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We are hearing rumors of gaming going to subscription based services in the future -- which would almost certainly mean the eventual death of physical media. But right now, in 2011 -- which do you prefer, a downloadable subscription service or physical media? You can vote on your right on the frontpage and above you on the forums.

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# 1 leafs nation @ 07/26/11 12:11 PM
Physical for me.
# 2 labguy @ 07/26/11 12:15 PM
Pretty tough to vote one way or the other without knowing the specifics of the subscription model. So for now I would vote no strong opinion either way.
# 3 8 @ 07/26/11 12:17 PM
It's going to cost you more money and you wont be able to trade games in.
# 4 76black @ 07/26/11 12:17 PM
Physical, its inevitable that something isn't gonna work right for me with a downloadable/cloud based service.
# 5 DJ @ 07/26/11 12:27 PM
Physical, without a question.
# 6 FBeaule04 @ 07/26/11 12:28 PM
I would say physical because it's some kind of collection to have the game box and who was on but I'm not buying anymore CD music since there's a way to get the music with legal downloads, so I'm not totally against it.

If that means cutting the cost since you don't have to manufacture a box, a disc, etc. and that money is well invested in developpment of the game, then it would be nice.

As long EA came to us with a nice plan and prove to us we are winning that way, I'll be going toward that way. Like someone said, it inevitable.
# 7 Zezoina @ 07/26/11 12:32 PM
For me Physical, no doubt.
# 8 patsfan1993 @ 07/26/11 12:36 PM
Physical media. They haven't instilled any confidence in me that they can pull of subscription based games without massive headaches.
# 9 phant030 @ 07/26/11 12:57 PM
Physical....ppl already complain about demo download time...guarantee PSN/XBL will hv to be even more expensive with all the new space/bandwidth needed....so yea Physical, #itsonlyright
# 10 Galarius @ 07/26/11 12:57 PM
i like physical media...u can always put a CD into the hard drive, or most anything else
# 11 jyoung @ 07/26/11 01:00 PM
Physical media.

When I get tired of a game, I can still resell it and make some money back.

Can't do that with digital games.
# 12 Xtra @ 07/26/11 01:00 PM
Physical. One computer crash, and it could be gone. Also, when they upgrade to the next console, will you be able to take your downloaded stuff with you. At least with physical stuff, you can either take it to the new system (if they have backwards compatibility) or trade it in.
# 13 l3ulvl @ 07/26/11 01:10 PM
Count me as another physical tally. I can't even guarantee I'll HAVE internet in the future, finances are tight. I'm already waiting for games to drop in price or buying them used to save $$. The current method at least comforts me knowing I can still play offline franchises/dynasties. The whole internet thing also bugs me about patches too. Not everyone has access to the patches so at least try putting out a finished game at retail.
# 14 champsbasketball @ 07/26/11 01:24 PM
im undecided they would have to give me something to describe each one and the differences.
# 15 blkrptnt819 @ 07/26/11 01:35 PM
There needs to be a model where both work together for the good. They need to be able to integrate both.
# 16 TDavis45 @ 07/26/11 01:55 PM
Maybe instead of having to buy the new subsciption of the new game, they could offer a discount for every year you buy a game consecutively
# 17 BlackJack_Williams @ 07/26/11 03:04 PM
Physical. Let me have the enjoyment of driving up to a store, purchasing a game, and leave me alone. I don't want to have to rely solely on a 'cloud.'
# 18 Yankees_CT @ 07/26/11 03:35 PM
I prefer physical not because of resale or trade-in but because I like to keep my games. I still have my original NES and the games for it along with every other system up until now. I wouldn't want to give that up. To me they are collector's pieces (well more like nostalgia pieces!).

I do see it going in this direction though (digital), have for awhile now as I am sure a lot of others have also. If there is one way to make sure that everyone is giving the money directly to the developer's and not to the Gamespots of the world then this is the route to go. Oh well I will be gaming regardless...
# 19 Louielouie3 @ 07/26/11 03:37 PM
Physical Media. I really don't want to rely on online services to be able to play a game, especially after the Playstation Network Hack.
# 20 MarvellousOne @ 07/26/11 04:12 PM
Physical Media

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