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Indie games are talked about a lot these days, but you really don't hear much about indie sports titles. Licensing costs are probably the biggest reason why developers don't really go down that road, but it doesn't mean the creativity you see in the indie space can't also carry over to sports games.

As a company, EA has focused on broadening its portfolio, and Andre Wilson, senior VP of worldwide development at EA, would not rule out publishing an indie sports game if it met certain expectations, according to an interview he had with Now Gamer.

"I think with iOS, Android, Facebook and tablets we're now in a place that's probably unique, where for the first time in 16 years four guys in a garage can build a great new IP related to sports that could definitely co-exist within the EA Sports brand. In all honesty, we encourage it and we'd love to hear it," said Wilson.

There is a ton of space out there for new types of sports games. In fact, it really does seem almost criminal that sports are such a major part of society, yet they really don't flood the gaming marketplace in a way that correlates to the amount of time spent watching, reading and talking about real-life sports.

Source - EA Sports 'Looking To Publish Indie Games' (Now Gamer)

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# 1 DPM19 @ 07/28/11 10:48 AM
I would consider purchasing an indie game.
# 2 Barbatrucco @ 07/28/11 12:41 PM
EA have to develop college basketball
# 3 chavet99 @ 07/28/11 12:57 PM
basically means college lacrosse 2011?
# 4 VTHokie525 @ 07/28/11 01:00 PM
i really hope they publish the lacrosse game
# 5 Gymbo-59 @ 07/28/11 11:00 PM
College Lacrosse would be sweet.
# 6 Dalsanto0026 @ 07/29/11 06:28 AM
A decent Australian Rules Football game would be nice,
# 7 creativerobert @ 08/02/11 01:52 AM
It is very good news. EA can design any kind of games.



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