at the Linc. I drive by there on my way to/from work.

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